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Chapter 5 – Back in the Wizarding World - Part 1

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Diagon Ally - Night

Shacklebolt, now thirty-seven and a senior Auror, in a shadow corner of Diagon Ally. Worn eyes watching his partner Rufus Fudge, thirty-one, glad-hand the owner of the second-hand book store they were watching from the shadow corner. Fudge squeezes into the space next to
Shacklebolt holding a bag full of Galleons.

Fudge: Don’t s’pose you want a taste?

Shacklebolt looks at Fudge, cold. Fudge shrugs. Counts his money.

Fudge: I keep offering ‘cause who knows, maybe one day you’ll get wise.

Shacklebolt: Nothing wise in what you do, Fudge.

Fudge: Yeah? Well, Kingo, you don’t take your taste – makes us guys nervous you might decide to roll over –

Shacklebolt (irritated): I’m no rat, Fudge. (Calmer.) In a world this bent, who’s there to rat to, anyway?

Fudge laughs at this, and then disappears with a muffled crack. Shacklebolt pops to the entrance of the Auror Headquarters in Diagon Ally. Weary. As Fudge cracks in beside him. Then disappears again. Someone watches him from a doorway. It is Harry.

Potter Manor – Godric Hollow – Night

Harry, cross-legged on the floor, studies papers and photos: Kingsley Shacklebolt, Nymphadora Tonks…Harry picks Tonks picture: a long-lens candid photo of her leaving work. Harry hears a chittering. He rises, moving out into the main hall…Harry stares: a small shadow flutters around the ceiling.

Dobby: A blessed bat again, sir.

Harry turns to find Dobby standing there with a tea service.

Dobby: They are nesting somewhere on the grounds.

Harry watches the dark shape flicker around the ceiling. Harry finds a green house on the property and it has a well in it. He lowers himself down the shaft, his work over robe billowing. He undoes his spell at the bottom. Turns, finding – The dark crevice between the rocks. Wayne crouches, pushing into the blackness, crawling through into – Harry climbs down a jagged rock crevice. Air blows into his face. The crevice widens into a low-ceilinged chamber. Harry hears the rush of water. He crouches. Advances through the low chamber. It turns downwards, steeper – Harry carefully slides on his back. Lowering himself into- Limitless black. Harry stands. A roar of water now. He reaches into his pulls out a chemical torch. Cracks it, throwing the light into – A vast cavern. An underground river, a jagged ceiling, far above, which, as harry peers, starts to move – Bat explode from the ceiling. Thousands descend, screeching, attracted to the light. Harry instinctively crouches. But as they swarm around him terrifyingly- Harry raises to his feet amidst a cyclone of bats, watching the fluttering blackness with profound calm. And he knows the symbol he must use. Harry left the cave and head back to the manor quickly.

Harry: Dobby go talk to the goblin is if they can find out who own Grunnings drill making company?

Dobby: I will be back, Master Harry, Sir.

Dobby cracked away to Gringotts. Harry sat back down on the floor in the room where all his note and information were about the different Auror's in the Ministry. Dobby cracked back into the room with a long list of companies and other thing that Harry owned.

Dobby: Here is the list, Master Harry, sir.

Harry: Thank you, Dobby. Sit down for a minute.

Harry looked over the companies own. He was shocked too say the least that he owned the Grunnings company. He looked at the list of employees as well. He spotted his uncle names.

Harry: Dobby, can you press my best muggle suit I have something to discuss with my loving uncle at Grunnings.

Dobby: I will have your suit press and ready for you early in the morning. You need to get some sleep if you want to meet with that nasty man tomorrow.

Harry: Thank you, Dobby.
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