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I Love You !some sex!

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Gerard POV!!!

"Anyone home." I call out as I enter the house. No answer. I go to the house phone and see there's a message. I press the play button.
"Hey Gee. Going to be late. Work called me in for a while. Mikey says he'll look after Mel tonight. See you soon. Love you baby." Franks voice comes from the speaker. I smile. His voice never fails to make me happy. I take my leather jacket of and throw it over the sofa. Work was dull today. Enough said.
I look at the clock. Its 10:30pm. Frank should be home soon. He works in a bank. Not quite sure what his job consists of if I'm honest. Something to do with counting the money or something. Its far to complex for me to understand. I sigh and turn on the CD player.
"Back to the street where we began..." My voice comes through the speakers. The CD that is playing is the one I recorded a few months back. Frank must have been listening to it earlier. I think he enjoys the present he got me more than I do. I laugh at the thought. I run upstairs and change into sweats. I then go back downstairs and make some noodles.
Its almost 11pm when I finish my noodles and I'm beginning to get worried. He's never this late. I go to the living room and turn on the TV. Maybe he got stuck in traffic. I try to focus on the news reader but find myself looking at the clock every 10 seconds.
I hear the door open and close and Frank steps into the room. I sigh in relief and stand up to hug him.
"Hey baby. What's up?" He asks rubbing my back.
"I was beginning to get worried." I reply closing my eyes and relaxing.
"Sorry. Took a little longer than expected to do what I had to do." He says.
"I'm just glad you're okay." I reply holding him tighter. He kisses my neck. I let out a small moan when he kisses my sensitive spot. I feel him smile and he nips it with his teeth. This sends shivers of pleasure through me. His cold hands move to my waist and I remember that I don't have a top on. I unbutton his coat and throw it on the floor. He stops kissing my neck and moves to my lips. We kiss slowly and soon it becomes more rough. Before I know it we're both naked and on the couch.

He sits on top of me and kisses me. I put my hands on his waist and moan loudly.
"I wanna fuck you so hard right now." I say. He sits up and smiles.
"Whatever you want baby." He replies. He positions his hole above my member and slowly lowers himself down. He winces a little but soon recovers. Then he begins to bounce on my cock and oh my god.
"Oh Frankie!" I say. He moves a little until he finds his prostate.
"Oh fuck!" He says loudly as he hits it. This turns me on so much more. Its not long before we both orgasm. He lifts himself up and then collapses on top of me.
"That...was...amazing." He says breathlessly. I nod in agreement. We lie there for a while as our breathing slows.
"Come one baby." I say lifting him up and walking upstairs. I place him on the bed and get in beside him. We soon fall asleep in each others arms.
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