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Everbody Wants To Be A Cat

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"If you want she can stay with us tonight." Mikey says down the phone. "Yeah. Gives you two a little time to yourselves." He smiles. "Okay. Bye." He puts the phone on the counter.
"Who was that?" Rhiannon asks looking away from the TV.
"It was Frank. He's gonna be late and no one will be home for a while. So Mel you're staying with us tonight." He smiles. I smile too. I don't mind it here. William and I have been playing with the cats for ages now. I've got Tyrone and he's got William.
"Why did you name the cat after William?" I ask. Rhiannon turns and smiles.
"He's my best friend. And the cat looks like him." She replies. I look at the cat. It is black and the hair around its face is all puffy and long. Ha it looks like William when he had long hair.
"I see it now." I laugh. I lift Tyrone and hug him close to my chest. He's such a nice cat. I hear him purr as I stroke him.
"He likes you." Mikey says sitting next to Rhiannon and putting his arm round her shoulders. I smile and put the cat on the ground again. I move my fingers along the floor and he tries to catch them. Its quite funny too see him so amused.
"Wanna order a pizza?" Mikey asks.
"Yes!" William, Rhiannon and I say at the same time. Mikey laughs and calls for a pizza.

"This should fit you." Rhiannon says handing me some sweats and a t-shirt. I take them from her and go into the bathroom. They fit. I walk out to see william has changed into sweats and a t-shirt too.
"You're staying?" I ask.
"I stay here a lot. Its like my second home." He says smiling. Rhiannon comes into the hallway. She has her hand resting on her bump.
"He's never away from us. We have to bribe him to go home sometimes." She jokes.
"Haha very funny. Rhi." He says.
"I know I am. Anyway. Your sleeping in there." Rhiannon says pointing to the room William and I were in earlier. "And you're sleeping on the couch." She says to William. He rolls his eyes.
"I'll take the couch if you want." I say.
"No its okay honey. You need more sleep than me." He says. "Well night." And he walks downstairs. I go into the room I'll be sleeping in tonight. Rhiannon follows me. I go to the bed and go under the covers.
"You gonna be okay?" Rhiannon asks.
"Yeah." I reply smiling.
"Okay. Night sweetie." She says. She bends down and kisses my forehead. Then she leaves the room. I hear her go to her room. The house falls silent. I can smell Williams aftershave on the pillow. He must have slept here last night. I close my eyes and let sleep take me.
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