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Atleast For The Most Part

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We Begin to Follow Pheonix!

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Phoenix's POV
I awoke to the sound of machines beeping, whirling and whining, I began to wonder why there were more machines here than last night , I wasn't sure what was happening, luckily I had left a gap in the curtain so I could see what was going on, my heart almost stoped I saw MJ standing there with the band, she had come my feeling of doubt began to lift, if she was here than I should be getting better, maybe that’s what all the machines were for, as I thought to myself about what I would say to her when she came in, I started to get drowsy it was probably the morphine MJ had explained that it was a pain killer and sometimes it can make people sleepy, I loved my sister even though she explained we weren’t actually blood related I still felt of her as my big sister and MJ thought of me as her little tyke of a brother, so all and all everything would go back to normal once I was out of here, which I reckoned would be soon, I was stopped in my thoughts by some yelling going on in the hall, I peeped through the curtains,

"But what about Phoenix doesn't he get a say in this" the voice was muffled but I could make out it was my big sister,
"Look I'm just the telling you what the doctor told me"
"AH" Mercy was getting anxious
It's ok MJ I'll be fine I thought,
"MJ don't get angry at Matt he's just trying to explain what the doctor told us"
Matt was like my father in a way he and Jimmy were always there when I needed them, and then Syn, Zacky and Johnny were like my older brothers although not so much Johnny cause even though I am five I can tell when a man loves a woman MJ had explained it to me, She had said
"Phoenix when your older you will begin to like women"
"Like Johnny"
"Yeah like Johnny just not as intense as him"
"How can you tell if a guy likes you"
"well it's the little things"
"Like what"
"Well for example if they are head over heals in love…."
"what does that mean"
"It means you can't stop thinking about that particular person"
"oh continue"
"Thankyou for the invite, well anyway when a man is head over heals, he is protective of the woman, very protective"
"in what way"
"well say a man liked me and I was being attacked by an ex-boyfriend then that man would probably pummel that person"
"Yeah complicated I know, anyway where was I oh yeah they are very protective and loving but they try to hide it so they either avoid the woman or try to be a good friend without giving away there feelings"
"Oh I get it so what's Johnny's type of caring"
"Ha-ha I'll leave that for the guys to explain when your older"

MJ was really caring she told me she loved me everyday and I told her I loved her everyday, so at least for the most part we are family.
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