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Yeah e Yeah

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Back with Mercy!!

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Mercy-Jane's POV
As I watched Phoenix drop of to sleep I began to worry, I worried about him , sometimes to much according to Syn and Zacky, I worried about his health and wether he would live through his rest and wake up, but according to matt he would make it and I really wanted to believe him but as the minutes flew bye while he slept my confidence and Matts began to fade, but one persons hope was still alive for me just as much as the rest of us, Johnny, yes he could be a little prick sometimes but he has a good heart ,
"I can't take this anymore"
"Hey Mercy stay strong"
"that’s easy for you to say Johnny"
I stormed out of the room and sat on a seat outside, Johnny followed me out and shut the door,
"Go away Johnny"
"No I'm not leaving you to your own devices"
"Why do you care Johnny?" it was a genuine question
"Because I love you" His voice raised a bit
"Wha what do you mean you don't love me"
"Yes i do"
Without warning he kissed me full on the lips, I surprised myself in not pushing away, but after a while I pulled away softly,
"Johnny" he shushed me with his finger gently on my lips
"Don't talk your tired and worried here go to sleep" he shifted his body on the seat so I could lay my head on his legs, he stroked my hair as I slowly calmed down,
"I love you"
"I love you to Mercy"
"Do you think phoenix Is going to make it" I was trying to stay awake by I could hear his heart and it was dropping me of to sleep,
"Shhh go to sleep Mercy-Jane Haner"
I feel asleep in Johnny's arms, something I'd been dreaming about for a while now, i had a nightmare as well,
"Whoa Mercy what's wrong"
I began breathing heavily, running into the room where phoenix was I was glad to see him still there alive and breathing asleep but still there,
"Johnny" I turned into him, hugging me tightly I began to cry into his shoulder,
"What the hell" Brian came in followed by the rest of the band
Johnny explained what had happened while I shuddered at the thought of having to repeat that horrible dream
I looked up it was Brian
"Are you ok"
"Do you want to tell what that was about
"Will you tell us later"
I wasn't interested in reliving my nightmare all I could think to do was to comfort Phoenix as he lay there slowly drifting away as we fell apart.
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