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Thank you so much!! Xoxox

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Hey! So how'd you guys like it? I know I enjoyed writing it. So yeah, that was the ending :') I hope it was good. Now like I said, I will be writing a sequel to it but it won't be up till like, August. 
Yes I know it's a long time from now but, what movie comes out early right?
I just want to thank you guys for reading and leaving reviews and rating. Like I said in the beginning, this is my first fic so I'm glad you guys liked it. Thank you so much for being patience with me and forgive me if In this chapter and others there is mistakes. Im sometimes lazy to fully edit it.
I also want to thank my loved ones for supporting me and the fuckers that hurt my feelings. They helped me alot coming up with ideas for this story. Thank you so much to everyone! Till next time time!! Xoxox

P.S R&R? Porfavor? With Frankie on top? :')
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