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Bobs Your Uncle (its starting to get exciting)

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I'm in biology and Mikey is talking about mitosis. Which I have already learned. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. Today I'm at the back of the class so Mikey won't see me use it. I take it out of my pocket and see the name "Dougie" on my screen. Its River.
'Hey. I left my jacket at your house. I came to get it yesterday but no one was home. Could I come up and get it today?' The text reads.
'Sure. What time will you come round?' I reply.
'How about I wait outside the school for you?' He texts back. I look up to see that Mikey is still continuing with his lesson.
'Okay. See you soon.' I text back.
"Phone." I look up to see Mikey holding out his hand. I sigh and hand it to him. "Thank you." He says and walks off.


"Here you go." Mikey says handing me back my phone. "Just because you're my niece doesn't mean I'll treat you any different from my other students."
"You just called me your niece." I say with glee.
"Yeah because you are. Why what's wrong with it?" He asks.
"Nothing. I just never had an aunt or uncle even when my parents were...alive. Both of them didn't have siblings." I say. He smiles and ruffles my hair.
"Well you better get going. See you tomorrow." He says. I pat down my hair and smile. He called me his niece. I walk down the now almost familiar halls. I've only been in the school for two days and I know my way round. The corridors are packed with students leaving. I get to the main entrance and leave. I look around for River. I see him leaning against a wall. His jet black hair blows across his face and his hands are buried deep into his pockets. Surprisingly he is wearing a t-shirt. Normally he wears long sleeved things to cover his scars. Which makes me pull down the sleeves of my jacket to make sure my own are covered. I slowly make my walk to him. When he sees me he smiles.
"Hey." He says.
"Hey." I reply. He brings me into a hug and kisses my cheek. I know people are staring. I can feel myself being watched. But right now I couldn't give a damn. I hear a few whistles coming from some immature boys as they pass.
"How have your first two days been?" River asks pulling away and looking at me.
"The school is big and I got lost. But I'm fine now. And the people I've met are really nice." I say. He smiles. We begin to walk home. He takes my hand and tingles go up my arm.
"So you planning on doing anything this weekend?" He asks.
"No. Why?" I reply raising an eyebrow.
"Well...I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out...on a date...with me." He say nervously. By this point we are quite a distance away from the school and no one from school is around. I smile and stop so I can kiss him. He kisses back. I pull away.
"Of course." I say. He smiles and presses his lips to mine again.
I think I'm in love.

We are sitting in my bedroom. I'm lying between Rivers legs with my back leaning on his chest. He plays with my hair while I read 'The Lovely Bones.'
"River?" I say.
"Mhm" He replies.
"What weapon would you use to kill someone?" I ask. He thinks for a while before he answers. "I think I'd use a gun. What would you use?" He asks.
"An icicle." I reply.
"And why's that?" He says.
"The evidence would melt." I say putting my book down and facing him. He smiles at this.
"I have a feeling that wasn't your own idea." He says.
"It was from the book." I reply. I take hold of his hand and begin to play with his fingers. I see one of his scars I trace my finger along it. He winces.
"Sorry." I say.
"It didn't hurt. Its just a little sensitive that's all."He smiles reassuringly and leans in for a kiss but his phone ringing stops him. He digs into his pocket and answers it.
"Hello." He says. I can hear muffled voices on the other end.
"Okay. Bye." He says hanging up. "That was Tina. I need to go." He says getting off the bed and putting his shoes and jacket on. I walk him to the front door and we share a short kiss. I watch him as he disappears down the road.

"Run. He's coming." I hear her voice. I do as she says and I run through the trees. I don't know who he is but I know I need to get away. "He's getting closer Mel. RUN!" I push my legs faster but I don't seem to speed up. I hear the footsteps behind me get closer. I try and run faster but still I don't speed up. I dodge the trees as best I can. Still they get closer. I trip on something and tumble to the ground. As I try to get up a heavy boot slams into my back knocking me down again. I turn to see that face I dread. "You are the only face I'd ever know..." And that's when I realise who the voice belongs to. Lily.
The man above me turns me over so I'm on my back and bends down so that our faces almost touch. I look into those eyes that I hate. I have too see those eyes everyday when I look in the mirror. Because those eyes are the duplicate of my own. The same shade of blue. The same shape. The only difference is the brown line that goes through my iris isn't present in his.
"I'm coming Mel. Once you're 16 I'm coming for you." He says. That's when I see the blade in his hand. He brings it down and it enters my heart.

A/N: I bet you guys are wondering about how Melody has the same eyes as the man. If anyone can guess who he is and what he has to do with Mel then I will give you a unicorn.
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