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And that's how the Black Parade was born.

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Bob, Ray and Mikey are out drinking. Gee and Frank are on the bus. Frank wakes Gee and I suck at summaries so just read it? Please? Naked Frankies on top?

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A/N: D: It’s twelve midnight and I’ve lost my mp3 and I can’t sleep without music…I’m fucked D: So I just wrote chapter five I think of I’m Not Okay, link will be here somewhere…
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So, onwards and downwards as per usual.

“WHA, HUH, WHA... Frank?”
Gerard Way had been happily dreaming when a tiny ball of energy decided it was time to wake up. Why? Said ball of energy had too much caffeine and was bored and hyped up. The two were the only ones on the tour bus; the others had gone drinking and Gee never went to places where he could be tempted. Frank knew this and usually stayed with him on the bus. It was not unusual for the others to stay out all night and sleep in a motel, returning the next day well into the afternoon.
“Hi Gee. It’s really nice out today, don’t you think?” Frank gabbled in one sentence.
Whuh… what time is it Frank?” Gerard groaned. He wasn’t ready to wake up. He really hated Frank’s energy sometimes. Like now.
“Uhhh, seven. Ish. Give or take twenty minute!” He said brightly.
“Which is it, give or take?” Gerard groaned. He really shouldn’t be awake this early.
“Um take. It’s six forty. Don’t you love mornings?!”
“Frank, how much coffee have you had!?”
“Just seven cups. And then five more. And a latte, that was good. That makes, um, um, yeah, that makes a total of thirteen caffeinated drinks. And two cokes. Okay, five cokes.” He rushed. His eyes were wide open. Gerard groaned. It was going to be one of those days. The days where no one or nothing could calm Frank down. Usually he saved these performances for when the entire band was around. Now Gerard was faced will a full day of entertaining Frank on his own.
“That’s too much! Why were you up!?” Gerard yelped. Really, who’s up and already had eighteen drinks by twenty to seven? Only Frank.
“I couldn’t sleep like at all because all I could think of was your hair, and how long it is and then I thought I wonder what it would look like if we cut it short and dyed it white today and surprised the others, wouldn’t that be great, they would be so surprised and it would be funny and stuff, I even went and bought white dye and a scissors!” He finished triumphantly, holding up a box of dye, all in thirty seconds.
Gerard rolled his eyes, then considered it. Well, maybe it would look good. Their new album would require a new look… it sounded tempting.
“And if we’re dying my hair white what are we doing with yours?” He said, now wide awake.
Franks eyes widened more, something Gee thought wasn’t humanly possible.
“So we’re doing your hair? YAY!” he said, jumping on top of Gee, who pushed him off his middle bunk.
“Gerroff tiny. I like the sound of it, but what are you going to get done?”
“Mines gonna be black Gee, it’s like we’re swapping hey, it’s gonna be so funny and then we have to do Raytard and Mikey-san and Bobby and it’ll be so cool and then we can-“
He was cut off by Gerard.
“Frank? Go make some more coffee.”
Six cups of coffee later (two for Gee, four for Frank), they were all set up to cut Gerards hair. Frank was used to cutting hair, he regularly did Bobs, so Gee trusted him to do a good job. He sat sipping his third cup of coffee while Frank snipped and jabbered on and on. His voice was kind of comforting if you ignored the words and let it fade into the background.
Twenty minutes later Gerard was admiring his new shorter haircut. It was strange to have short hair. It would be stranger still when it was white, and despite still being tired and half asleep, he was sort of excited. He couldn’t wait for Mikey’s reaction; he had always had black hair.
“Gee? Frank?” Mikey said when he staggered onto the bus at four in the afternoon, closely followed by Ray and Bob. All three had hangovers and wanted to sleep some more. What they didn’t expect was to find a chair in the middle of the kitchen area and about fifteen coffee rings and mugs, as well as a scissors and two empty hair dye boxes, littered across the table. He looked to Ray, who shrugged, and Bob, who yawned.
Deciding to go look for them he pushed past the chair and to the living room area. When he pushed open he saw the back of two heads he didn’t recognize. His eyes widened; had they got on the wrong bus or had two crazed fans kidnapped Gee and Frank!? He was too shocked to say anything when one of the heads turned, revealing itself to be Frank. He had dyed his two coloured hair to all black, and it suited him. Mikey was wondering the identity of the other head, the white one, when It too turned and was his brother, Gerard Way, who had loved his dark curtains of hair.
“Gee?! Frank?” Mikey squeeked, causing the older Way to laugh.
“Do you like it?” He asked. He knew he did.
“Yeah! It’s great! Yours too Frank!”
“ThankYouIDidItAllMyselfNowGoodbye!” Frank said in one go, then turned back to what the two had been previously doing.
“Hey, what you got there?” Mikey said suspiciously.
“Nothing Mikey-san, g’way!” Frank said, intriguing Mikey more and making Gee laugh.
“Show him!” So he did, and it turned out to be a drawing of the band wearing a uniform.
“You know our songs we’ve been working on? These are the uniforms, we’re going to wear them as a kind of other band and there’s gonna be the parade and then-“
And so was born the Black Parade. All thanks to a hyper, caffeinated ball of energy.
A/N: IDEK. This kind of makes no sense, and I know it doesn’t follow the actual hairstyles pattern but whatever. I think it’s okay, but I have writers block and I still haven’t found my mp3 D: Someone save me from myself…. For good measure I may right another oneshot. Then sleep. I must sleep, I have exams… silly me. This day needs more hours. Oh well, two more days of tests and then I’m free for three months!!! Fair deal? Not really. There is nothing fair about ten tests in four days. Ugh…. I need to sleeeeeep!
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