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Lets go bowling!

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Frank's not up to a day of school after storming out of music. Gerard has followed him. They decide to take the day off- what will they do? The only rational thing of course- bowling! Will it lead ...

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A/N: So, like I said, this may have something to do with bowling. As I’m bored I want to try sticking random things in... so if there’s a mention of hello kitty or blueberries or stuffed teddies or pink converse or... anything else I can currently see... in this story, don’t be alarmed. I’m just in an unusual mood at the moment... kind of weird, but at this stage I just go with it xD
(P.s- DetonaterGirl is staying for the time being... I very briefly considered Teddy Bear Fiend- I have waaaaay too many for a teenager -_- Another facepalm)

Back at my house I noticed my mom’s car was gone from the drive. I pay no attention to it, she regularly goes missing only to come home drunk. I get my keys out and stuff them into the lock- I learned as soon as my mother started drinking to always have a set on me. Normal ten year olds didn’t have to worry about things like that. Normal ten year olds didn’t have alcoholic mothers and fathers who- Nope. Not going there today. I’ve learned also as a reflex to shut my mind off when I start thinking of these things.

I step inside and stand back to allow Gerard in, sweeping my arm out in an arc and saying

“Welcome to the Iero household Mr.Way. May I take your jacket?” He giggles at my foolishness.

It’s nice to be laughed at because I’m trying to be funny.

“Thank you kind sir. What a fine establishment it is!” He replies. I chuckle.

“It’s nothing amazing, but it has some wonderful memories!” I say, sarcasm dripping from my
mouth at the last part of that sentence. He smiles at me, a grimace nearly, in recognition of what I’m saying.

“So, we can get food now or.... hmm, have you been to the bowling alley yet?” I say, suddenly struck with the ingenious thought. He seems interested.

“No, I haven’t. Are we going bowling?” He replies, to which I nod my affirmative.

“We should change clothes,” I realize quickly, then I come to the conclusion that a. I’m fourteen and he’s sixteen. My clothes won’t fit him. B. I’m short for my age, so they definitely won’t fit him. He seems to know what my train of thought is.

“I bring spare clothes in my backpack.”

“Okay so, wanna change in the bathroom?” I say, because we have only just met like yesterday.

“Sure, where is it?”

I tell him it’s the second door on the left, and go to my room where I change into black ripped skinnies, a band shirt (again.), a white hoodie with pink skulls printed on it and pink converse. Yep, pink. I’m so fucked up.

(One down, three to go ;) )

Suddenly, there’s a knock on my door. Gerard must be changed.

“Come in!” I call. The door opens, to reveal Gerard in the same hoodie, at which I find myself giggling hysterically. Yep, giggling. How manly Frank, you know how to bring the sex appeal. I have as much sex appeal as Hello Kitty at the moment.

(Hello Hello Kitty, how are you?)

Gerard runs his eyes up and down both of our matching hoodies. He even has dark skinny jeans on too. Ha. We look like a couple I realize. I also realize I wouldn’t mind being mistaken for a couple.

His face splits into an ear-to-ear grin.

“You do realize we look like a couple?” He says, obviously not bothered, more amused.

“Yep. But I’m not changing, I’m warm and my shoes match.” I say, pretending to pout. I must admit, even to myself I sound like a petulant child. He laughs again, a sound which all of a sudden is sending chills down my spine. I shake my head to clear it; it’s suddenly full of very, very inappropriate thoughts.

“Er... come on, lets bowl!” I say, grabbing my satchel, man purse, whatever, and heading down stairs. He follows, still smirking. This is going to be interesting.


We get a cab to the bowling alley, which he insists on paying for. Inside I beat him to the counter and pay for both of us. The cashier, Joanna, knows me well; I spend lots of time here blowing off steam by the game machines.

“Here’s your bowling shoes mister Frank. And who, may I ask, is the dashing young fellow with you? The one in the matching hoodie?” she says, and I know what she’s hinting at.

“Oh, he’s just a friend, that’s all. The hoodies were accidental!” I say, but Joanna just waggles her eyebrows and makes the “Mmm-hmm” noise. You know, the disbelieving one?

I roll my eyes at her.

“Do I have to wear the shoes? Can’t I wear my converse?” I whine. She takes a turn to roll his eyes.

“Fine, but I’m not responsible if you fall, and your boyfriend is wearing them.” I don’t bother correcting her.


I grab Gerard’s shoes and walk over to him with them.

“Here” I say, smiling broadly.

“Where’s your?!” He says indignantly.

“I have connections,” I say laughing, and I wink at him. How long has it been since I winked?

He giggles at me. Now I don’t feel so silly for giggling earlier.

“Come on, show me the way to the lanes!” He says, and so we head off to the lanes together. When we get there I put our names into the computer and I put him first.

“Ladies first,” I say, to which he raises his eyebrows.

“I’m the lady? You’re the more feminine one!” He teases. I pretend to be offended. I feel the happiest I have in ages.

He bowls his ball, getting a spare, and then it is my turn. I select the lightest ball possible, but when I swing backwards I find it hurts a little. I send the ball rolling down the lane and get a strike.

“Wow, I’m impressed. You should feel honoured, takes a lot to impress me.” He says. I am honoured, and it makes me feel like a fangirl who just got complimented by a celebrity when he says that. Not that I know what it is like to be a fangirl. Or a girl at all.

We continue our game like this for a while, chatting back and forward and messing. I get three more strikes; he gets one, and some spares. It is my sixth turn, and by now I’m showing off a little. I pick up a heavier ball, and swing backwards. I swing forwards and release it; what I don’t expect is the pain that shoots up my ribcage, making me gasp as I am winded. I gasp and trip to my knees. Gerard is beside me in seconds.

“Don’t try to breathe so hard, let it happen naturally, don’t panic!” He says soothingly, his eyes looking deep into mine and distracting me, and indeed he stops me trying. As soon as I stop trying so hard to fill my lungs with air they are functioning again, if a bit slowly.

“Th-thank you” I say, then cough.

“I know from experience. Come on, we don’t need to finish the game, let’s go get food.”

We head to one of the tables in the seating area, a table for two. He goes to the counter and orders two burgers and chips, but there’s no point in getting two because I know I won’t eat much, if any.

When he gets back with the food all I can see is the fat and grease, but I take a chip and nibble on it delicately.

“You eat like a baby squirrel!” he says, “And by the way, the cashier, Jenny-“


“Joanna, thinks we’re a couple too. She asked me what did I do to you earlier and told me if I hurt you she would, what was it, “Castrate you with a ball point pen”, so I told her you were fine and that I would never hurt you.” He says.


“I mean it too, I will never hurt you. Just please don’t hurt me.”

“I would never.”

“So, want to really give Jenny-“


“Whatever, a show?” he whispers, leaning in close to me.

“What do you mean?”

“Follow my lead. Make it up.” He whispers and he winks. I like this cheeky side of him. I notice
Joanna is floating around the tables near us. She’s probably wondering what he said.

“Oh Frankie, I’ve had such a good time already. This was such a good idea, you’re so clever!” he fawns. I’m a little started, but I realize what he’s at after a second.

“Oh, yeah, it was a good idea. Thanks for coming. Usually when I ask people they turn me down.” Or spread rumours. Or shove me in bins.

“Well I would never! They must be blind, because no way could anyone so no to anyone so cute!” He says. Geez, he’s laying it on thick. Well two can play at that.

“Well I’m glad someone as hot as you thinks of me that way!” I say, and I flutter my eyelashes. I notice he’s nearly finished his food. I’ve still only had one chip. I pick up another one. Ugh, calories.

“If you think I’m hot, wait til we get home,” he purrs. I can see Joanna’s eyes widen. She’s probably really enjoying this. That thought makes me shudder.

“So, do you want to go play some games at the arcade part before we go back to yours?” he says, and I know he wants me to say yes. What has he planned?

“Sure, I love games,” I say seductively. Well, as seductively as a fourteen year old can.

“Oh, you haven’t eaten,” he says, his eyebrows furrowing, making creases between them. I stare
in fascination.

“Uh, not hungry. The ribs thing.” I say. He stops worrying.

“Oops, yeah, I forgot. Maybe I can kiss them better later,” he says, and I see Joanna is within
ear shot again.

We head over to the games section. While we have some privacy he asks why Joanna’s not in

“She’s sixteen, she doesn’t have to go anymore so she doesn’t.” I say.

We head to the claw machine, where Gerard puts in some coins. I stand back and admire his fine ass while adding encouraging comments when he’s close to getting a toy.

At the end of four goes he has a garish stuffed yellow dog and a sweet little teddy bear.

(See what I did there? ;) )

“For you!” he beams, holding out the teddy to me. I know Joanna must be behind me.

“Awh, thank you Gee bear!” I say. Where did that come from? Meh.

“No bother baby. Wanna play another game?”

We wander around for a few hours, playing various games. We earn sixty tokens between us, which
we can exchange for something at the counter. We also flirt more and more while we play,
sometimes even when Joanna’s not around.

After all the games we head to the counter to exchange our tokens.

“How was your evening Frank?” Joanna asks with a gleam in her eye. I hear Gee’s quiet chuckle, low in his throat. Why is it fair that someone can be so sexy?

“Uh, good!” I say.

“So what do you guys want from your tokens?” She asks. I choose a big bear and give it to Gee.

“Here you go Gee bear!”

“Aw Frankie, I love it! I’m going to name it after you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, I’m going to call him Cutie, like you!”

I can practically see Joanna drooling.

“Hey, thanks for everything, see you again!” I say cheerily to her. “Come on Gee, lets go.”

I turn and I’m walking away with Gee when he slips his hand into my back pocket. Following his example I do the same. We have our hands on each others asses. And what a nice ass he has.
Before we get out the door he turns and says “I had a wonderful time Frankie,” before leaning in to me. The next thing I know, his lips are on mine, so soft and gentle, and he is kissing me.

He pulls back a bit.

“Too far?” he asks, worried.

“No.” I reply, and press my lips against his again. I get really into it and run my tongue over
his lips. He parts them eagerly. We are getting into things when I hear a little cough. We break apart to see Joanna standing beside us, pink spots on her cheeks, hands on hips.

“Er, sorry to um interrupt but there’s children around.”

“Oh... yeah. Right, well goodbye!” I call to her, and we turn and put hands in eachothers
pockets again. This time I know he’s not just putting on a show for her sake.

“Hey Gee?” I say.


“Does your offer of kissing me better still stand?”

A/N: So I started writing this like three days ago... I am really good at procrastinating. Altough, if you procrastinate by doing other stuff like me (I walked my dog, washed him, updated my new account on Devianart and even cleaned my room!), isn’t procrastination good? Hehe, I’m just making myself feel better for not doing this and not studying- yes, once again I have forsaken my study time to update. You should be honoured, I love studying.... soooo much.... totally... hehe. Also, I never got blueberries in there :'( Ah well :P
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