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50. What Have I done?

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*okay cherryBOMB96,  I'm updating today lol. I kind of edit it so I'm sorry if there's mistakes. Please bare with me. Enjoy! ;) 

Victoria's POV
A new day, a new outfit, a new day at school, a new attempt. I woke up feeling confident. Something big is going to happen. I can feel it. I just can't wait to get to school. I wore My favorite short shorts with floral print and a white tanked top and a pink cardigan. I slipped on my favorite white vans and went downstairs to eat breakfast. 
"good morning mom." I kissed her cheek as I passed by the kitchen. 
"why so happy this morning?" 
"because I'm positive that today will be good, that's all." I grabbed my toast and a Caprisun pouch and grabbed my book bag. 
"see you later mom." this is my idea of breakfast. I don't eat much in the morning cause I'm never really get hungry in the morning. 
I drove over to Rebecca's house. This hoe better be ready. 
"hey I'm here." I called from my cell phone. 
"be right out." 
Moments later, Becky came out wearing a mini skirt and low cut shirt with a lot of leg and cleavage showing. 
"why are you dressed so sexy today?" I asked as she got in the car. 
"I have a date after school."
"with who?"
"some guy I met at a party."
"was it the party we went to two weeks ago?"
"oh yeah, remember Steve?"
"oh yeah. He's cute."
"I know." she purred at me sending me a wink.
"slut." I laughed. 
"love you too"

During my first period, English, I sat close to Frank and Edith since our teacher moved us seats. We were working on a group project and since my table is close to theirs, we were put together. 
"so who's drawing the characters?" Brian, a classmate, one of my ex's, asked. 
"I'll draw." Frank blurted. 
"I'll look for information in the book with Cindy." Eddie answered taking the book from Frank and turned to a page in the text book. Cindy is one of the school's biggest nerds.
"what are you gonna do?" Brian asked me. 
"what are YOU doing?"
"I dont know."
"then I don't know either."
"you guys can right down the description of the characters and the plot and stuff of the story." Frank suggested to us staring at both of us. 
"sure, we'll do that." Brian answered.
Every now and then, I glanced at Eddie. I almost feel pitty for her. She might be acting as if nothing is wrong and be really concentrated in her work but I can see right through her. She's not her same self. The brake up affected her so much. Exactly what I intended. Her sorrow makes me feel accomplished and satisfied. 
"okay class, we'll continue this on Monday. Please start putting stuff away." our teacher called. 
I got the information I wrote down and placed them in my portfolio and put it back in my backpack. I was all set. I observed the rest of the class. Everyone was packing up. I sat down in the same table next to Brian and Cindy and across from Frank and Edith. Frank was sitting down playing with his back pack and Edith was putting her stuff away. Throughout  
this whole time, she's had a straight face. 
The bell rang and I hurried out the door. I felt a pull on my arm. 
"hey watch it- oh, it's you." I said noticing it was Brian who pulled my arm. 
"what are you doing right now?" 
As we walked through the hallway, I noticed Gerard coming from the other side of the hall. 
"give me a second Brian." I said glancing behind me and noticing Eddie walking with Frank. This outta be good. I stepped aside and walked over to my locker.
"hey Frank." Gerard said approaching Frank, not noticing Edith was there. Once he noticed, he bowed his red face and took a hand to his hair. Edith just blushed red. 
"I'll see you later Frank." she said and walked rapidly down the hall.
Gerard glared at her as she left. His face red with fury. Frank just gazed at both of them. 
"c'mon." he said and pulled Gee by then arm and hurried down the hallway.
"um, Vicky?"
"oh I'm sorry, what were you saying?"
"what were you just looking at that kept you from opening your locker?"
"nothing. What makes you say that?"
"nevermind. I'll talk to you later."
"wait, Brian!" I called. He just kept walking down the hallway. Whatever, he isn't even worth my time. 

Edith's POV
I walked as fast as I can to where Linda told me to meet her up. Luckily I found her as soon as I was about to get there. 
"hey Linda" I said catching up behind her. 
"oh hey Eddie, wanna go eat?"
"let's go."
We started to walk towards the cafeteria as she looked for her breakfast money in her wallet. 
"where's Henry?"
"not here today."
"really? Why?"
"he's sick. I'm gonna visit him after school. Wanna come with me?"
"I'll see. I'm not sure if I have plans."
"oh okay, let me know."
"sure will."

Breakfast past pretty quickly. Linda and I spent it doing homework. Or at least she helped me do my homework. I had forgotten to do it last night. My next class was US History with Emma and Frank. I hope I have fun. I miss hanging out with my whole group of friends. I love hanging out with Linda and Henry but I just have to adapt to the huge difference there is between them and my other friends. I never have time to talk to them anymore which gets me sad because I miss Frank and Emma's little weird love fest. My big brother Ray and sister-in-law Christa. Mikey's odd comments and most of all, the random things we all use to come up with. And what also makes it lonely is the fact that Bob isn't around..
Oh my god, I forget to tell them about Bob. I'm gonna tell Frank and Emma right now. 
"hey you guys." I said sitting down across from them in our usual table. 
"hey Eddie, haven't seen you around lately. Who do you hang out with?" Emma asked me. 
"oh, Linda."
"oh okay, we miss you." she said placing a hand on mine. 
"I miss you guys too." 
"pretty girl?"
"yeah Frank?"
"I miss you!" he said and jumped off his seat and came to hug me. He picked me off the ground and spun me around. 
"Mr. Iero, put Ms. Lynn down." our teacher called as he closed the door to begin the class. 
"sorry." he yelled and went to sit back down next to Emma. 

"hey, have you guys seen Bob?" Frank asked cutting some card board for our project. 
"hey that's true, he hasn't been to school." Emma replied glueing some stuff to our poster. 
"yeah about that you guys... Bob doesn't come to this school anymore."
"what? why? How do you know?"
"because... He moved states." I replied observing very closely their reaction. Emma had her mouth open as well as Frank who dropped the scissors and card board. 
"what?!" Frank finally said. 
"yeah, I feel really sad. I miss him so much. He left the night of my performance."
"why did he leave?" Emma said with teary eyes.
"well, he mentioned to me that he was really depressed and was just really tired of life here in Jersey. He was tired of living here so he decided to go."
"where to?" Frank asked. 
"to Florida."
"why there?"
"he said because it's always sunny there and he thinks that it'll help him stay optimistic since here it's always cloudy."
"wow." Frank replied sitting down with a sad expression. 
"he should have said something."
"he didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to see you guys like this. He wanted strength to be able to leave."
"I'm gonna miss Bob so much." Emma said resting her head on Franks shoulder. 
"I'm sorry you guys." I said and hugged them both. I wish I wasn't the one that had to tell them. I hate giving out bad news. I don't have the heart to be able to say it. That's why my mom said I'll never be able to work as a doctor. One of my previous dream jobs. 


Gerard's POV
She cried and cried. I saw her helpless on the ground. Her hair was made into a beautiful braid. She was wearing an amazing night gown that comforted her curves. She was a work of art. That night. All gone to waste. She was on the floor, crying her eyes out as if she was dying. 
Just watching her made me want to brake down with her. Lye down there with her and carry her in my arms and tell her everything will be okay. Tell her how much I love her. 
I just couldn't think that night. She didn't nor does she deserve my love. She played with my feelings. Why would I have broke down with her and tell her it was all going to be okay when she was the one that caused MY pain?
"oh what?!"
"you're not even listening are you?"
I was with Ray doing homework in study hall. It was our free period, so we decided to catch up on grades since grades are do soon. 
"yeah I am."
"what did I say?"
"you asked if your fro was okay"
"huh, yeah I did ask that...TEN MINUTES AGO! C'mon man, what's wrong with you?" he smacked my head slightly. Even the slighted touch hurts right now. 
"nothing, just didn't have enough sleep last night. Keep going."
"fine. I'm gonna read out loud... Blah blah blah blah." 
imagine I wouldn't have never seen those pictures
"blah blah blah blah in 1765.."
I should have never laid eyes on you
"Edith Phorishna was the first lady to..."
"god Ray, can you please not bring Edith up?!"
"what? What are you talking about?"
"I don't want to know anything about her."
"dude, I didn't mention any Edith! Only the one from the book!"
"whatever man." I rolled my eyes and burried my face in my book.
"sheesh Gee, get your head straight." Ray closed his book and got up packing his stuff. 
"I'm gonna go. See you later G-string." 
I didn't even reply. Blaming it on the book. Pfft! I heard with my little tiny ears him say something about Edith!

Ray's POV
God man, Gee is losing it! I wasn't even talking about Edith! This is unbelieveble. If he misses her and keeps thinking about her, than why doesn't he do anything about it. He says he doesn't miss her, yet she's on his mind 24/7. 
I bet he didn't even hear me the time I ACTAULLY mentioned Edith. I was asking him if he knew that Edith was leaving this Saturday. When he didn't respond, I wasnt sure If he wasn't listening or he was just too choked up with the news that he couldn't respond. I just hope he did hear at least that little part.  

Victoria's POV
Chemistry is the last period of the day. It's hell to finish the day with Chemistry. How can Cindy love chemistry? How can she love school in the first place?! Oh, nerds..
I walked into chemistry class late because I was hanging out with Brian during lunch. This guy sure does know how to have a good time. Mmm..
"Victoria, why are you late?" don't you just hate when teachers put you in the spot?
"I was at the nurse."
"she didn't give you a pass?"
"nope. She ran out."
"ohh.. Okay."
You sure can fool Mr. Farre. He's so gullible. I sat near the back of the class. 
"hey you do ballet right?" Carly, a new student, asked me. 
"uhh, yeah."
"do you mind helping me on something? I have troubles keeping my balance."
"sure, When?"
"do you mind if you help me today?"
"not at all. Where?"
"in the gym since its wood floor."
"totally. Let me just go to my locker afterwards."
"yeah, I'll meet you up at the gym."
She smiled an returned to her seat. No one has ever asked me to help them. It's usually that they don't know I do ballet or they just don't ask or they ask Eddie. It's nice to be asked for ones without have Ms. No It All around. I wonder how Carly found out I was a dancer. 
"c'mon, energy from your core. Focus on something ahead of you and think about all your alignment and what can help you balance. Let go of my hand." Carly, who was trying to balance on her right leg, with her left leg extended high, almost touching her shoulder. In this move, it's all about having your abs engaged and your supporting leg straight and have from your waist and up, push down and from waist down push up. It's called opposition.
"c'mon, let go slowly." she stumbled a little but was able to let go. She held her position for about 5 seconds. Longer than usual. 
"wooh! I did it for 5 seconds!" 
"see?! Now you've got the idea?"
"yeah, thanks! I feel better about my audition."
"yeah, I'm auditioning for a ballet school here."
"oh really? Which one?"
"Fort's School of Fine Arts."
"really. Interesting. I take classes there."
"awesome! How is it like?"
"it's pretty fun. Ms. Joyet is an excellent teacher."
"I'm so excited."
"when are auditions?"
"sometime before the summer."
"ok cool, I'll try to make it so I can watch you." I winked at her smiling. 
"thanks Victoria. You're so sweet."
"aww, thanks." she hugged me tightly. I couldn't help but feel confused. 
"I'll see you later, I gotta go."
"okay, by Carly."

Even after she left, I stood in the middle of the gym alone. Me? Sweet? I- should I believe it? I mean, people have called me sweet but... I don't feel sweet at all...
The night of Edith's performance, when I saw her lying on the ground. I was happy to see her that way. 
But now, I kinda feel guilty. Not because of her but, I was just called sweet. A sweet girl doesn't make people brake up. 
she deserves it anyway. Gerard is all yours now. Go after him 
I shook my head and grabbed my bag from the ground. Gerard is all yours Vicky. 
I walked down the hall to my locker to grab my extra pointe shoes I keep in there. I feel like going into the studio and dance. 
I was about to turn the corner, when I encountered an unexpected scene. 
"Gerard, But you don't have explanations for your suppose facts!"
"you don't even have explanations Edith!"
"I know, but I'm sorry! You've got to believe me though! I love you Gee!"
"pleas Edith, don't. I just can't deal with this right now. I'm sorry, I don't know what to believe. I've been through a lot. If you don't remember, I've been lied to from someone I thought loved me. This is the same situation now. Do you really expect me to believe it this time?"
"yes! Do not compare this to what happened with you and Victoria! This is so much different! I'm not lying! Did she cry to you?! No! Did she come look for you afterwards! No! Please, Gee the worst thing you could do is compare me to her."
"the worst thing you did was play with my heart. I'm sorry Edith, I can't deal with this right now." 
I heard foot steps coming down the hall and I hurried inside one of the classrooms. I watched through the window and saw him pass by. 
"Ms. Beauté? Do you need anything?" I hadn't noticed Ms. Flower was inside her class room. 
"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in your class. I was hiding from...someone. I'm going to step out now."
"oh- Kay. Be careful."
I shut the door behind me and went to hide again behind the corner. I only saw Edith sitting there crying. 
I didn't see the whole scene. I have no idea how it started but, I saw enough. 
thank you Vicky, you're so sweet!
Me? Sweet? I don't believe it. I'm such a hypocrite. I'm a monster. I'm a bitch who just cares about her own feelings and no one else's. That's what holds me back from my happiness. I just noticed I'm never happy with what I have because I don't value it. 
Look what I've done? I ruined a perfect relationship. Something I was jealous of. I had my chance with Gerard but lost it for a one night stand. I hate myself so much right now. 
I don't even like Gerard. I'll admit he is hot but, he is so much better off with Edith than with me. I've done the worst to someone that doesn't deserve it because I envied her. Victoria, what have you done?
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