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Chapter 5 – Back in the Wizarding World - Part 2

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Roof Top - Diagon Ally, London – Night

Moving in on the roof top balustrade to discover Harry, in black body-suit and gauntlets, crouched, watching the Auror Headquarter across the Ally from the Used Robe store. He pulls on a black balaclava. Climb through the shadows using his Ninja spikes on his hands and feet. Shacklebolt cracked into Diagon Ally. Weary. Someone watches him from a roof top. It is Harry. Shacklebolt walks through the bullpen, pulling off his robe. Shacklebolt slumps into his chair, back to the window. Reaches for the Interdepartmental Memo – the lamp light goes out.
Harry: Don’t turn around.

Shacklebolt freezes – Harry is behind him, pressing a muggle wand between Shacklebolt’s shoulder blades as if it were a Wizard wand.

Shacklebolt: What do you want?

Harry: You’re a good auror. One of the few.

Shacklebolt narrows his eyes, puzzled.

Harry: Lucius Malfoy, brings in shipments of drug every week, nobody takes him down. Why?

Shacklebolt nervous speaks to Harry.

Shacklebolt: He’s paid up with the right people.

Harry: What would it take to bring him down?

Shacklebolt: Leverage on Cornelius Fudge. And a Wizarding DA brave enough to prosecute.

Harry: Nymphdora Tonks in the DA’s office.

Shacklebolt: Who are you?

Harry: Watch for my sign.

Shacklebolt: You’re just one man?

Harry: Now we are two.

Shacklebolt: We?

No response. Shacklebolt turns around. No, one. He jumps to the window – looks down, looks up: a shadow slips onto the roof – Shacklebolt races across the bullpen, drawing his wand, hits the stair wall – two junior auror see him go, run after him. Harry moves to the edge of the roof – The gap is too big. He turns back – The door smashes open. Shacklebolt wand is raised.

Shacklebolt: Freeze!

Harry races for the gap – leaps…drops fast…misses the top storey – grabs the balcony below. Wind, Harry climbs onto the wall. From the roof, Shacklebolt watches Harry melt into the Shadow. The junior auror arrive either side.

Junior Auror: What the bloody hell was that?!

Shacklebolt (dismissive): Just some Nut!

But Shacklebolt’s expression is less certain.
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