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Interlude - Part 2

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Garden Fox - Inside - Night

Harry and Lucius sat in a table in a shadow corner of his daughter restaurant. Harry was recounting his adventures at Hogwarts to Lucius. Bruce came walking into the restaurant the staff did not even look up when the Billionaire Playboy stepped into the place. He walked over to the table calmly. But Harry could tell from his cousin eyes he was pissed off big time.

Bruce: You just had to twig your Godfather tail. Do you know he had me tell him every thing you have done in the forty-eight hours in Gotham. He made me tell him twice to make sure my report did not change.

Harry: I like some of the toys you have in the storage unit. I want to have a number of them. I also want to have a go on the Bat-pod. Lucius was telling me you figure out a way to change the tumbler in to a bike.

Bruce: Sure. But I tell you right now your godfather for the first time I have wanted to hit him to teach him to question my judgment. Are you sure you want to go through with the plan to night to scar him out of his wit on the Gotham Major Response Crime Unit?

Harry: I want to see if he was serious or not?

Lucius: You are really going to push your luck with Commissioner Gordon.

Harry: Jim Gordon is my godfather or has my godfather memories. I want to see if he will react or not. Plus I want to test the new gadgets I have here before i start trying to figure out how too make them work around magic as well.

Lucius: Do you have a way to get Dragon hide or something close to it for your armor?

Harry: Basilisk Skin will be even more Magic resent as well. I have the Goblin with the Britain Branch of Gringotts breaking down the snake as we speak. They are willing to sale the rare parts on the market for a really small fortune but sense I killed the snake I get most of the money. Bruce so your trust fund will be refilled again for the third time in less then two years.

Bruce: This small fortune how much are you talking about?

Harry: Well over a hundred billion dollars.

Lucius smiled yes that would add more to his employer trust fund as well as his research fund as well. Harry took a sip of his drink. Bruce also took a sip of the drink in front of him.


Gotham Major Response Crime Unit - Outside - Night

Gordon and Lightsmith both stood on the roof of the precinct. They were looking out over the sky line of their city. Bruce and Harry were dressed at Batman they appeared on roof behind Gordon and LIghtsmith. They made no sound at their arrive.

Jim: Bruce promised me I would get to meet the British Batman tonight. He giving the man some lesson on a few things.

Aly: Do you still think Potter is the British Batman?

Jim: I know my Godson. He would not play a mask Vigilante. Not in less the world his parent lived in turn on him so bad that he does not think he can get something done as Harry Potter.

Bruce and Harry exchanged looks before. Bruce tapped on the Bat-signal broken side. Gordon and Lightsmith jumped a good foot and a half in the air. They turned to face Bruce under the Batman Cowl. Harry stepped out beside Bruce under his own Cowl. Gordon and Lightsmith both glared lightly at the British Batman.

Batman (Bruce): Jim, Aly this is my British Counter part Batman.

Batman (Harry): Hello Commissioner Gordon, Lieutenant Commissioner Lightsmith. How fairs your evening?

Gordon and Lightsmith both jumped a foot in the air. They both on instinct reached for their guns in the holster at their side.

Batman(Bruce): Easy their Jim, Aly. He will not hurt you. HE was only saying hello.

Gordon and Lightsmith relaxed their stance. But Harry could tell they were both shocked and a little scared of his appearance as well.
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