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Can We All Just Agree That I Am THE World's Biggest Drama Queen?

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And here I always thought I'd be a sassy drag queen called Silver LaFleur...

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I'm an idiot. No- I'm a super-chocolate-mega-fudge-ultra-rare-rainbow-spitting idiot. With goddamn sprinkles.

Nate and I got into a fight. This has already been said. What HASN'T been said is that I went total psycho-bitch and kicked him out of my hospital room, and then spent the next few days trying to suffocate myself with my miserable excuse of a pillow. What the actual fuck was I thinking?! As soon as Nate left, I regretted everything I said. Ask my mother; she had to listen to me cry for six hours straight. So then I was a complete coward, and I didn't have the balls to apologize, and yeah.

So, after having my ass virtually kicked by my friend Haili (known here as WHiTeNoiSe), I finally managed to get over my little tantrum.

I sent Nate a full page and a half essay about how much of a dick I am, and like the wondrous God that he is, he accepted my apology. So now I'm hugging my laptop and bawling my fucking eyes out, asking myself how I managed to find such a perfect guy.

I love you, Nate. Even when I'm having one of my episodes, I just want you to slap me across the face until I come to my senses. Get your ass down to this hospital so I can kiss you into a coma. ~

Otherwise known as Silver.
Otherwise known as Nathan's Banjo.
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