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It Hurts, It God Damn Hurts

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We step through the front door and put our bags down. We take our shoes off and I follow Mikey into the kitchen. I can smell cakes. I see Rhiannon bending down to take a try out of the oven and place it on the counter. She's five months along and her bump is quite big.
"Hey baby." Mikey says walking to her.
"Oh hey." She says turning to face him. Mikey pulls her into his arms and they kiss. My parents used to do this. I can feel my eyes begin to water.
"I-I need to use the bathroom." I say quickly walking out of the room and upstairs. I go into the bathroom and splash my face with water. Once I think I'm okay I walk into the hallway.
"You are the only face I'd ever know..." I hear a familiar voice singing. I stand still and listen. Its coming from a room down the hall. I silently walk too it and peer in to see William siting on the bed. He is singing and playing guitar. This was Lily's favourite song. I stand and watch him in the doorway as he sings. I feel tears sting my eyes and I can't feel my legs anymore. I lean against the door frame and slowly slide down it so that I'm sitting on the floor. That's when he notices me and stops playing.
"Honey are you okay?" He says looking worried. He puts his guitar down and rushes over to me.
"I miss them so much." I say.
'Oh stop feeling sorry for yourself. They're never coming back.' The voice in my brain says harshly.
'Oh so you've decided to come back. Its been a while.' I think back.
'You're too boring when you're happy.' It replies.
"Shh its going to be okay." William says taking me in his arms. The tears continue to fall and I bury my face into his chest.
'Its not going to be okay. Its going to get so much worse.' The voice says.
'GO AWAY!' I scream in my mind.
"It doesn't get any easier does it." I say through sobs. He sighs and rubs my arm.
"Honestly no. But it becomes more bearable." He replies.
"That was Lily's favourite song. I sang it for her as she died." I say choking on the last word. I cry harder into his chest and soak his t-shirt.
"Can I ask you something?" He asks. I nod. "How do you cope so well?" I furrow my brow and look up to him.
"I don't." I reply. I slowly begin to roll up my sleeve and show him my scars. He gasps and takes my hand in his.
"Does Frank and Gerard know." He asks. I nod. "Good."
We don't speak after that. He just holds me as I cry. I don't think I've ever cried so much before. I don't think I've ever cried infront of someone.
"Can you play it again?" I ask once my sobs have turned into sniffles. I look up to read his expression.
"Okay. But if you get too upset I'll stop." He replies.
"Okay." I agree and we both stand up. He lifts his guitar and we both sit on the bed. He begins to play the opening chords.
"You are the only face I'd ever know..." He begins to sing. And I don't know why but I begin to sing too. He looks a me in surprise but doesn't stop playing. Some parts of the song he stops to listen to me sing and others he harmonises with me. I really begin to enjoy it and soon lose myself in the music.
"I will be with you wherever you go. Through the eyes of the fly on the wall." We finish.
"Wow seriously. That was awesome." He says holding his hand up. I high five him and smile. William Beckett just said I was awesome.
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