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The chapters are both short, that is why i wrote two :P


Aura :

"Are you okay?" Hozzie asked concerned. She knew i would be affected by Gerard's new relationship status.

"Yeah, after 2 days i have managed to calm down a little" my voice was shaky but she was slowly helping me recover.

"It isn't the same, you know yourself things are different, i have not heard one mention of a march in over 2 weeks and it is killing me!" I heard Emily talking. She love's to march we all love to march. But she was right. The last march was in over 2 weeks and every memeber of the Black parade was craving it.

"It is killing all of us" I said as we walked over to Emily and Tanner.

"I just want a small march, even a 5 minute march i will be happy, everybody misses the thrill of marching. Helena wants to be part of the march, she is looking forward to another march" Emily smiled.

"Yeah" Tanner sighed

"Wait" Hozzie's head lifted up happy.

"What?" Me, Tanner and Emily looked at her confused

"We hold our own march" She smiled. I looked around my group of friends each of them smiling widely.

"How the fuck will we do that?" I asked

"We get everyone else involved and basically forget about Gerard, he is too caught up with Sorrow to give a damn anymore" Hozzie smiled.

"Alright then, let's go spread the word" Tanner jumped up and down.

"Hold a meeting, everyone meet at the old willow tree at 7 PM tonight, Gerard is apparently taking Sorrow out" Emily sighed

"Fucking bitch" I muttered under her breath

"How is she a bitch?" Tanner asked not knowing about my little crush.

"She is distracting him from the marching" I used that as an excuse.

"That fucktard" Emily sighed joining in.

"Okay lets go!" Tanner smiled running off. I went staright to where usually everyone would be in the training hall getting ready for the big attack on BLI. I found All the killjoys, Moikey, Frankie, Mikey, Ray and Raymond.

"Hey Aura" Frankie smiled noting my presence first. Each of them turned and waved.

"Guys i have news" I smiled

"Well do tell?" Fun Ghoul laughed

"A march is-"

"THANK FUCK!" Mikey and Frank shouted high fiving eachother

"Let me finish" I gave them a glare.

"Okay" Frank then dropped his head down.

"Don't tell Gerard. We are having a meeting at the willow tree at 7 to discuss it" I smiled

"Great, i miss marching" ray smiled

"So tell people, spread the word, make sure it does not get in Gerard's head or Sorrow's" I warned them

"Okay, see you later Aura" Party Poison laughed

"Bye" I smiled dandering off.

"But i do!" I heard Sorrow's voice in another room. Curiousity getting the better of me i decided to eariwigg.

"Yes i do love you, meet me at the willow tree at 6, i will see you later" She then hung up. What did he see in her.

Really what did he see in her?
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