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Chapter 4 – Return to Wizarding Britain

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Dobby sits invisible on the muggle airport run way. Harry filthy approaches the little elf. The little elf jumps up and runs to hug his master Harry legs.

Dobby: Master Harry. It has been sometime.

Harry (smiles): Yes. Yes, it has.

Dobby looks him over.

Dobby: You’s look rather fashionable. Apart from the dried blood. Are you’s coming back to the Wizarding World for long, sir?

Harry: As long as it takes.

Dobby looks at Harry, curious.

Harry: I’m going to show the people of Wizarding World that it doesn’t belong to the Death Eaters, other criminals, and the corrupt.

Dobby looks at Harry, thinking.

Dobby: During the depression you’s grandfather nearly bankrupted the Potter vaults combating poverty…he believed that his example would inspire the wealth of Wizarding World to save their society. You’s father used his money to help in the war with he-who-must-not-be-named on the light side. Again almost bankrupting the Potter vaults like his father. He tried to help with what his father had started but the Wizarding World frown on him for trying to help.

Harry: Did it my father and mother help work?

Dobby (Nods, sadly): In a way…Their murder shocked the wealthy and the powerful into action. My old master is making new laws against creatures, half-blood, and muggle children with magic. He makes many bad laws came from your parent’s death.

Harry (nods, bitter): People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy. I can’t do this as Harry Potter. A man is just flesh and blood, and can be ignored or destroyed. But a symbol…as a symbol I can be incorruptible, everlasting…

Dobby: What symbol?

Harry: I’m not sure, yet. Something elemental. Something Terrifying.

Dobby: I is assume, sir, that since you’re taking on the underworld, this ’symbol’ is a persona to protect those you care about from reprisals?

Harry (Nods): You’re thinking about Ron, Hermione, and Ginny?

Dobby: Actually, sirs, I was thinking of myself.

Harry: Have you told anyone I’m coming back?

Dobby: I haven’t figure out the legal ramification of raising you from the dead, sirs.

Harry: Dead?

Dobby: It’s been two years, sir. Sense you’s disappeared from Britain.

Harry: You had be declared dead?

Dobby: Actually, it was Mr. Fudge, and Headmaster White Beard. He wanted to liquidate all the money in the Potter vault. But the Goblins are telling the Wizards you are a live that in less you dead without heir what they cannot do as told.

Harry: Good thing I left everything to you then. Let’s go home Dobby.

Dobby: Quite so, sir. (Closes his eyes) You’s welcome to borrow the broom, by way. Just bring it back with a nice polish.

Dobby snapped his finger and he and Harry disappeared to appear in the house in Godric Hollow. It was rebuilt and had very strong wards goblin made around it.
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