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51. Our Last Goodbye

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Third person POV(narrator)
It's been about a week since Edith and Gerard broke up. As you have read, they are both so devastated as well as others. Mikey, Ray, Frank, and Emma have tried to talk with Gerard telling him it's all a lie and not to believe it because Edith loves him and she'd never do that. But Gerard refuses and doesn't listen to half the things they say. 
Even Edith has tried to talk to him but she was left empty handed. He refused to believe her and carry on with the conversation. Edith has given up on trying. 
So now that she leaves, she leaves with a broken heart and not one last kiss from her beloved Gerard. 

Mikey's POV
Today is the day. The day my little poor Edith leaves. Wow, I've only known her for about a year and she's leaving already. I wish I could have spent more time with her. I feel like I don't even know her as well. But either way I'm going to miss her dearly. 
I was heading to the restroom to take a shower. It was 5am and...Gerard is up? My mom CANNOT be watching Cartoon Network right now. She doesn't even watch it in the first place. I walked downstairs and there I found Gerard sprawled on the couch. 
"goodmorning" I called. 
"good morrow Mikey. How do you do this morning?" 
"um, fine. Why are you talking like that?"
"how so?"
"like THAT."
"doesn't ring a bell."
"oh god.." I walked back up stairs hearing his laughter. Is he feeling okay? I continued my daily routine. Hopefully he's done with his foolishness when I come back. 
I'm glad he's acting like a fool because, it's a sign he's not so depressed but, I really can't brake a laugh right now. My Edith is leaving.. Does he even know?

"Mikey!" I ran downstairs because Gerard had called me awfully loud. 
"Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!" he kept saying as I almost tripped down the stairs downstairs. 
"what?! What's wrong?!"
"look what's on TV!" he said pointing at the TV resembling Frank. 
"The Garbage Pale Kids?"
"yeah! Isn't that awesome!?"
"I thought something was wrong. Don't scare me like that!"
"no promises!"
I walked back upstairs with a heart ache. He scared me to death! 
Not really but, close enough. I was in the middle of straighning my hair when he called me. No one interrupts my beauty session! I'm going to get him back for that. 
And just my luck, I burnt my forefinger. Great.

I went back downstairs to eat a bowl of cereal and some coffee. This time I found Gerard half asleep on the couch. I poked his cheek before going into the kitchen. I giggled a little cause he was already drooling. 

I sat down next to him eating my cereal when he woke up. 
"what time is it?" he said with sleepy eyes.
"like, 6:45"
"why are you up so early?" I put my spoon down and faced him. 
"um, can you guess?" he took a second to think. 
"well, it's too early for you to go somewhere with Jade but then again it isn't... There isn't any school today... You don't work Sarurdays... Um.. I have no clue."
"are you sure?"
"I guess."
Now should I tell him or not? How will he take it?
"have you listened to what the others and I have been talking to you about?"
"ugh, this again. Look Mikey, I don't want to know anything okay? Just leave me alone. I woke up feeling good this morning and I don't want to ruin it by listening to blabbering about...HER" he got up and went downstairs to his room. I watched him go. So does he know or not? He just made it so confusing. Does he know but doesn't want to bring the topic up because he doesn't like her or does he not know because he's too stubborn to listen to us?

Gerard's POV
This bullshit is getting annoying. I hate how Mikey and the others are always talking to me about her. I don't care. I don't want to care. I don't want to hear it. Im tired of being told. They don't have proof neither do I. I don't know what or who to believe. I just don't want to hear it. 
I'm tired of arguing with Mikey about something that's not even worth fighting for. I don't care about her anymore. Or at least I'm trying not to. She's going to be around for I dont know how long and I want to get use to her being around and me not caring. I need to get over her. I need to get prepared for the time she finds a 
 boyfriend and I see them kiss in school. I need to heal my heart to be able to like someone else. like not love, I'm tired of loving people. 
Mikey is probably just gonna go hang out with her. I don't care. 
But I do care. What are they gonna do? I can't stop caring nor can I stop loving her. It's going to be a long journey from here on out for me to get over her. Oh Edith, you're poison to my blood. I wish you would just move.

"hey Gerard! I'm leaving now!" Mikey called from upstairs.
"Kay bye!"
I didn't hear anything else. I just heard footsteps, keys, door open and door close. I'm all alone now. It's a cold morning. I walked over to my closet and put on a sweater and some sweats. I crawled back in bed and before I knew it, I was falling asleep like a baby. 

Edith's POV
"come here! I'm in the room!" 
"yeah?" she said stepping foot in the doorway.
"can I take this with me?" I held out a photo of mom and Jade the night of my performance. 
"what is it?" she walked over to me and took the picture from my hand. She smiled with pitty at the sight of it. 
"of course you can." I smiled at her and hugged her. 
"I miss you already."
"I miss you too Edith. Sounds awkward to say since you're still here."
"I know."
"I'll miss you soon though." she said letting go and patting my shoulder. 
"want me to help you pack?"
"hey, do you.. want this?" I turned around to see what Jade was holding. It was a teddy bear Gerard gave gave me for our 6th month being together. 
"oh.. I dont know."
"I'm gonna place it right here just for in case." she placed it on top of the desk in the room next to our computer. 
"ooh! Look what I found!" she held out a unicorn pillow pet.
"oh my gosh! I thought I lost it! Aww! Give it here!" she threw it to me and I caught in my hands. I took a look at it and remembered the day Mikey gave it to me. It was Christmas and he wrapped it so awfully. It was cute. 
"I'm taking this for sure."
I was almost finished packing my stuff. Now all I had to pack was the gifts my friends gave me. I decided to pack them in a different suit case because they are very special to me. I wore the sweater Mikey gave me and took the unicorn pillow pet in my hand and put on the bracelet Bob gave me before leaving. It said "Forver" in cursive. He has the other half that says, "Friends". Emma's picture frame of her and me is placed carefully inside with Frank's favorite smelly football jersey. Linda recently just gave me some awesome boots that I haven't worn. She gave them to me to remember her by. They're also inside my special suit case. Henry's last letter to me is in one of the pockets outside of the suit case. It isn't a love letter, it has poem inside about friendship. He explains to me how he's glad we could be friends and he'll never forget how special I was to him. I'll always have a place in his heart. 
If there is anything that ever comes between us and makes us split, I just want to let you know that you'll always have a place in my heart. I love you Edith Hailey Lynn.
I remember the exact same words Gerard wrote to me in the Valentine's Letter. I wonder if he still means it. I doubt it. After what I encountered yesterday after school, I doubt it a million times. 

"Edith?" my mom said appearing in the doorway. 
"are you done?"
"what else do you need?"
"actually, nothing. I'm done."
"oh okay. Good, we need to get going. Mikey, Frank and Emma are here already."
"oh okay good. I'll be right down."
"okay, I'll take some stuff with me if you don't mind."
"not at all." she grabbed one of my suit cases and left. 
"whoa! Let me help you with that Ms. Lynn." I heard a voice say. 
"oh thank you Mikey." I heard other footsteps and at the door appeared Frank and Emma. 
"hey pretty girl" Frank said surprisingly calm. 
"hey." I stood up from the ground an greeted them with a hug. I took a look at them and noticed they both had red streaks. Emma had them by her sides as well as Frank. Frank went back to his old hairstyle; Shaved from the sides dyed with red with his black fringe falling down to his face. 
"I see you guys have matching hair color"
"yeah, we did it to celebrate 8 months together." Frank answered. 
"congrats you guys." 
"oh Eddie.." Emma finally said and pulled me to a hug. She cried on my shoulder. 
"she's been crying since yesterday."
"really? Oh Emma.."
"I'm glad you're going to accomplish your dreams Eddie but, I don't want you to go." she continued to cry on my shoulder without looking up at me. 
"I'm going to miss you too Emma. Don't worry, we could Skype.."
"but that's not enough! I want to feel your presence around me!" she sobbed louder.
"you're my best friend!"
"oh gosh, well, there isn't anything I could do about it. I'm sorry Emma."
"it's okay Eddie, do what you have to do." she pulled away wiping her tears away and smiling. 
"please don't cry. When you miss me, hold your necklace to your heart okay?" we both had necklaces that had each others name on it. She had Edith and I had Emma. 
"now don't cry okay?" she nodded and sat down on my bed. 
"my turn?" Frank said and spread his arms. I accepted his request and hugged him tightly. We didn't say a word. I felt his breathing on my neck as he buried his face. I felt hot tears touching my neck. I stroked his back as he hugged me tighter. 
"I'm gonna miss you so much." he said. 
"I will too Frank. You're my best guy friend." 
"it's been only a year that I've met you and I feel like we grew up together." I giggled at his comment. 
"I can say the same Frank."
"I love you pretty girl."
"I love you too Frankie." 
"Hey Edith!" Mikey called running down the hall. Frank and I let go when Mikey arrived at the door. 
"what is it Mikey?"
"okay so, there's this guy asking for you and your mom."
"ooh! Okay thanks! You guys follow me!" I ran out of my room and out of the house with the others following me. 
We arrived all the way down to the parking lot and found my dad packing my luggage in his car. 
"hey dad!" I called running to him and giving him a hug. 
"hey sweetie." 
"I want you to meet some of my friends." Mikey, Frank and Emma soon arrived at the parking lot. I had no idea they were that far behind. 
"okay guys, this my dad. Dad, this Mikey, ahem Jade's boyfriend, Frank and Emma." 
"aww, nice to meet you young man." he greeted Mikey inspecting him. 
"nice to meet you to sir." seems like my dad likes what he sees. 
"whoa! What's up with your hair?" he told Frank.
"it's something my girlfriend and I came up with." 
"ahh, so you guys are going out? That's very nice. You guys are a cute couple. Nice to meet you both."
"pleasure is ours." Frank replied. He can be so mature sometimes. 
"oops sorry, getting a call." my dad said and stepped out of the circle. 
"hey, Ray said he's going to meet us up at the airport." Mikey said braking the silence. 
"kk, cool. I think we should get going. I'm going to go look for my mom." 
"we're going to go to the car Edith!" Frank yelled. 
"Kay!" I went back upstairs to my apartment to fetch my mom. 

Once all my luggage was packed ready to go, I kissed my house one last goodbye and waved goodbye as I sat on the passenger seat of my dad's car. 

Gerard's POV
Fuck, what time is it? Phew! I thought it was really late. It's barely 9am. Those stupid happy pills didn't work for shit. I was only happy for about an hour. It's been such a long time since the last time I took Xanax. I crawled out of bed feeling very tired. I need my coffee. 
I walked upstairs to the kitchen after I was done with my necessities and found my dad drinking coffee at the coffee table. 
"hey, I thought you were going to work."
"no, I'm off today. Good morning by the way."
"good morning."
I got my cup of coffee and doughnut and sat across my dad. 
We didn't talk. I noticed him looking at me a couple of times but didn't say anything. He was done with his coffee first so then went to sit in the living room and turn on the TV. 
"are you feeling okay son?" he finally said. 
"yeah. Why do you ask?"
"oh, just. You know..."
"oh.. Right. I don't know how I feel actually."
"just keep calm son. You'll soon notice what your heart wants."
"I guess so. I'm gonna head to my room."

I lyed on my bed for a long time. I didn't keep track of time. 
I soon got bored and decided to go take a walk somewhere. Take my dad's advice and think. I haven't really thought lately. I only blank out what my friends are saying and think only about the bad stuff that have happened. I haven't really thought about what I want. 

Edith's POV
I hate the waits at the airport. They take so long!! I'm just glad this time, it isn't only my sis and mom. I have my friends with me. I remember when I was at the airport in Los Angeles. The horrible feeling when we found out our flight got delayed. When we arrived here, the hatred I had for this place. How I took a walk around the city. The market. My first look at Gerard. The banana excuse. It was the best day of my life. I thought moving here was going to be hell. It was the best thing I did though. I have awesome friends. I met someone amazing; someone I'll never forget. I'm going to miss Belleville dearly. 
"hey you guys, before Edith leaves we should go take one last picture. All of us!" Ray yelled waking everyone up. 
"aww, that'd be nice. We should."
I commented standing up.
"let's go!" 
We gathered around in front of the big windows where you can see the view of the airplanes. We asked a person around to do us the favor to take the picture with my phone and Ray's. When we were finished, I felt my face get hot as if I was going to explode with tears. We went to sit back down when the speaker started. 
"Flight to Canda, please approach your flight entrance."
"oh god, this is it." I started to shed a tear and the first person I hugged was my mom. 
"mom, I'm going to miss you so much." I hugged her tighter with every word.
"I'm going to miss you too honey. Don't ever forget that I love you." she said aslo crying. I let go of her and her and my dad hugged. I noticed him whispering something in her ear and she nodded with her eyes closed crying. I then hugged Frank. 
"pretty girl, please call me or something the minute you arrive okay? If not, I'm going to send a missile to blast your ass."
"I promise you I'll call you the minute I arrive Frank, I love you."
"I love you too Eddie. Farewell." 
Next was Emma:
"best friend, I'm going to shit my pants every night because I'm going to miss you so much."
"oh Emma, I'm gonna miss you so much too. This is going to be so hard but we have to be strong for each other okay? I love you so much."
"okay, I love you so much too. Send me a postcard."
"of course."
"my little sister is leaving."
"I can't believe it either."
"it's been such a long journey with you Eddie. I'm gonna miss having you around."
"I'm going to miss having your smartass around too."
That made her giggle. We hugged tightly as we both had tears running down our cheeks. 
"good luck with your scholarship."
I whispered in her ear.
"thank you. Good luck with life in Canada."
"thanks. I'm going to need it."
I walked over to Ray so weakly. He took my in his arms as soon as I felt I was about to fall. 
"my little sister is leaving." I giggled at his comment cause that's exactly what Jade told me. 
"I am. I loved being your little sister Ray. Thanks for always looking out for me. You've been the big brother I've always wanted."
"you've been the little sister I've always wanted. Your welcome Eddie and thank you, for helping all of us out in someway."
"your welcome."
"I'm gonna miss you dearly." he threw himself on me, making me stumble and he sobbed loudly on my shoulder. 
"oh Mikey." Mikey made me cry the most. He just held on to me like if it was his life. He didn't say anything. He just hugged me with force. 
"I talked to him." he finally said. 
"what did he say?"
"nothing. Literally. I'm sorry Eddie."
"it's okay." I gripped my lips together holding back my emotions that want to bring me to the ground and cry on Mikey's feet. My heart aches badly. All I did wad take a deep breath in a exhale shakly. 
"it's okay, he'll regret it someday."
I didn't know If to agree or not. Do I want him to regret it? 

I was done giving everyone a hug when I noticed my dad still hugging Jade. They finally let go when he noticed I was done. He wiped his tears and smiled coming towards me. 
"all finished?"
"yeah. Oh wait!"
I walked back to Mikey with the teddy bear Gerard gave me in handq. 
"here, I don't think I want to take this." everyone gasped at the sight of it. One other thing I heard was Emma cry with much force. 
"are you sure Eddie?"
"yeah, I'm sure. There's no use in me taking it. We'll never see each other again so I want to forget him soon. Having that around won't help."
"alright." he took it in his hand and smiled with pity. 
"I almost forgot! Oh my fucking goodness!"
Frank yelled and ran to his backpack that was sitting on the chair where he was at. 
"here." he handed me a photo album that said, "Friends." and in the front cover picture, was all of us on Halloween night. 
"oh my god Frank, you've saved photos of all of us?"
"yeah. I save every good moment to cherish them afterwards."
"wow, this is amazing, thank you." I hugged him once more. 
"c'mon Eddie, we have to go. It was nice meeting all of you!" my dad said. 
"pleasure is ours!" everyone replied. 
"alright. One last thing, everyone! I just want to say I love you guys and I'll miss you guys with all my heart. I will send pictures of me Everytime I can. Goodbye"
"goodbye Eddie!" everyone said with tears in their eyes. 
And with that, I grabbed my luggage and went through the door, gave the register lady my ticket and said one last goodbye to everyone in my head. 
"don't turn back Eddie, it'll help you."
"okay dad." I did what he said and didn't turn back for a second. 

Gerard's POV
I walked around the mall for like, half hour cause then I got bored and I couldn't concentrate. So I went to sit at Starbucks for most of my time. 
Okay Gerard, sit down and think. What do you want?
I want Edith
Do you really want her. 
Do you honestly believe Victoria than your truthful brother and friends?
I dont know
Think. I don't want an I dont know. 
I can't choose between what my heart says and brain 
So you don't know what you want. 
I don't think so
Damn this thinking is giving me a head ache. This isn't working. I need something to make me realize something. I don't know what this something could be. 
Now, would you take a look at that , it's Saturday May 26.
Wait... Something was suppose to happen today. I can't quite put my finger on it. Testing in school? No. It was something, I think Mikey was telling me about. I think maybe Ray mentioned it too. Fuck, remember Gerard! I know for a fact it was something important. I looked one more time at my phone. I looked at the screen and remembered it has been one week since Edith's performance. 
One week. 
Edith is leaving in one week Gerard. Gerard? Are you even listening to me? 
yeah you asked if your fro was okay 
Ray's voice repeated in my head. As soon as I realized what they all have been telling me, I darted to my car. People looked at me funny but I don't care. I had tears running down my cheeks and my tears blinded my eye sight. I opened the car door immdediately and drove out to the airport. 
Edith is leaving. 
This is what I was looking for. This is what made me realize what I want. I don't care what Victoria told me. But I still don't fully believe what the others have told me either. I don care if she cheated or not. I want Edith. I love her and I'm not ready for her to leave me. I don't want her to ever leave me. I want to die with her. I'm willing to forgive what she has done to me because I love her that much. 
I feel like a total douche bag. She talked to me Friday after school. Trying to make things all better because she knew she was leaving the day after. But I had no idea. I blanked out everything everyone was saying because I was tired of hearing it. That's the worst thing I could have done. 
Oh god Edith, please don't leave yet. I hope you're still in the airport. I hope you leave till later. Oh god, I'm stupid. I'm so stupid...

I found the nearest parking space there was to the airport and ran inside. I looked all around for Mikey. I know he has to be here. I can't believe I didn't give him a chance to tell me what's going on. I'm stupid, I'm stupid. 
"excuse me miss, has the plane to Canda left yet?" I asked the register lady. 
"the one at one o'clock yes but the one at five no."
"thank you ma'am." I hope she's leaving at five.
I looked all around for Mikey. There was no sign of him around. 
"Mikey! Mikey!" I yelled all around the place. I stopped for a second in the middle of the place looking around, trying to catch my breath. I looked far to my left and there he was, walking with Jade and her mother. 
"Mikey!" I yelled even louder and rushed towards their direction. 
"MIKEY!" I screamed this time. He turned around and looked at me funny. I finally caught up to him and stopped to catch my breath.
"Mikey! Where is she?! Please tell me she didn't leave yet!" I said trying to stand up straight. 
"Gerard, I'm sorry but... She left a half hour ago."
"what?!" I looked at him with wide open eyes. 
"no, no, no no no no and no. She can't leave yet. She can't!" I yelled and fell to my knees hugging Mikey's legs.
"no, Edith, no." I sobbed. 
"I'm sorry Gerard, but I told you. I gave you a heads up all this week. What's wrong with you?"
"I dont know Mikey, I dont know." 
I sobbed and sobbed even louder. 
"quiet it down Gerard, people are looking at us funny." 
"no! I don't care okay!? People can look all the fuck they want! I don't care!" 
"excuse me sir, you have to quiet down. Someone has made a complaint." the security guard said to me touching my shoulder. 
"don't touch me! And no! I will not quiet down!" I ran back the other way. 
"Gerard wait!" Mikey started running behind me. I went down stairs out to the parking lot to my car. Before I made it to the car, I felt someone tackle me down. I hit my head hard on the bumper of a car which made me dizzy. And to make it even worse, I got slapped harshly by my little brother. 
"get it together man! You're losing it Gee!" Mikey yelled at me. I couldn't scream anymore. I was too tired and beat. 
"are you calm?! Are you fucking calm?! Answer me!!!" I've never seen Mikey so red with fury in my life. 
"yes! Dammit!" I screamed because he had slapped me again. 
"what is your problem man! I told you all this week! Even the others! And what did you do?! Ignore the shit out of us! I told you, don't come crying to me afterwards fucker!" I got slapped one more time and Mikey got off me and walked away. 
I lyed there for a few minutes before a security guard told me to get up because there was cars passing by. I got up and looked for my car. When I got to my car, I opened it slowly with my left hand because my right hand was hurt. I stepped inside and just sat there, looking at my cheek and thinking over how stupid I have been. 
Not only have I been a douche to Edith, but to my brother and best friends. I let them down. Something they'd never do to me. 
Just realizing that I'll never get to see Edith again makes my stomach in knots and my heart ache. 

When I got home, it was pretty late. Not really, 8:34pm. I walked in and found my parents watching TV. 
"what's wrong Gerard?" my mom asked. 
"are you okay?"
"yes, I'm gonna go to bed." I was heading upstairs when my mom said something else. 
"your bed is downstairs sweetie."
"I know, I'm gonna talk to Mikey."
"okay honey, we're here if anything." 
I didn't reply, I just knocked on Mikey's door waiting for a reply. 
He opened the door and stared at me for a few seconds. Then went to lie back down on his bed. 
I entered and closed the door behind me. I kept a good distance away from him, I don't want him to tackle me again. 
"hey Mikey, I'm sorry." he finally looked up at me and half smiled sitting up on his bed. 
"it's okay Gerard. Forgive my actions. I just lost it at that moment. I was really pissed off."
"I don't blame you." I took a seat across from him. 
"what made you go down to the airport?"
"well, I remembered what you told me and the idea of her not being around made me feel sick. I didn't know if I still loved her or not but when I realized she was leaving, I just couldn't let her go. I wanted to tell her sorry for being a douche and to everyone else."
"I forgive you Gerard."
"thanks. Do you think I'll ever see her again Mikes?"
"I can't answer that but I know you won't see her anytime soon. I'm not going to say this to make you feel bad but, that's what you get for being stubborn."
"yeah, I accept the harsh consequences. I'm so stupid"
Mikey reached something out of the other side of his bed. The minute I saw it, my heart shattered.
"she left this. I thought maybe you should keep it since you gave it to her."
"why did she leave it?" I said shedding a tear already. 
"she said she needs to move on since you wouldn't talk to her and she was moving so far away." 
I got up off my seat, gripping the stuffed animal in my fist. 
"I'm going to bed Mikey. See you tomorrow morning." 
He didn't respond. I just felt a pair of arms wrap around my arms. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed. I was barely able to move my hand and run Mikey's arm. 
"I love you Gerard and care a lot about you. Please don't forget that."
"I won't. Thank you Mikey." he let go of his grip and I went downstairs to my bedroom. 

I closed the door behind me and just threw myself on my bed, holding the teddy bear close to my  body. I don't care if I'm wearing uncomfortable cloths. It really doesn't matter right now. 
You're gone. You are miles and miles away from me. I'm such a bitch. I want to kill myself for being so stupid. I lost the love of my life for something so dumb. Who cares if she did it or not. I don't care anymore. You were the love of my life. You ARE the love of my life. 
"Edith, I'll die loving you even if you don't love me anymore. My love for you will kill me if you're  not with me, just like Romeo and Juliet." I said out loud as tears ran down my cheeks like manics. If only I could see you one last time Edith. 
This was never suppose to happen...

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