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Moving On From Now

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Update. Final Chapter.

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If you read the summary of this chapter i am ending Finding Confidence now.

I know it is sudden.

But i will maybe make a sequel.

The reason i am ending it is because i keep forgetting about it :L

So there is no p;oint leaving you guys to wait for an update if i keep forgetting about it.


But when i aint workming on anything i do promsie a sequel and you can see what happens to Frank and maybe a romance between Billie and Frank :3


You have been awesome readers and i want to start up another story. The story i have been on about.

To find out what it's about just read the note on my page :3 I will start writing it as soon as possible.


Frank :

The shelter was so much fun with Alexandria. Cassie decided not to come and it was her cousin's birthday anyway. The people at the shelter were very nice and appreciated me coming down with Alexandria as they needed all the help they could get. It also gave the chance to get to know her a little better.

After we had finished in the shelter, we had went over to Billie's house to find everyone else watching Paranormal Activity. All the light's were out, the blinds were closed and everyone was concentrating on the film and hadn't realized we had entered the room.

Being as quiet as we could we manged to scare the shit out of them. Allie freaked out and throw a pillow at us. Billie screamed, Tre and Mike busted out laughing and Cassie had a heart attack. They made us sit on the floor infront of them to keep an eye on us so we wouldn't scare the shit out of them again.

"Frank! You near ready? Alexandria, Tre, Mike, Billie and Cassie is here!" My mum shouted upstairs.

"Yeah! I will be down in a moment!" I called back down to her and quickly threw my school tie around my neck and grabbed my blazer and bag. Closing the door behind me i ran down stairs.

"Morning!" Billie beamed handing me a Starbucks cup.

"Hey guys, where be's Allie?" I asked noting her absence.

"She got a cold and decided to keep the day off, same old Allie" Alexandria laughed.

"Aw poor her, see you later mum!" I called to her. She walked out of the kitchen and gave me a round of toast and waved us all goodbye.

"I wish it was 3 o'clock instead of 8 o'clock, i seriously can't be bothered with school! Pure effort" Tre said taking a cigarette.

"Don't we all?" Mike smiled. We then walked to the bus stop which wasn't far away and of course THEY were there. They glanced over. Jude smiling and gave me a small wave. I have to admit i do miss her, she was my absolute best friend ever. I returned the smile.

"I need to get guitar strings, fuck my brother got the hold of my guitar and managed to break the string" Billie sighed.

"Which one?" I asked. I had a whole box of spare string's in my room i needed rid of.

"E" Billie smiled.

"I have spare strings, we can go to my house later and i can give you it" I smiled

"Really? Thanks Frank" Billie smiled appreciativly.

"No bother i have tons, that is all my aunt buys me is strings after strings because she had bought me a guitar and was near sure i would break the strings so she likes to make sure i have alot" I laughed

"Well at least your pretty stocked!" Cassie said.

"YOUR WHAT?!" I heard Jude roar. We all looked over and Gerard was standing hands entwined with Bob's. Should have seen that one coming eh?

"We are together" Gerard said.

"Fuck this shit, i am walking to school" Jude pushed between them and walked away from them.

"IT'S THEIR LIFE!" Hollie screamed after them.

"NO IT JUST PROVES THAT HE NEVER LOVED FRANk, YOU HESAR ME FRANK I KNOW YOUR LISTENING" Jude shouted. They all looked over at me. Mikey swallowed.

"I did love Frank, but not anymore. Some love lasts overs don't!" Gerard defended himself.

"Well i hope you fucking love him alot more than me, because your never away from him, all i would get is a fucking text, maybe Jude is right, maybe you never loveds me, you were just scared of dying alone weren't you!" I shouted at Gerard. He looked down.

"YOU USED HIM?" Mikey and Hollie shouted not believing this.

"You used Frank?" Bob said looking at Gerard.

"I never used Frank. Frank, i loved you but that love faded but i didn't want it to fade" Gerard said looking at me.

"So you held onto me," I said making sense of this.

"I didn;t want to lose you, but it looks like i have and i have found the strength to move on, you will too" Gerard said

"Dude, i love you still." I admitted to him. He was my first boyfriend. Your first love you still love end of. But fuck i didn't want to let him go. He didn't reply he just got on the bus.

"We will help you get over him Frank, it will take time" Billie said wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I believed him, i really did. I was on my way to recovery.
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