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Heeeeeeey xD

I have 2 chapters waiting for you :3


Mikey :

"What?" I muttered. Still shocked. We were all speechless. The only thing you heard was Helena's heels running down the hall.

"We are dating" Gerard repeated for the second time. Frank kept opening and closing his mouth trying to find the right words to say. Black Mariah darted out of the room after Helena along with Gee. Sorrow's head went down.

"I" Jet Star and Ray said together.

"Is it that shocking?" Gerard asked taking a tighter hold of Sorrow's hand.

"... A little" Frank, Frankie and Fun Ghoul said.

"Seriously?" Gerard was finding it hard to believe that we couldn't believ this was happening.

"Oh god" Dana muttered then ran out the door. You could hear crying a little far away.

"I am personally happy for you!" Aven smiled widely.

"Thankyou" Gerard said.

"I mean it is about time, your fucking happy now" Hozzie said

"I was a depresso?" Gerard questioned

"What she means is, you never had a bit of freedom" Melissa smiled widely.

"Yeah what she said" Tanner laughed

"It is just generally a shocker" Emily smiled.

"Well get used to it" Gerard said then left the room with Sorrow. Each of us looking at eachother shocked and mouths gaped.

Aura :

"WHY ME?" i screamed and cried.

"Shush, it is going to be okay" Dana said trying to calm me. I give ehr credit. She may tease me alittle but she know's how much i like him. I think i have just admitted to myself i love him. But no he goes with a fucking white freak chic.

"I" I stuttered and then pulled my knee's upto my chest and welcomed the tears.

Helena :

"H-he" I stutted

"NO HE WONT" Gee shouted, his voice was shaky.

"He is screwed" Black mariah sighed under her breath

"I swear to fuck, if Gerard get's killed. The Black Parade is going to fall to piece's.

"Ray could take over" Gee said thinking optimistically.

"Maybe but it would have a long term effect on Aura and Mikey" Black Mariah stated.

"Yeah" Gee sighed defeated.

"G-guys" I stuttered

"Yea?" Gee and Black Mariah said

"We have to keep a closer eye on them weather we want to or not"
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