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Because Everybody's Got To Die Sometime

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While I was lying in the bed ready to fall asleep listening to MJ's voice raised or not, I felt clever realising that Johnny liked MJ and MJ liked Johnny, as MJ put it they were head over heals for each other but they didn’t realise it, I thought it was stupid that they didn't just tell each other, I sat there thinking of a way to get them to realise when Someone entered the room,
"Having fun there kiddo"
"cause I am, look I'm sorry I haven't been here for a while I had to think some stuff out"
"that’s ok you’re here now that’s all I care about" she laughed at this
"You know for a five year old your pretty intelligent"
"Thankyou" my chest raised with pride but I hurt
"what's wrong" MJ began to panic
"I don't know it's my chest it kind of hurts"
"Stay here"
"What I can't move"
"I know I'm sorry, I'll be back"
"Where are you going"
"Don't worry I'll be back" she began calling out some names "Jimmy, Matt guys can you come here and keep him company"
MJ walked away just as Jimmy and Matt came in the room.
"Hey kiddo what's going on"
"Dude really" Matt wasn't really sure how to talk to me and jimmy was being a weirdo
"Jimmy shut up you try to start a conversation with him
"Alright, hey kiddo what's going on"
I stated laughing but I stopped soon after it hurt to much to laugh
"See we make him laugh"
"Yeah but it hurt's though"
They both looked at me with worried expressions on there faces but changed when they saw me looking at them,
"So how are you feeling"
"I'm ok Matt"
"You sure"
"Well my chest really hurts"
"Where abouts"
"Right here and here" I pointed to my heart and lungs
"ok I'll get the doctor"
But just as matt said those words MJ came back in with the doctor
"I'm sorry people only family"
"That’s me" MJ put her hand up
"alright the rest of you out"
I hadn't noticed but the rest of the guys had walked in
"Hey we are all family"
"Well I'm sorry but we don't have the room for all of you"
"Alright guys out"
"Oh come on matt"
"Don't argue Johnny only MJ is allowed in"
"Fine MJ we will be out here if you need us"
"Thankyou Guys"

My head raced as the doctor explained that the chest pain was heart and lung failure, MJ understood but I didn't I wanted to know why the doctor was making my big sister cry, when the doctor left he waited at the door before he left and said Everybody's got to die sometime, it made my sister throw a pillow at him, he left the room and the rest of the band came in but that’s all I remember for a few hours because I dropped of to sleep.
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