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Chapter 6 – Visit Sirius, Gathering Equipment, and giving a Symbol

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Gotham – Potter Manor – Narrows - Night

Bruce Wayne had been shocked to say the least when Harry his cousin led him into the ground of a manor close to the size of the Wayne Manor he was building. In fact if he did not know better he would say that Wayne Manor was a carbon copy of Potter Manor. Harry sneered a little at the entryway of the manor. Bruce kept his sneer from showing as well.

Harry: Bruce I will be going back to London with Dobby for a few hours. I have to tie up Lucius Malfoy. He one of Voldemort top Death Eater and a Drug Dealer. It would be better for me to meet Gordon on neutral ground somewhere he feels safe for first contact. I don’t know how well my godfather will react when he see me.

Dobby popped into appearance when Harry said his name. Bruce jumped back a foot and a half when the elf appeared out of nowhere. Harry gave a soft huff like laugh at Bruce behavior.

Bruce: I will make the rearrangement for you to meet him on the roof of the Gotham Major Response Crimes Unit. It the only place that Aly will let him out of her sight for more than an hour at a time. If she does not come with him to meet you. Can you tell him not to do that? It freaks me out every time he pops in at your call.

Harry: Dobby, try not to scare Bruce too often.

Dobby: I is trying Master Harry Potter, Sir. But I cannot promise you’s that I will not pop in as quickly. I is ready to take you to deal with my old bad master sir. He is at the docks in London with Rufus Fudge.

Bruce: What did he mean by his old bad master?

Harry: Dobby let me take, Bruce home then I will let you pop me over to England. Things are moving too quickly for my taste in Britain. Less, Bruce, you want to hang around here till I get back. I may be injured as well.

Bruce: Will my cell phone work here?

Harry: I think so. How did you manage to get off work at the Crimes Unit?

Bruce: Jim and Aly are my partner bosses. And he the Day Watch Lieutenant Commissioner. I am their rookie. And most of the time they give me time off. In less something bad happens. Because I also have the Wayne Enterprise as well.

Dobby nods his head and pops back to the kitchen. Harry led Bruce to the den which in his new manor the furniture looked about the same. It shocked him a little.

Harry: Sit down; Bruce I will bring Alfred into the manor as well as Lucius.

Harry left Bruce in the den with his cell phone out playing some kind of game on it. Harry led
Alfred and Lucius into the manor the same way he had Bruce. Both Alfred and Lucius were shocked to see the manor was very close to design of the new Wayne Manor. Harry had moved out of the den when Alfred and Lucius had seated themselves comfortable on the couch. Bruce had moved to on couch and his body ran the lent of the couch.

Alfred: Harry where are you going?

Harry: I have some business to take care of in London. I should only be gone a few hours. I will send Dobby back to fix you supper. Then I will call him to get me when I am finished.

Bruce: Don’t forget the cowl?

Harry: As if the balaclava did not do well. I am glad you had spares for that matter.

Bruce: If you count having ten thousand of them?

Harry: Whatever floats your boat? See you soon.

Harry moved out of the den and into the room he had his ninja suit repainted black and on a stand. Harry quickly put the suit on quickly. He took the cowl and looked at it for a minute know there was no turning back when he put it on. Harry called dobby with his mind this time. There would come a time shouting Dobby name out loud would be dangerous. So they both worked hard for Harry to get the strength to call him silently.

Dobby: You is calling Master Harry.

Harry: Let get this show on the road. Shacklebolt will be wanting my sign so that he can call easier.

Dobby clicked his fingers and they appeared in the ally that Lucius appeared to every time he got a shipment of drugs and other thing in.


London Docks - Night

Down in the stacks, Thug unloads boxes from an open container. Street torches light them up – everyone freezes. Malfoy appears out of now where from an ally just off to the side. Fudge appears about a half minute after him. Approaches one of the Thugs holding a box. Opens it, yanks out a stuffed toy. A bear.

Fudge: Cute

Fudge rips open the toy, pulls a plastic package from inside.

Fudge (Mock surprise): Oh? What have we here?

Nobody reacts. Fudge hands the toy back to the thug. Who tosses it onto a pile of bears? Next to it is a pile of rabbits. Fudge head over to the place Malfoy was standing watching his people work. Malfoy stands looking at a stuffed rabbit. Fudge clears his throat.

Fudge: Looks fine over there. (Looks at rabbit.) So the bears go straight to the dealers?

Malfoy: And the rabbits go to our man in the Ministry holding cells.

Fudge looks at the rabbit.

Fudge: What the difference?

Malfoy looks at Fudge.

Malfoy: Ignorance is bliss, my friend. Don’t burden yourself with the secrets of scary people.

Fudge: Scarier then you?

Malfoy (smiles): Considerably scarier than me.

Fudge pauses, listening to the shouts and wand-fire. Then moves off into the night. Malfoy advances through the stacks, wand in hand…he rounds a corner to see: Five Thugs, various weapons in hand, in a loose defensive ring, peering out into the darkness…A shadow drops into the center of their ring- Thugs fly backwards – Malfoy glimpses a dark shape spinning in the middle, taking them out one by one…Malfoy bolts – Malfoy try to apparate only to find he is stuck in the area.

Malfoy: I have to get out of here.

He tries again nothing. Malfoy flinches – his head whips around looking around the area for danger. There is a thumping sound and then it stops.

Malfoy: What the Bloody hell are you?

Silence…Smash!! Glass shatters – black clad arms shoot down over his head – They grab him and pull him up by his robe – bring him nose to nose with…The Batman. Crouched, panther-like on the roof of one of the shipping containers – magnificent cloak billowing around him…Malfoy terrified eyes gaze at the eyes staring from the black cowl…

Batman: I’m Batman

Malfoy screams…


Subway Station - Night

As Tonks makes her way down the dimly lit stairs, she becomes aware of the thin man behind her and instinctively pulls her bag close. A hefty man appears at the bottom of the stairs. He lingers, half blocking the exit. Tonks slips her hand into her purse as the thin man accelerates behind her. Near the bottom Tonks bolts – hefty grabs her arm, spinning her back, tossing her up the steps towards the thin man. Tonks smacks the thin man in the head with her purse – hefty grabs her ankle – Tonks spins around, yanking her hand out of her holding a tazer…

Tonks: Hold it!

Behind her: a black shape whips around the thin man, tearing him sideways off his feet in a spasm of shadow…Hefty eyes go wide as, behind Tonks, he see a black demon-like shape with what look like horns envelope his partner…He bolts, racing off down the street…Tonks looks at her tazer with surprised satisfaction, then back at Hefty’s fleeing form…

Tonks: That’s right! You better run!

Tonks turns to look up the stairs and screams – Crouched on the railing behind her, dark cloak blowing, the black demon-like shape…Tonks fires the tazer – the projectiles shoot into the dark shape, trailing wires, lodging in the shape’s chest were they spark, providing flickering illumination of the masked face…He calmly yanks on the wires, pulling the tazer from Tonks grasp. She stares at Batman, disbelieving, as he pulls the projectiles from his chest and coils the wires.

Batman: Try Mace.

He tosses the tazer back to Tonks and nods at the thin man, lying unconscious beneath him.

Batman: Malfoy sent them to kill you.

Tonks: Why?

Batman: You rattled his cage.

Tonks peers at the silhouette, trying to see more. Batman tosses some photos onto the floor in front of her: Cornelius Fudge and a couple of girls.

Tonks: What’s this?

Batman: Leverage.

Tonks: For what?

Batman: To get things moving.

Tonks: Who are you?

Batman: Someone like you. Someone who’ll rattle the cages.

A train shoots overhead, strobing light onto the walkway, obscuring Tonks view…when it clears, Batman is gone.


London Docks - Night

Shacklebolt appears, coffee in hand: Tied up Thugs sit against the container full of drugs.
Uniform Aurors hold back a line of Press, who snap away at the surreal scene. Shacklebolt crouches to look at the Thugs, curious.

Uniformed Auror 3 (Out of Sight): Malfoy men?

Shacklebolt (Shrugs): Does it matter? We’ll never tie him to it anyway.

Uniformed Auror 3 (Out of Sight): I wouldn’t be too sure of that.

Shacklebolt looks up. The Uniformed Auror is pointing. At a muggle harbor light trained on the heavens. Shacklebolt rises, walks towards it. Two Auror stand there, staring. Malfoy is strapped to the light unconscious, arm spread. Robe ripped hanging from his arms in a strange pattern.

Auror 1: The hell is that? Looks like…

Shacklebolt follows their gaze up to where the beam of light cast Malfoy shadow onto the clouds.

Auror 2: Like a bat.

Shacklebolt stares at the projection. It is a Bat-symbol.

Shacklebolt: Cut him down.

Shacklebolt moves away, thinking. Something catches his eye. A block away. Halfway up a building. A black flag blows in the wind…Not a flag…a dark figure, wearing a cape, sitting on a ledge…Batman. Watching.


Auror Headquarters – Bullpen - Diagon Ally, London - Day

Scrimgeour address Captains, Sergeants, and Lieutenants. Shacklebolt at the back. Scrimgeour holds up the paper, smacks the front page.

Scrimgeour: Unacceptable. I don’t care if its rival wizards, Fairy Power, or the Damn Muggle-borns –get them off the street, and off the front page.

Captain Ridgeway: They say it was one guy…or thing.

Scrimgeour: Dipping into their own supply – it was some asshole in a costume.

Shacklebolt raises his hand. Scrimgeour nods, cautious.

Shacklebolt: This guy did deliver us one of the Wizarding World biggest Crime Lords.

Scrimgeour (glares): No one takes the law into their own hands in my community, understand?


Master Bedroom, Potter Manor – Day

Dobby opens the curtains. Harry wakes, squinting.

Harry (groggy): Bats are nocturnal.

Dobby: Bats, is…but even for billionaire playboys, three o’clock is pushing it. This is the price of leading a double life. I is fearing.

Dobby puts a tray, water, fruit, and newspaper.

Dobby: Your theatrics made an impression in the Wizarding news.

Harry: Theatricality and deception are powerful weapons, Dobby. It’s a start.

Harry glances at the paper. Gets out of bed, bare-chested. Dobby sees bruises across his torso and arms.

Dobby: If those is to be the first of many injuries…it would be wise to find a suitable excuse. Dueling, for instance.

Harry throws Dobby a look.

Harry: I’m cannot risk dueling, Dobby.

Dobby: Strange injuries, a non-existent social life…these things beg the question of what, exactly, Harry Potter, is doing with his time. And his money.

Harry considers this.

Harry: What does someone like me do?

Dobby (shrugs): Ride Racing Brooms, Date Witches…Buy things that aren’t for sale.

Harry looks at Dobby. Nods. Downs the water, stands straight, feet together – falls forward to the floor – into his dizzyingly fast push-ups. Dobby watches. Concerned.


Boardroom, Wayne Enterprise - Afternoon

Lucius, Alone at the table. An Executive walks in, troubled.

Executive: We have a situation.

Lucius: What kind of situation?

Executive: Coastguard picked up one of our cargo ships last night again. It was heavily damaged. The Crew missing, an more than likely dead.

Lucius: What happen?

Executive: Ship was carrying the same produce it was last time it was hit. The prototype. A microwave emitter. Looks like someone fired it up…

Lucius: What caused the damage? We can move this to my office.


Lucius Office, Wayne Enterprise - Day

Lucius looks at the young executive without a smile on his face. He knew that history was taking a repeat again.

Lucius: Where’s the weapon?

The Executive shifts, uneasy.

Executive: It’s missing.

Lucius: Thanks for the information. Keep this to yourself for now. I have to contact, Mr. Wayne and Mr. Potter on this matter to let them know. You are excused.

Bruce and Harry: No need we already know?

Lucius: Their a repeat in history again?

Bruce and Harry exchange looks with each other. They both yawned lightly at the other.

Lucius: You two nocturnal activities have tired you out again. How did you know?

Bruce: After you left to go home from Potter Manor. Harry and I talked about the thing that happened in the last two years with me. He told me that he thinks that Ra’s will try something like he tried in Gotham. I told him about the microwave emitter. If the emitter has been stolen again then we were right and Harry has little time to work to get the Wizarding World ready for this.

Lucius: How did you plan to take care of Malfoy go?

Harry winced as he thought about Kingsley see him at the docks on the crate watching him for half a block away. Lucius looked at Bruce the man was silent as he sat down on the chair and put his feet up on Lucius desk lightly. Harry sat down and was about to place his feet on the desk when he froze.

Harry: The plan with against Malfoy went fine. But Shacklebolt got a look at me. Look at this.

Harry pulled The Daily Prophet from his pocket to show them the picture of Malfoy strapped to the Muggle Harbor Light. Kingsley is standing there looking nervous about something. In a minute his face changes to less nervous to a kind of face that is puzzled. Bruce almost laughed at the image it was very close to that of his image with Falcone on the light. Lucius just smirked at Harry and Bruce. Alfred came walking into the office. Dobby popped in to the office by way of the closet.

Alfred and Dobby: Well, Master Bruce, Master Harry, you two made a stir last night. Both Gordon and Shacklebolt are trying to figure out what to do. They are both working overtime right now.

Harry gave a half-hearted laugh at the thought of his Godfather working hard. Bruce cell phone gave a short ring. He took it out looked at the number. It was a text message.
Bruce: It appears your meeting with Jim has been moved up. As in he will be here under five minutes.

Harry: Dam, Gordon you just had to read The Daily Prophet. I want to know who sent him The Daily Prophet. Then see the three different images of me for the different Gotham papers. Dobby you better get clear of the office.

There was a soft pop Dobby disappeared from the room. Bruce and Harry both got out of their chairs quickly. The stood over by the windows in Lucius office looking out over the city. Gordon, Lightsmith, and Stephens all came into the room. Gordon had a neutral look on his face when Harry turned to face his Godfather. Bruce moved over to Stephens stand well out of range of Gordon head slap. Aly was right against Gordon back she was not as luck has he and Stephens she got a blow whack upside the head for the trouble. Gordon stood there eyeing his Godson. Harry eyed his Godfather. The man was in a full length trench coat. Harry could make out the gun handle on his Godfather stomach. He could see his Godfather badge it was on his pocket on his trench.

Harry: Hello, Commissioner Gordon. It is nice to meet you.

Jim: Save it, Mr. Potter. Mr. Wayne, please tell me you were the one to bring down the Malfoy Senior over in Britain?

Harry all but managed not to wince at his Godfather tone. Never had his Godfather used that tone with him before in the three years he talked to the man. Gordon saw the Harry eyes narrow a little.

Harry: Commissioner Gordon, leave my cousin a lone now.

Jim: You two are related. No!

Aly had back up off her boss tail to the office door. She closed and locked the door of the office quickly. Harry watched Bruce foster-sister close and lock the door. Harry hit the door with a wand-less and silent sticking charm as well.

Bruce: Jim, calm down. Harry, you may as well tell him the truth.

Bruce had used the voice he used when he was somewhere between Bruce Wayne and Batman. It was the voice Gordon had got use to hearing at the precinct with Bruce as Stephens partner.

Jim: What does he mean by the truth, Mr. Potter?

Harry did not look at Gordon in the eye. Harry let his gaze be drawn to the wall behind his Godfather head. Bruce gave a Harry a soft growl on impatience’s.

Bruce: Harry, tell him know.

Harry: I can’t not like this. Bruce, I can’t tell him about who busted Malfoy Senior. It would scare him to bad. It already all over The Daily Prophet. Commissioner Gordon get use to see Batman on the front pages of The Daily Prophet. He is working for me. He wanted me to get equipment from Lucius Fox from Wayne Enterprise. Malfoy is only my first target. I have multiple targets in the Wizarding World to take out. This is just the beginning, Commissioner Gordon.

Gordon gave a low growl of impatience as he eyed his Godson face. Harry would not meet his eye. Gordon moved his head every which way to try and meet his gaze Harry would not look at him at all.

Jim: Mr. Potter, if this new Batman is you. I will make sure you cannot walk straight for a week longer if I find out you lied to me about it.

Harry: Empty, threat Commissioner Gordon. You would not touch me.

Gordon smirked a little at his Godson. Harry could tell that Gordon was serious about whipping him.

Jim: No, Mr. Potter that is a promise.

Harry: You have changed, sense the last time I saw you. What made you get serious?

Gordon: Mr. Potter, live in Gotham is not all fun and games. Rookie Wayne makes it out to be. I have been married and had two children. I am now divorced and only have visitation rights to my children. If and when I get to see them. Lieutenant Commissioner Lightsmith and Stephens will tell you that I can carry out my promise if I say I whip you I mean I will whip you.

Lightsmith and Stephens both nodded at Harry lightly with their heads from behind Gordon back. Harry realized it may have been two years sense he had seen Sirius. But to Sirius it had been longer.

Harry: How long have you been in this city?

Jim: Sense about Rookie Wayne sixth birthday. So about thirty-three years. Thirty-two years if I go by Aly age.

Harry: And you just now became the Commissioner of the Gotham Police Force. After Thirty-three year of being here.

Bruce: Harry that is not something to scorn about. My boss has worked cursed hard to reach that job. Lightsmith and Stephens just as hard. Having to fight corruption the whole time.
Harry rolled his eyes at his cousin. Gordon moved to with about a foot of him and whacked him upside the head with his hand. Gordon spoke to him softly in the ear.

Jim: Potter, you laugh at me again. I will take you over my knee now.

Harry: Whatever you say, Gordon.

Gordon smirked at Harry a little. Aly watched her boss move in on Potter. He did not even flinch at Gordon behavior. In fact he did not even flinch when Gordon whacked him upside the head. Lucius watched as his employer cousin face off with the one man that could put a warrant out for his arrest.

Jim: Bruce get over here now.

Bruce moved way from Stephens his mind racing to what he could have done to make Gordon angry with him. Harry smirked at Bruce from over Gordon shoulder when the man was looking over Harry body trying to see the physical damage done to him from the Dursley Family. Bruce stepped up to his boss nervous and spoke softly to the man. Bruce had to hope that if he spoke soft maybe he could avoid too much of his boss temper.

Bruce: Boss, did I do something wrong?

Jim: You corrupt him at all I will break you in the same way I broke your sister. I know for a fact she has show you that leather belt in my bottom left drawer of my desk.

Bruce winced at the thought of that belt. He was afraid of that leather belt. He had seen how bad that belt hurt from the few time he had see Aly walk away from Gordon with her ass in flames. That is way Gordon and his team never had a rookie for long. Gordon would break his people if he need to. Aly told him a couple of story of some of the thing she did to get on the end of that belt. Bruce remembered most recently Aly placed herself in front of him for a bullet. That was why Aly was walking the way she was she still had the pain from the punishment. Harry eye went wide at the thought of that leather belt touching Bruce at all.

Harry: I am corrupt as it is. You will find that Bruce cannot corrupt me that easily.

Jim: I did not hear that from your mouth, Mr. Potter.

Harry flashed Gordon one of his smiles. Gordon growls something that but Harry could not make it out. Aly face flushed a bright pink color. Stephens manage to keep his face blank. But he had felt the heat rise in his ears. Bruce who had been close to Gordon heard the comment and had to quickly look at the wall.

Bruce: Harry, will you try and not let me corrupt you. I don’t like the commissioner threat on what he will do to me with that leather belt is one I want to live out.

Harry: I will try Bruce. But I cannot promise you that and you know it. It in the Wayne and Potter Blood to find danger. Plus trouble just happens to find us as well.

Gordon growled something even lower and both Lightsmith and Stephens jumped back about five feet from Gordon. Harry had a feeling the two lieutenant commissioner were not at all happy about his sing song nature with the commissioner. Harry could feel both of their glares on him.

Jim: Fine sense I can’t trust my team rookie with you. I think I will make it so that you are watched in the city twenty-four –seven, Mr. Potter. One Batman in my city is hard to deal without adding a second one as well.

Harry: My Batman is only interested in technology from Wayne Enterprise. He not going to set foot in this town in less he feel the need to for that matter. He does not take threats to my live very well for that matter.

Jim: Lightsmith, Stephens, have a car placed outside of Wayne Manor each night. Potter I expect you to be back at the manor before the sun is down.

Harry gave Gordon one of his you think that will stop me kind of looks. Gordon snarled at Potter.

Jim: If you break that rule. I place you under house arrest till it time for you to go back to Britain. Do I make myself clear?

Harry: Clear as Crystal, Commissioner Gordon. But it will still not stop me. If I want to wonder the Gotham City Streets I will. Without a police guard. I have training to protect myself.

Jim: I don’t want another Batman trying to police my streets.

Wayne gave a snort like laugh at Gordon comment. Lightsmith give Wayne a look that read and look where that got me and him for that matter. Potter only smiled at the Commissioner even more. Harry pointed his finger at the door it unstuck and unlocked as well.

Harry: It not Batman, you should be worried about Commissioner Gordon. It’s the fact that Ra’s al Ghul is very much alive and is planning something dangerous.

Gordon growled a comment even more quietly to himself. Harry only shook his head at his Godfather behavior. Lightsmith and Stephens both did not like the Potter boy that much. He could make their boss really angry without much thought. Even Wayne who was billionaire play-boy new better when at work then to argue with Gordon.

Jim: We need to get back to the office. Lightsmith, Stephens, and Wayne let get back to the paperwork in the office.

Bruce: But, I had planned to show Harry some of the sights around Gotham.

Jim: Yes, I am taking away your leave. I don’t trust you know to take him and do something stupid. Now get moving. Mr. Fox, make sure he gets back to the manor okay.

Bruce sighed but knew better then to glare at Gordon with his orders were clear. Gordon moved out of the office quickly. Lightsmith fell into step with her mentor, boss, and partner. Stephens fell into step behind her and Wayne fell into step behind him. Harry watched as the four of them moved out of the office as a unit. Lucius could tell that Bruce was not happy about his leave being yanked by Gordon.

Lucius: What was with the threat from Commissioner Gordon about whipping you, Harry?
Harry flicked one of his fingers at the door it closed and relocked itself. Lucius was shocked to say the least to see the least that the door closed the way it did.

Harry: It is what I expected from my Godfather. That is why I called him out on his threat to whip me. Because I know for a fact given how I was raised he would not truly whip me as he plans. Now to the equipment side. I need supplies for Batman in Britain. Or in other word I need equipment to arm myself for protection.

Lucius: Okay let go then.

Harry flicked his finger again the door unlocked itself and opened as well. Lucius got up from his desk head for the door. Harry followed Lucius out of the door and down to the Applied Sciences Divisions.


Applied Science Divisions - Day

Lucius, an African-American Man (Fifty-four) leads harry down to a darkened room. Harry looks around shock to say the least that his cousin company had such interesting toys developed. Harry smirked a little at the different toys around him. Lucius can see that Bruce cousin is just like him smirking about the different toys and technology.

Lucius: Environmental applications, defense projects, consumer products…all prototypes, none in production at any level whatsoever. Some of them Bruce is already using as Batman.

Harry: None? No even after Bruce let you take over running the company?

Lucius: Well some of the things are being used. But most of them are not.

Lucius throws a switch - lights flicker on, revealing a massive warehouse, stacked with shapes under dust covers, tools, lab equipment. Lucius leads Harry through the stacks.

Lucius: I was on the board of Director before the Potter and Wayne line split in two.

Harry: You were on the board.

Lucius: I was a go between the Potter and Wayne families. I helped Bruce father build his train in the city. I am a squib like Bruce, and his father.

Harry nodded his head knowing that Lucius was a proud man even if he could not use magic.
Lucius leads Harry to an area stacked with harnesses.

Lucius: Here we are.

Lucius pulls out a box. Inside a grappling gun and harness.

Lucius: Pneumatic. Magnetic grapple. Monofilament tested to 350 pounds.

Harry feels the weight. It is light. Strong. He picks up the harness that goes with it. Shoulder straps with a wide, hi-tech belt. Harry shoves the back end of the gun into the belt buckle - it clicks into place. Lucius leads harry through some tall crates.

Lucius: Beautiful project, your Uncle Thomas train - routed right into Wayne Tower, along with the water and power utilities. Made Wayne Tower the unofficial heart of Gotham. Of course the person that ran the company before me. Earle's left it to rot…

Lucius stops at a tall crate. Checks paperwork. Open the crate: A bodysuit - clear silicone over jointed armor.

Lucius: Here it is: the nomex survival suit for advanced infantry. Kevlar bi-weave, reinforced joints….

Harry feels the fabric of the suit.

Harry: Tear-resistance?

Lucius hacks at the suit with his pen - it doesn't even mark.

Lucius: This sucker'll stop a knife.

Harry: Bullet-proof?

Lucius: Anything but a straight shot.

Harry: Is it magic-proof? Why didn't they put it into production?

Lucius: We would have to start testing that suit. The bean-counters figured a soldier's life wasn't worth the three hundred grand. I know what you want with a copy of Bruce original suit.

Harry: Do you have any lightweight fabrics?

Lucius looks at Harry with his glass. Smiles.

Lucius: Oh, yeah.

Lucius hands Harry a sheet of black fabric.

Lucius: Notice anything?

Harry examines it, shrugs. Lucius puts on a glove.

Lucius: Memory fabric - flexible ordinarily, but put a current through it…

Lucius grabs the fabric - which instantly pops into the rigid shape of a small one man tent. Harry raises his eyebrows.

Lucius: The molecules align and become rigid.

Harry pushes on the tent, feeling its strength, fascinated.

Lucius: I can have it shaped to your body. Again this is something that Bruce uses as Batman.

Harry sees something behind Lucius: a vehicle, cover by a trap. Hugh tires visible.

Harry: What's that?

Lucius, a twinkle in his eye, rolls up the memory fabric.

Lucius: The tumbler? Oh, you wouldn't be interested in that

Harry shoots Lucius the same look that Bruce two years ago, and we are -
Tumbler on the test track

Harry pilots using aircraft-like control stick. Lucius in the passenger seat, hang on as Harry pushes the vehicle. Lucius did not enjoy this experience with Bruce behind the wheel of the tumbler. He was not enjoying it now as well. The tumbler shoot past: low and wide, a cross between a Lamborghini Countach and a Humvee. Sandy camouflage, stealth-angled paneling and variable-angle flaps across the back. Lucius shouts over the noise of the engine. Lucius thinks to himself. Bruce does not pay me good to do this kind of things.

Lucius: She was built as a bridging vehicle! You hit that button - It boosts her into a ramp less jump! In combat, two of them jump a river towing cables, then you run a bailey bridge across. Dam bridge never worked - but this baby works fine.

Harry reaches.

Lucius: No, not now!!

Harry recoils. Harry inspects the cockpit: a forward-slung 'gunner's' driving position between their legs, video screens, electronic controls, windows with head-up display. Harry accelerates…The tumbler tears down the straightaway, skids to a halt. Lucius jolts with the stops. Turns to
Harry, a little green.

Lucius: What do you think?

Harry turns to Lucius with a slight smile.

Harry: Does it come in black?

Lucius laughed at Harry comment just like Bruce the boy was a little crazy if not nuts.


Back alley, Shacklebolts Apartment, Outside of Diagon Ally - Night

Through the window: Kingsley mother, Miriam tries to get her five-year-old to eat. Kingsley kissed her mother on the forehead, picks up the trash. Comes out into the dark. Thunder rolls around.

Batman (Out of sight): Storm's coming.

Shacklebolt looks up: Batman is crouched in the fire escape.

Shacklebolt: The scum's getting jumpy because you stood up to Malfoy.

Batman: It's a start. Your partner was at the docks with Malfoy.

Shacklebolt: He moonlights as a low-level enforcer.

Batman: They were splitting the shipment in two. Only half was going to the dealers.

Shacklebolt (surprised): Why? What about the other half?

Batman: Fudge knows.

Shacklebolt: He won't talk.

Batman: He'll talk to me.

Shacklebolt looks up. Close on Batman, in the shadows.

Shacklebolt: Commissioner Scrimgeour set up a massive task force to catch you. He thinks you're dangerous.

Batman: What do you think?

Shacklebolt gets to his feet, dust off his pants.

Shacklebolt: I think you're trying to help…

Shacklebolt looks up. But Batman is gone.

Shacklebolt: But I've been wrong before.
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