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New School And New Friends

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“New girl, huh?”

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MCR will come soon, I promise ! Like I swear on a kitties life, and that's a really precious life, y'know?

Chapter 2

It wasn’t a surprise, really. My parents were never really there much, what with work and all. They pretty much lived there, literally. They had separate suites, and a suite that they could use together. I was there once, and at one factory I even had a room saved there. My parents owned one of the most successful softwood producers, number one in canada in 1999 to 2000. My Grandfathers had started it, my Father made it happen. Soon after it had become to hit it big, my Father met my Mother. She was in it for the money, my guess. They fight a lot, but it really didn’t bother me since they were always at work. My Father was the CEO and owner, and my Mother was chairmen.

It didn’t come as a surprise to me a nanny was here to ‘escort’ me to school.

I got ready, pulling on zebra print leggings, ‘Come At Me Bro’ T-shirt, leather jacket and feather earrings, with my hippie like purse to put all my shit in. I pulled on my old converse, my Ipod with its headphones, a lighter, and the last pack of cigarettes off my dresser and walked down the huge flight of stairs to the old lady in the kitchen.

“Hello Jenna, how are you dear?” She asked nicely, holding out her arms for a hug.

“I need a smoke.” I stated, dodging her weird old lady hug, her face was priceless.

“There’s no smoking in this house!” She said horrified of me lighting up one of my last cancer sticks.

“Listen lady, my parents are powerful people. In one text, your future could be ruined and your children’s futures and your children's, children's futures, so I suggest this little smoke is between you and me. Catch my drift?” I warned her, a dangerous tone in my voice. Due to her scared and huge nod I knew she got the point.

“What would you like for, um, breakfast?” She asked feebly. I shrugged, and swung my purse onto my shoulder.

“I’m walking.” I stated, and pulled out my headphones, sticking one in my ear and walking down the chilly street to where I thought the school might be. I walked down the streets, school starting in a half hour. I pulled out my Iphone from my purse, thank god for google maps. The school was a street over, and I mentally patted myself on the back.

The school-ground was full of people of different sizes and shapes, only one group of people catching my eye. Apparently, the feeling was mutual. They were staring, smirking, and whispering about me, half of them puffing thoughtfully on their cigarettes, and I mirrored the movement. One girl motioned me over, and I gratefully strode over.

“What up?” I asked coolly, and dropped my last cigarette on the ground and looked up. The girl, with short perfect blonde hair, and a short skirt and tight zebra print tank-top was smiling, the boy with his arms around her looking at me skeptically. Another couple were there beside them, glaring at me.

“The name’s Angelina.” She said, offering me a cigarette.

“Jenna.” I replied, smiling at her thankfully and lighting up the little devil.

“New girl, huh?” I nodded grimly, and she smirked. I inhaled deeply, the smoke filling my lungs nicely.

“This is James,” She told me, motioning to her boyfriend, “And that’s Wyatt and Jessi.” I nodded gave a little wave, and they smiled back. This was a good thing, this friend thing.

“Dude, wanna just skip this morning?” Wyatt asked us, and I stayed still, unsure of missing my first day. They all nodded, and Angelina looked at me.

“You down Jenna?” She asked, and I gave a thumbs up, finishing my cigarette and throwing it with the other, and we began walking down the street.

--------------------------------------------Hours Later---------------------------------------------------------

“Dude, anyone got a watch?” Wyatt asked, hours of smoking, talking and passing around a bottle of liquor that tasted like shit.

“3 O’clock.” I told him, and he shrugged.

“Your first day of school is officially over.” James said, and I smirked.

“We’re going a party tonight, you should come Jenna.” Jessi told me, and I was more than happy to go.

“Sure, what time?” I asked her.

“We’ll pick you up at 7, the we can get ready together. What street are you on?” Angelina asked. I was grateful we could get ready together, I had no clue what to wear or do my makeup like, this was my first party, especially on a school-night.

“187 Cardinal Circle.” I told her, and they all looked surprised, and I even heard a gasp.

“Dude, are you like rich?” James questioned, and I nodded.

“You could say that.” I stated, and they left it at that. I had to leave soon, to go home and get ready to get ready. I explained where I would be, and told Angelina to text me. I walked back to my house, recognizing the street that I had previously walked on my way to school. I quickly found my house, the biggest one on the street. I walked inside, the kitchen now completely unpacked and clean, thanks to the poor old nanny. She looked in her 50’s or 60’s, and she had a nervous expression as I strode confidently in the door.

“You’re fired.” I told her, and pulled off my sunglasses as I made my way into the living room.

“Why! I, I need this job! My family needs the money!” She begged, and I sat down on the couch and put my feet up.

“Did anyone ask you to un-pack?” I snapped rudely, and she began quivering.

“No, I just thought-” 

“I don’t care what you think. Get out of my sight.” I told her, and she complied and ran to her room, the guest room. I switched on the huge Television, and let myself relax for an hour before I had to get ready, but my mind wouldn’t stop racing 100 miles an hour.

Her outfit;
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