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New Friends

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15 New Update!

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Thbis is where the badass group finally gets involved :)

tensions rise in this chapter aswell


Frank :

I felt like shit. They knew i felt like shit. HE especially knew i felt like shit. The way he was acting made me feel worse. It makes me feel like he never loaved me. It makes me feel like i was used. He knew i felt used. He just didn't want to say anything to me. Hell he probably won't even talk to me again. That is just something i am going to have to get over. The way to do that break away from the group itself before anything worse happens.

"Yes!" I heard the sound of Billiejoe Armstrong's voice.

"What is it?" Cassie smiled runnin g over to him

"My dad got me Asking Alexandria tickets" Billie beamed

"Awesome!" Tre smiled

"How many?" Alexandria smiled

"There is 6 of us and he got 7 for a special offer" Billie said

"One spare then" Mike said. Something made me want to go over and join them. They were the badass group of the entire school. Nobody talked to them. They just mainly kept to themselves. Whenever anyone seen any of them in the school hallways they would instantly back away.

"You could sell it!" Allie suggested

"Yeah make some money" Billie smiled. Then turned and looked at me. He waved over at me probably thinking i would run away. This could be the only chance i could get to getting away from the others and hell i was going to take it it will cause some consequences but worth it. I waved back.

"Hey Frank!" Alexandria smiled

"Hi!" I shout over

"Come here!" Allie smiled. They were not as bad as everyone says they are. Probably the reason behind them getting a bad name is because they usually ditch every single class except for the ones they like and the fact that Allie almost killed someone. I walked over to them.

"Hey man what's up?" Billie-joe smiled widely

"Not much, just fucking sick of my so called friends" I sighed taking out a cigarette. That was a lie. I was just sick of Gerard.

"Ahwell some friends are not true friends. You realize that over time" Billie-joe said hugging me.

"I think you should hang with us" Allie suggested.

"Yeah i wouldn't mind" I muttered

"Great!!" They all beemed. Alexandria smiled at me. Her brown eyes were warm and welcoming. Maybe just maybe we could become close.

"So tell us about yourself so that we can get to know you a little better?" Billie-joe said sitting on the ground. Everyone else sat down creating a circle. Me sitting beside Cassie and Billie.

"Well my birthday is 31st October. My favourite bands are The Misfits and i have just gotten out of a bad relationship" I said not knowing exactly what to say.

"Aww, don't worry you will get over her" Cassie said sympathetically.

"It was a guy" I muttered

"Your bi?" Tre and Billie asked

"Yeah" I said proud.

"So am i" Billie-joe said hifiving me.

"Awesome" I laughed

"Do you like bacon?" Allie asked

"Im a vegetarian" I said

"Oh never mind then" Allie then looked down.

"She loves bacon" Alexandria laughed

"I can see, but i'm not one to judge" I smiled. She smiled warmly back. I think i can get used to these guys.

Jude :

A small silence fell on the table.

"Speak anyone?" Gerard snapped making all of us jump.

"Oh jesus" Hollie said

"Oh grow up" Gerard mumbled

"No need to take out your fucking bad mood out on me" Hollie snapped.

"I don't have a fucking bad mood but your putting me in one" Gerard shouted

"Don't fucking shout at me" Hollie raised her voice

"Make me!" Gerard said looking Hollie straight in the face. There was tension building. You could feel it. They looked at eachother for about 5 minutes before Hollie stood up.

"Fuck and you used to be dead on and give a fuck about your friends" Hollie said softly

"I do care-"

"You fucked up Frank" Hollie pointed her finger

"NO FRANK FUCKED HIMSELF UP" Gerard shouted. Everyone in the canteen looked over. Me, Bob, Ray and Mikey didn't want to say anything as it will make them scream even more. We were actually shocked. They had never been like this before.


"I LOVE HIM" Gerard said


"HE MESSED WITH MINE" Gerard said defending himself

"Calm down!" Bob stood up

"STAY OUT OF THIS BRYAR" Hollie shouted

"NO DONT STAY OUT OF IT" Gerard said

"THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BOB" Hollie said pointing at Bob

"YEAH IT ACTUALLY DOES" Gerard's anger was bubbling

"I KNOW IT DOES, I HEARD YOU AND MIKEY TALKING I KNOW EVERYTHING" Hollie shouted. Gerard's face turned from anger to shock.

"I-" He stuttered

"Yeah so don't tell me you loved Frank. You clearly don't someone else is who you love i just wish i had said it sooner" Hollie then walked off tears spilling down her face. Then it clicked to me.

"HOLLIE" I shouted and i got no reply.

"Leave it Jude" Gerard said calmly. I began to take deep breaths. This all made sense. Somehow a part of me felt betrayed i just didn't want to come to terms with that side of me yet. I will wait until i get proof that what i am thinking is true. I don't care how long that will take.
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