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And Like A Blade You Stain

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Frank POV!!!

"So why did you change your name?" Gerard asks River. River takes a sip of his coffee.
"I just wanted to change in as many ways as possible." He replies.
"Hey." I turn to see Melody standing in the doorway. Her hair is still wet and it looks like she has used the hair dye. She is wearing a zipper over her pyjama top. I used to do that. I only did it because of my scars... Wait a minute.
"Mel can I speak to you in the kitchen for a minute." I say standing up and putting my mug of coffee on the little table.
"Uh okay." She replies. We both walk to the kitchen in silence. I close the door behind me.
"Mel I'm really hoping I'm just over reacting but can I see your arms..." I say. Her eyes go wide and she puts her hands behind her back. I sigh and walk to her. "Its okay. Look." I say rolling up my sleeve to show her my old scars. She brings her arms out from behind her back and slowly rolls up her sleeve. There are only two scars and they look old.
"I'm sorry." She says.
"You don't need to be sorry about anything. When did you do it?" I say.
"The same day you told me you wanted to foster me." She says. "You know when you, Gerard and Tina came into my room that day and River was there. Well he was telling me not to do it again..."
"So River knows... Please if you feel the need to do it again come speak to me or River and we'll help" I say. She nods. I hug her and she buries her face into my chest. I rub her back. "Come on sugar. We better go back through." She nods and pulls away. We walk back through to the living room. I sit next to Gerard and Melody sits next to River. Gerard looks at me with I raised eyebrow and I just shake my head.
"Oh Mel we've got a date for the wedding." Gerard says taking my hand. I smile.
"When?" She replies.
"July 27th." He says.
"Cool!" She says.

Melody POV!!!

My alarm clock rings. I reach out a hand and turn it off. So my first day of school has begun. I slowly climb out of bed and head downstairs to the bathroom. I'm not going to shower since I already did last night. River left at about 9:00pm last night. Frank told Gerard about the cuts on my arm. He didn't say anything he just gave me a hug. I'm glad they didn't make too big a deal out of it.
I wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I go back to my room and take out the clothes I bought yesterday. I decide on a pair of red shorts, black tights and a white shirt. As I button up my shirt I hear Gerard and Franks bedroom door open then footsteps up my stairs. There's a knock on my door.
"You awake?" I hear Franks voice through the door.
"Yeah. I'll be down shortly." I say back. I hear him go back downstairs. I turn on my straightners and wait for them to heat up. While I'm waiting I put on some black eyeliner. Then I straighten my hair. I pick up my black leather jacket and make sure I have everything I need before heading downstairs.
"Hey." I say as I step into the kitchen. Frank is standing by the counter with a mug of coffee in his hand. "Where's Gee?"
"In bed. He has work in a little while." He replies. I put my jacket and bag over one of the chairs and take the coffee Frank has already made me. "You want something to eat?" He asks. "Uh could I have some toast?" I reply.
"Sure." He says turning to make my toast. "So you nervous?"
"A little." I reply sitting down.
"I need to go get my suit fitted for the wedding today so you'll be going to Mikeys after school." He says.
"Oh okay." I say. I wanted to just come home but it can't be helped.
"William will be there." He says turning to face me. He raises his eyebrow and then turns back to what he is doing. My face lights up. It won't be so bad going to Mikeys after all.

"So remember you're going home with Mikey." Frank says as we pull up to the school.
"O-okay." I say. I'm shitting it. Oh fuck.
"Its gonna be fine. Trust me... Well I'll see you later." He says.
"Yeah bye." I reply getting out of the car. I head to the main entrance and walk inside. I am greeted with crowds of people gathered by the door. Luckily for me the office is right next to me and I quickly step inside.
"Hello how can I help dear?" Says the old woman on the other side of the desk.
"I'm Melody Rose Smith. I'm new..." I say playing with my necklace.
"Oh right. Two ticks and I'll just get your timetable." She says looking on her desk. Eventually she finds my timetable and she hands me a map of the school. Holy shit this place is huge and I'm terrible at reading maps.
"I can get someone to help you around today if you like." The woman says. She probably saw the look of terror on my face. I nod. She smiles and gets up. She walks by me and out of the room. I'm left waiting for about five minutes when she finally returns with a girl. She has black hair and she's taller than me. Her eyes are lined with red eyeliner and she is wearing black skinny jeans and a P!ATD hoodie.
"Hey I'm summer!" She says holding our her hand.
"Melody." I reply shaking it. She smiles and heads back out of the room. I follow her to a group of girls.
"Hey everyone this is Melody and she's new so be nice." She says to the girls. I half hide behind her as she speaks. Everyone says hi and then continues with their conversation. I sigh in relief I don't really want to talk to anyone right now. I probably wouldn't even be able to form a sentence I'm that nervous.
"Let's see your timetable." Summer says turning to face me. I hand her the sheet of paper and she looks at it for a while. "I have math first too but we don't have the same teacher."
"Oh it would have been nice to know someone." I say.
"Don't worry. You're going to be fine." She says placing a hand on my shoulder.
"You listen to Panic!" I say changing the subject. She looks at her hoodie and smiles.
"Yup. I love them!" She says.
"Me too." I reply. The bell signals for registration. Thankfully Summer is in the same registration class as me so we walk together. We reach the classroom and step inside. Its a science classroom...a biology one. I look at the teachers desk to see no one. "Come sit here." Summer says taking a hold of my arm and practically dragging me to a seat at the front of the classroom.
"So why have you started so late into the term?" She asks.
"Well I was expelled from my last school... Then Frank and Gerard fostered me." I say.
"Frank Iero?" She asks.
"You know him?" I reply.
"Not really. My parents are good friends with him." She replies. "So why were you expelled?"
"For fighting... A girl was making fun of my parents and I just snapped. Almost broke her nose." I say a little proud.
"Ha. Oh here's the teacher shh." She says. I turn to see Mikey walk into the classroom.
"Morning class." He says taking a seat at his desk and logging on to his computer. "Ok answer your name." He goes down the list of names and eventually reaches mine."Melody Smith?" He says turning to face me.
"Here." I reply smiling.
"Oh hey Mel." He says.
"Hey Mikey." I reply. I can feel everyone's eyes on me. Well I can't blame them.
"How do you know Mr Way?" Summer whispers while Mikey continues to go down the register.
"He's Gerards brother." I reply.
"So your like foster uncle?" She says.
"Yeah I guess." I reply. The bell goes to signal the end of registration and everyone piles out of the classroom.

I'm sitting under a tree out in the school fields. Its lunch and I'm eating a sandwich I got from the cafeteria. Some boys are playing football on the other end of the field.
I take my ipod from my bag and put my earphones in. I scroll down to Fall Out Boy and turn the volume up. I'm lost in my own little world. I've met a few more people since math. The period after that was P.E it was fun because we were doing basketball and I like sports. After that was home economics, I didn't get to cook anything because it was my first day. Then after that was History which was sort of boring because I already know half of the stuff we where being taught. I come back to reality when the football lands infront of me. I take one of my earphones out and look up to see a boy with short brown hair running towards me.
"Sorry." He says picking up the ball.
"Its okay. It didn't hit me." I say. God he's gorgeous.
"I'm Lewis." He says.
"I'm Melody." I reply.
"Cool... Well I better get back." He says running back to the group of boys who are impatiently waiting to continue their game.
I take out my timetable and see that I've got Biology next and surprise surprise Mikey is my teacher. After that its english. The school bell sounds and I stand up. I wipe the back of my tights. I remember were the Biology classroom is...I think.

"So can anyone tell me what the photosynthesis equation is?" Mikey says slowly walking up to the back of the class and then back down again. No one answers. God people can be thick. I raise my hand. "Yes Melody."
"Carbon dioxide plus water equals glucose plus oxygen." I say.
"Well done. And can you tell me which are the raw materials and which are the products?" He says stopping infront of me.
"Carbon dioxide and water are the raw materials. They then require chlorophyll and light which then makes the products glucose and oxygen." I say smiling. Mikey looks impressed.
"Very good couldn't have said it better myself." He says walking over to the board and writing the equation. "So has everyone got that." The bell goes and Mikey sighs. "Ok no homework today but there will be some next day. Melody can you wait behind for a second."
The class pile out of the room till only me and Mikey are left.
"You really know your stuff Melody." He says sitting on my desk.
"I've learned this topic already." I reply.
"We've been learning it for about a month and they still have no clue." He sighs. "Anyway that's not what I wanted to talk to you about. You know you're coming home with me today right?"
"Yeah Frank told me." I reply.
"Good. Well come here at the end of the day." He says. I nod. "Better get to your next class." I stand up and head to english.
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