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Chapter 7 - Batman Meet the Scarecrow

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Leaky Cauldron, Wizarding Street Side - Night

Raining. Fudge sips a butterbeer in his hand. Fudge walks away down the dark ally way before he enters Diagon Ally. Yanked from the pavement, he's pulled up between building. Up and up until face to face with ...The batman. Rain pouring off his cowl. Holding Fudge by his ankle. Fudge is screaming.

Batman: Where were the other drugs going?

Fudge: I don't know, I swear to God

Batman: Swear to ME.

Batman drops Fudge three flights down on the wire...pulls taut - whips him back up.

Fudge (terrified whispers): I never knew...never...shipments went to some guy for a couple days befroe they wnet to the dealers

Batman: Why?

Fudge: There was something else in the drungs, something hidden -

Batman: What?

Fudge: I don't know - I never went to the drop-off. It's in the Ministry Holding Cell - Auror only go there in force.

Batman: Do I look like a Auror?

Batman drops Fudge into a stack of garbage cans.


Holding Cells - The Ministry of Magic - Night

Batman picks up one of the toys from the pile. It has been split open. Noise at the door prompts him to melt into the shadow. Lemons, Snape and two thugs enter. Lemons, Snape indicate the toys.

Lemons: Get rid of all the traces.

Thug 1: Better torch the whole place.

Lemon and Snape nod. Notices rain spattering off the sill of the open window. The thugs pulls out a Molotov coktails. Thug 1 pours gasoline onto the toys, then pours a trail into - Thug 1 sets the bottle on the toilet tank. Lifts the lid to pee...catches sight of something in the cracked mirror...He opens his mouth to scream - Batman smashes him into the mirror.
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