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We Fell Apart

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Chapter 6
The next morning I woke up with the most terrible feeling of emptiness, I looked at my sleeping brother he had turned white over night, as I began to worry the doctor came in, Johnny and I had fallen asleep on the couch next to the bed Johnny had slept with his arms wrapped tight around my waist, it was a rare occurrence where I would fall asleep on Johnny and nobody would question his motives, as I contemplated this the doctor came over to where we were lying,

"Excuse me Miss Haner" he had a grim look on his face
"What's wrong" I began to panic, my heart started racing
"I'm sorry to say your brother only has a few hours left to live"
Silence nothing but silence followed his words, he left the room and told the others while I just sat there with Johnny still asleep in shocked silence,
"MJ" it was Brian
I mumbled
"MJ" Johnny had finally woken up
I mumbled again
"Mercy please talk to us" Matt was concerned like the rest of them
Johnny was awake but still had his arms around me and wouldn't let go until I told him,
"I have to… I'll be back"
I left the room to the shock of the others, I walked and didn't look back, I ran, I got to my car and jumped inside. I was about to start up the engine but I couldn't, I just sat there staring into the distance everything around me was a blur, I felt like my heart was going to stop, then it hit me. I had been running ever since I found out about Phoenix's cancer, it was time I stopped, I stepped out of the car locked it and started crying, as I cried I slid down the side of the car and hit the ground, all I could do was shake and cry. I knew I wouldn't be able to face Phoenix again without someone else in the room, I wasn't sure how much time had passed but I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see Brian.
"MJ" his voice was sympathetic, I usually hated sympathy but this time I didn't care.
"Brian I can't lose him"
"Hey you know you will always have us" he sat down next to me, I wondered why his stage name was Synyster seeing as he was the nicest person I knew apart from Phoenix
"Brian I don't know if I can face him by myself"
"Hey you know we will be with you every step of the way"
"I know that it's just how am I supposed to live without him"
"I know kid I know"
He helped me up and walked me back into the hospital, I struggled to come to grips with the fact that I'll never see him again, as we walked back in the room I noticed phoenix's heart rate was slowing, I rushed to his bedside,
"Phoenix" I noticed my voice was quite and squeaky
"Hi MJ how are you"
"Fine kiddo, you?"
"Don't worry about me"
"how can I not worry about you"
"I'll be fine I'm going to a better place"
His heart beat was slowing, the guys left the room so I could be alone with him.
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