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Interlude - Part 1

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Grunnings Drill Company - Day

Harry walked into the building in a suit that his uncle would be very jealous of. He walked over to the front desk.

Harry: I am here to see the CEO of the company.

Uniformed Guard: Do you have an appointment?

Harry: I don’t need appointment. I own the company. Now where is the CEO office?

Uniformed Guard: Second to last floor before the Penthouse.

Harry: Thank you, get back to work.

Guard quickly looked back at the monitor of the security cameras in the front office. Harry moved to an elevator. He hit the button to the last floor of the company. He walked down the hall of the CEO office. He sat down in the chair of the office to await his Uncle arrive for work. Vernon came into his office a good half-hour later than normal. When he arrived in his office it was to find a man with black glass sitting in his desk chair.

Dursley: Get out of my desk chair and away from my desk.

Harry: I don’t think so Mr. Dursley. You see I own this company. The management of this company has just changed.

Harry reached up and took his black glass off his face. Vernon face started to change color quickly.

Dursley: Get out of my desk chair you, freak. I am going to call Security to take you out of the building. You are to take the next train back to Private Drive and wait till I get home to deal with you.

Harry: Sit down Uncle. You don’t call the shots here now. I do. It is Mr. Potter to you. And if you call me Freak again I will kick you out of Private Drive as well. So you will be homeless and jobless. I will also kick your sister out of the house she lives in as well. Do try and force my hand.

Dursley: The headmasters of your school said you were dead and give me the control of Marge house, the house on Private Drive, and Grunnings.

Harry: He lied to you. I want to know why you have not accepted the contact with Wayne Enterprise. In fact you know what. I am going to transfer you to the branch in Germany. It smaller then the British Branch. Plus it will be the last place Dumbledore will look for you. Now go home tell your family you have to move to Germany now. Also take your sister with you. I will give you the money to build the two houses and the kennel she will need now move.
Vernon left the office to see Lucius Fox sitting in a chair outside the office. Lucius was confused as to why the Grunnings CEO was leaving the office. The man was angry beyond word as he left the office.

Harry (Inside Office): Mr. Fox you can come in now.

Lucius got up from the bench he was sitting on. He walked into the office to see the chair of the new CEO back to his desk looking out to the city.

Lucius: Mr.

Harry: It Potter but Mr. Fox. But you can call me Harry.

Lucius: Harry, can I ask why Mr. Dursley left this office angry? It Lucius.

Harry: That Lucius, is because I just transferred him to the Germany branch of Grunnings. Now I need to talk to your employer Mr. Wayne. I know for a fact he is Batman.

Lucius: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Harry: Do not try and lie to me, Lucius. I know for a fact Mr. Wayne is Batman. Mr. Wayne is my squib of a cousin on my father side or something like that.

Lucius: How do you know that? Nobody know that the whole of the Wayne family tree. Not even me.

Harry: Get him in here now. I need equipment. I want to know what he knows of Ra’s al Ghul. I have a war of crime to fight in Britain.

Lucius: You want to bring both side of the family together?

Harry: Yes, Lucius that is what I want to do. Where do you think Bruce Wayne keeps getting the fund he does?

Lucius: Give me a minute. You right my employer is close by.

Lucius pulled out his cell phone and hit a button. Harry smiles at Lucius.

Lucius: Mr. Wayne you come up from your car now.

Lucius hit the button again and the phone clicked off. Wayne came walking into office. Harry got up from his chair.

Harry: Mr. Wayne, how much do you know about the other half of your family?

Bruce: I know nothing about the Potter side of the family. I come from the squib line of the potter family. We changed your name to Wayne and moved to American. I live in a city called Gotham. Were till about a year ago I was working with the police as Batman. Then the Joker destroyed the White Knight and I took the fall to protect him. I am friend with a man who is the Police Commissioner James Gordon. He is about six foot, weight about two hundred pounds, He had red hair that had a hint of black to it. He asks a mustache as well. His eyes are blue-grey color.

Harry: You found my godfather he your Police Commissioner. Can I kidnap him for a short time?
Bruce gave a soft growl at the thought of Harry kidnapping his friend. Harry smiled at Bruce softly.

Harry: I was joking cousin. But I would like to go back with you to the USA and check my plants in Gotham as well.

Bruce: I can arrange for you to meet Jim if you want. I work in his department. But you will have to be careful what you say around my foster-sister Aly. She is very protective of Jim Gordon.

Harry: Dobby!

Dobby: Yes, Master Harry, sir.

Harry: Go to the house I have in the Gotham City, USA get it ready for my arrive.

Bruce: What kind of creature is that?

Harry: That is my Gentleman Gentleman. He is called a house-elf. He is like your Alfred. In fact when the British Ministry sent me to the same prison you were at but Two years ago. Do you know a man by the name of Ducard?

Bruce: Ra’s al Ghul.

Harry gave a hiss at the name. Starts to glare at Bruce Wayne. Bruce glares right back at him without making a sound.

Bruce: Must be a family thing. You ran into him as well cousin. You trained with him for about a year right?

Harry: Yes, I trained with him for a year. But he informed me that he could make it so that it was seven years in a bubble in the monastery. So to the outside world I disappeared from Britain at fifteen and have come back at Seventeen. When I am really twenty-three mentally. But I have the appearance of a seventeen year old. I have a few things to do before I can join you at Gotham. It mostly I have to scary. My godfather counterpart Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Bruce: If he has a good staplers use that?

Harry: Are you speaking from experience or something cousin?

Bruce: I sort of held James Gordon up with his stapler two years ago.

Harry started to laugh it was like a bark. Bruce gave him a soft smile. Lucius only rolls his eyes at his two boys.
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