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I Think I'm A Little Lost

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I've been looking at this map for about 10 minutes now and I still don't have a clue were I am. Honestly why does this school have to be so god damn big?
"You need help there?" I turn to see the boy from the football pitch. Lewis did he say his name was?
"Uh...yeah." I admit rubbing the back of my neck nervously.
"You're in English right?" He asks raising an eyebrow. I look at my timetable and see he's right.
"How did you know?" I ask.
"Everyone from our year has it at this time." He says smiling.
"Oh." I reply feeling a little stupid. He takes the piece of paper from my hand and studies it.
"You're in the same class as me. Come on." He says handing me the paper back and walking ahead of me. I hurry to catch up with him.

"You're late." The teacher says as we enter the classroom.
"Uh..." I try to explain but thankfully Lewis takes over.
"Melody here got lost and I was helping her here." He says confidently. The teacher looks at me as if to confirm what he said. I nod and smile.
"Okay. Take your seats." She says. The are only two empty seats in the class and Lewis begins to walk to them. I follow him and I can feel everyone watching as I take my seat. I keep my eyes to the floor but take a sneaky look to see everyone looking. I hurry to my seat and keep my head down.
"Uh guys. I'm over here." The teacher says. I look up through my fringe to see everyone turn their attention to her. I sigh in relief as she continues with her lesson. I reach down into my bag and take out my notebook and a pen. I pay attention to the teacher but soon get bored and begin to doodle in my notebook. I draw a few little flowers and write some lyrics.
"You listen to Fall Out Boy?" Lewis asks as I write 'Thnks Fr The Mmrs" on the corner of the page.
"Uh. Yeah. I guess you do too?" I reply looking up. I look into his dark brown eyes. The brown is that dark you almost can't see the pupil. I look away quickly.
"Yeah. I think they're awesome." He says. I nod and continue drawing. I was never one for maintaining a conversation.

I'm heading to Mikeys classroom. I think I remember where it is. Let's see...I'm in the I.C.T corridor so Biology is just around the corner. I take a sharp left and sigh in relief as I walk down the familiar corridor to Mikeys classroom. He is sitting at the computer typing something. I knock the door. He turns and smiles. He's wearing glasses. I didn't know he needed them. He has them sitting almost at the end of his nose. He pushes them up slightly.
"Hey. Just give me two seconds." He says shutting down his computer and gathering his stuff. "Let's go." He says. I walk slightly ahead but slow down once we have turned the corner.
"So how was your day?" He asks looking down at me. He's quite tall compared to me so I have to look up to keep eye contact.
"It was better than I expected. I met some really nice people." I say.
"Yeah. Summer is a nice girl. I take her for biology. She's like you. Smart and she learns new things quickly." He says smiling.
"She has great music taste too." I reply. His smile widens.
"Yeah I know right. I so want that Panic! Hoodie she wears but its for girls and a thirty year old guy walking around with a girls Panic! Hoodie probably won't be a good idea." She chuckles. I laugh to. I can't imagine him wearing it.
We reach the car park and get into his car. He stuffs his coat and bag in the back seat and takes his glasses off. He then begins to drive home.
"So when's the baby due?" I ask making conversation.
"Uh September." He smiles keeping his eyes on the road.
"You excited?" I ask watching his face as he thinks over his answer.
"Yeah I'm excited...but I'm terrified too." He admits.
"Why are you scared?" I ask.
"I dunno. I guess I'm scared I won't be a good enough dad." He says. I laugh.
"Mikey. You're going to be a great dad. Honestly don't worry everything will be fine." I reassure him.
"Thanks. I appreciate that." He smiles.

A/N: So this chapter is shitty.By the way I'm not too sure if I mentioned but its like May is this story at the moment so I was just letting you know if you didn't already.
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