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I wake up with a fright. It was only a dream. A silly little dream... With him in it. I get out of bed and go downstairs to the bathroom. I soak my face in cold water. I stand with my face over the sink while the water drips from my nose.
"Can I come in?" I hear Gerard say.
"Yeah." He gently pushes the door open and steps inside. I get a towel and dry off my face. "Nightmares again?"
"Yeah. Its the same one all the time." I say sitting on the edge of the bath tub.
"This isn't right. This has been since May. That's almost a full month of sleepless nights." He says shaking his head and sitting beside me.
"Its always that man. He just creeps me out." I say. A shiver crawls down my spine. I hate him.
"Who is he?" Gerard asks.
"I don't know." I lie. I know exactly who he is. I used to see him everyday.
"Hmmm. Give me a hug." He says holding out his arms. I walk into them and rest my head on his chest. Its weird, Gerard always makes me feel calmer. "Come. I'll sit with you for a while." He says. We both walk up to my bedroom. I get under my covers and Gerard scoots in beside me. He puts an arm round my shoulder and I lean against him.
"You just try and sleep." He says rubbing his thumb up and down my arm. I close my eyes and relax. "Turn away. If you could get me a drink of water cause my lips are chapped and faded. Call my aunt Marie." He sings. I soon fall asleep to his angelic voice.

Frank POV!!!

I wake up alone in bed. Where's Gee? I get out of bed and try to find him. I begin to panic when I can't find him anywhere. I silently creep up the stairs that lead to Melodys room. I open the door and see them both sound asleep. I smile. That's so cute. I run downstairs as quietly as I can to get my photography camera. I then run back up and take a picture of them. Thankfully the flash doesn't wake them and I silently creep out and go back to bed.


My eyes get heavy as I try to listen to what the english teacher is saying. The classroom is stuffy. The lesson is boring and lack of sleep really doesn't help either. I woke up with Gerard still sleeping in my bed. I had to wake him up but he didn't mind too much. He waited until I left for school and went back to his own bed.
Lewis nudges me for the fifth time this period. Damn those stupid nightmares.
"Seriously am I going to have to slap you." Lewis says only half joking.
"Sorry. I've not slept much lately." I admit. He nods and continues listening to the teacher.
Finally after several more nudges from Lewis the bell goes to signal the end of class and the end of the school day. I exit the school and slowly walk home. It takes me an hour but I get there eventually.
"Wow you're late." Frank says as I enter the living room. I hum in response and collapse onto the sofa. "What do you want for dinner?" He asks.
"Sleeeeeep." I answer back. He laughs and goes through to the kitchen. I hear him talking to Gerard and then they both come into the room and sit on the other sofa.
"We have something to tell you." Gerard says.
"Does it involve me having to get up?" I ask. They laugh.
"Well probably." He says. I stick out my tongue. "Well Frank and I wanted to ask you...if you'd be a bridesmaid type thing." My eyes go wide. They actually asked me to be their bridesmaid. I half molest them as I run to hug them. "I take that as a yes then." Gerard says once I've pulled away. I nod enthusiastically.
"Technically its not really a bridesmaid because there is no bride. But I'll be walking down the isle and you'll do what a bridesmaid does." Frank smiles. THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!
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