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Okay it has been a while .-.

But like is aid in my A/N i am buzzing with ideas.

This is short.

Probably one of the shortest chapters in this story because i aint rushing into things. The next chapter will be packed full of stuff and the less i write in this the more for the next chapter :3

R&R if any of you are there .-.
- xxFLWxx

Gerard :

Fucking paranoia. PARANOIA. The on ly thing that really really gets to me. How much does Hollie know? Will she use this against me? But i can't help my fucking feelings! I dont care! I dont even have the guts to admit to him i like him so it's little odds! At least i talk to my siblings. The thing between her and Mikey get's more and more strained as the day goes. But i am determined to get them two to speak and i want to know what she knows.

"Hollie" I mutter knocking on her bedroom door. You can tell she was pissed off. She does not reply. She blocks out the world. The world is simply pure Ugly. Slowly i push the door open and she is looking down at her Maths book with both earphones in blasting music. I walk in, still no reaction and sit at the end of her bed.

"What do YOU want" She spat taking out the earphones and giving me the biggest deathglare ever.

"Hollie i'm sorry!" It's better just getting it out than beating round the bush for fuck sake.

"I aint the one to be apologizing to" Hollie's voice was low and calm. She clearly didn't want her temper to rise and maybe break something valuble that's another thing that strains her and Mikey's relationship. They would constantly fight and then one day Mikey goes into her room and she goes nuts and then mikey knocks over one of her precious items.

"I know but i just don't know what to do!" I said covering my face.

"What do you think is the right thing to do?" She asked with less tension in her voice.

"That's the thing, one part of me is saying to admit my feelings but the other is saying dont admit your feelings otherwise it will result badly. My paranoia is really getting to me and i dont know how much you heard of me and Mikey's conversation!" I admit looking at her the whole time. Hollie would be a person who would listen and not argue with you. She would somehow help you make the right decision.

"I just heard about how you like Bob basically" She wrapped her earphones around her ipod and pulled her knees to her chest.

"What do you think i should do?" I asked her lighting a cigarette and searching her face. She was thinking hard.

"If i was in your position i would admit my feelings because there is no point sulking" Hollie said.

"Really?" I asked her shocked.

"I think that's the only thing you can do and Gerard i do not want us to fight your the only sibling i have basically" Hollie said tears were forming in the corner of her eyes.

"I dont want us to fight either" I crawled close to her and pulled her into a hug.

"Just make the right decisions" Hollie said, the tension was completly gone from her voice.

"I will" Then i smiled and stood up and left her alone. I walked out of the house and went straight to his house. Blocking out my paranoia and telling him.

"Gerard!" Bob smiled opening the door. His blue eyes werre warm and happy, free with no worries in the world.

"Are you alone?" I asked him looking straight into his eyes with a smile.

"Yea-" I didn't give him time to finish i stepped up to him and pressed my lips against his, shcoking him for a minute. Then i felt him kissing me back. The world just floated away at his touch. He broke away from me and looked at me, not shocked but just looking at me.

"Bob i think i love you" I admitted stepping closer to him again. A small blush appeared on his cheeks and then he looked down.

"I think i like you too Gee" He smiled. My heart done backflips and i smiled even wider as we both leaned in and his soft lips came in contact with mine again. My hand found his and they became interlocked as the kiss became more passionate. But he broke away and smiled widely at me.

"So i guess we are an item now?" I asked him with hopeful eyes and love wrapped in my voice.

"I guess you could say that" Bob laughed kissing me again and he closed the door.

Frank :

"So you wanna come over and hang out?" Billie-joe asked me with a smile. They were not as bad as people say they are, they are practically like me.

"Sure" I smiled feeling accepted for once.

"Cassie can you please come to the animal shelter with me?!" Alexandria beemed at Cassie. They also like animals. For being the badass group in the school they were really caring when it came to the likes of animals. The only reason they get that reputation is becaus ethey dont let anyone tell them what to do. They let themselves shine instead of being caved in and made a fucking dick out of.

"Can i come?" I smiled at her widely.

"R-really?" Alexandria was more or less shocked at the offer.

"Yeah, i heart animals and i want to help out" I smiled. It would also increase friendship and help em get to know these guys a little better.

"Awesome!" Alexandria smiled. I had this feeling that maybe i am going to fit in with them.
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