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You Can Run Away With Me Anytime You Want...

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Melody POV!!!

I've been staying with Frank and Gerard for two weeks now and tomorrow I start school. Belleville high I think its called. Gerard went there as a kid and even though he hated it he thinks it will be better now and I'll fit right in. Right now I'm in the care home and I'm sitting with Carrie.
"So Mike told Gina that he liked me and he wanted to go out sometime." She says her eyes lighting up.
"Why didn't he just tell you himself?" I ask raising an eyebrow.
"He was too shy. I mean how cute is that." She says cheerfully.
"Well what did you do?" I ask eagerly. I am honestly interested. Not many of us care kids have a relationship. I don't know why that's just how its always been.
"Well instead of telling Gina to tell him I went and told him myself. I said yes I would love to go out with him." She says smiling widely.
"Cool... Oh Rhiannon felt the baby kick the other day!" I say.
"Wow how far gone is she?" She asks.
"About four months. She's quite big compared to how skinny she was before." I say. I hear a door close along the hall and someone run downstairs. I then hear the back door slam and from the direction the sound came from I think it might be River.
"I wonder what's up..." I say.
"You should go ask. He's not really spoken to anyone since you left." She says.
"Ok I'll go see him and then head home." I say. She nods and walks me to the back door. I know exactly were River will be. Once at the tree house I sling the little bag I have over my shoulder and begin to climb up. I can see the top of his head as I get near the top.
"Hey." I gently whisper when I reach the top. He looks up with tears running down from his eyes. He quickly wipes them away and stands up.
"What are you doing here?" He asks. It sounds angry but I know he doesn't mean it.
"I was visiting Carrie." I say stepping into the house.
"But its not Saturday." He replies wiping his still tear filled eyes.
"I know but I was only able to come for a little while yesterday so I thought I'd come again." I reply. I nervously play with my necklace. I tend to do that now whenever I'm nervous or bored. Its became a habit.
"You're wearing it." He says walking over and taking the heart between his fingers.
"I only take it off when I'm showering." I reply. He smiles a little and let's the heart drop back down to my neck. "So you wanna tell me what's wrong?" I sit on the floor with my back against the wall.
"Its nothing, really." He says.
"Mmhm I sure believe that." I say sarcastically. He sighs and sits beside me.
"They've started talking to me again..." He says. I sit there not knowing what to say. He said the voices stopped talking to him months ago.
"H-how could they just come back?" I ask. He shrugs his shoulders.
"That's why I'm so pissed off. Its annoying the shit out of me I don't know what set them off." He says leaning his head against the wall.
"When did they start?" I ask.
"A few days after you left." He replies. "Anyway I don't wanna talk about them anymore. They've shut up for now." He says sniffling.
"So you found a school yet?" I ask changing the subject.
"Nah I think I might just go study a course in college." He replies.
"Oh cool." I reply nodding my head.
"How about you? When you starting school?" He asks turning to face me.
"Tomorrow." I reply. There's a long silence. He still looks pretty pissed off.
"C'mere" I say holding my arms out for him. He scoots closer and rests his head on my shoulder. I wrap my arms around his waist.
"Everything's just getting a bit much..." He says. I begin to play with his hair. He sighs and closes his eyes.
"What do you mean?" I ask looking at his face. He opens his eyes.
"Just everything." He sighs.
"Did me leaving have any part in this?" I ask feeling a little guilty.
"No. Not at all. I mean I miss you so much but I don't think that's it." He says sitting up. I turn so now that we are both facing each other properly.
"I've missed you but I don't see why you missed me. I'm nothing extraordinary. I'm nothing special." I say looking down at my fingers. I hear him laugh a little. He lifts my chin up so that our eyes meet.
"You are special. Very special." He says smiling. I blush and lower my eyes. "Cute." He laughs.
"If you want you can come with me. I need to go and get new clothes for school cause all my other ones are no good." I say. My school is non-uniform but I didn't want to go in old clothes. I was going to buy them with my own money but Gerard gave me his money and said to save my own for when I really need it.
"Yeah I need to get away from here for a while." He says.
"Great!" I say a little too eagerly.

River POV!!!

We are in Mc Donalds. Melody has gotten all of the clothes she needs. She takes a bite of her Mc Chicken sandwich. A bit of mayonnaise is left on her top lip. I reach over and wipe it away with my thumb. She blushes and looks down to the table.
"You know in the tree house when you said you where gonna go to college." She says looking up.
"Yeah what about it?" I say smiling.
"What course where you planning to take?" She asks tilting her head a little to the side.
"Photography." I reply.
"Oh cool! When you're doing it you need to show me some of your photos!" She says eagerly.
"Sure. Fire truck." I say reaching over and ruffling her bright red hair.
"Hey my hair is amaze-balls don't diss or I won't be responsible for my actions." She says.
"Oh fiery red head!" I joke. She smacks me on the side of the head. I just laugh. "Dick head!" She says jokingly.
"My head doesn't not look like a penis deary." I say in the best english accent I can do. I get another smack in the head.
"Oh believe me it does!" She replies doing a pretty good english accent of her own. We both laugh and take our rubbish to the bin. "Let's head back to mine." She says and we walk to the exit.


"Hey Mel. Oh hey Dougie. How you been?" Gerard asks as we enter the house. Melody puts her bags on the floor.
"I've been great." I lie. I smile and he smiles back.
"You staying for dinner?" He asks. I look at Melody for an answer.
"Oh we had something to eat at the mall." She says to Gerard.
"Cool. By the way Frank's driving you to school tomorrow." He replies.
"Oh cool. That's good cause I don't even know how to get there on my own." She says.
"Well why don't you two go take a walk up to the school. Then you'll know were it is." He says.
"Yeah we should. I know how to get there." I say. Melody looks at me with questioning eyes. "It was my old school before I moved to the home."
"Oh. Well I guess we should go then." Melody says.
"Oh also Mikey works in the school. I forgot to tell you." Gerard says.
"What does he teach?" Melody asks.
"Biology. You picked Biology didn't you?" He says running a hand through his hair.
"Yup." She replies. "Well we better go. See you later." I follow her out of the house and close the door behind me.
We walk for about ten minutes in a comfortable silence.
"So who's Mickey?" I ask looking at her. Her hair is blowing in the wind. Its about shoulder length now and her colour is fading. She laughs.
"It's Mikey and he's Gerards brother so I guess my sort of uncle." She says moving her hair from her face.
"Oooh right." I say zipping up my leather jacket. Its getting colder.
"So were is the school." She says folding her arms.
"About fifteen minutes away." I reply. "I think its gonna rain so we better hurry."
"Yeah." She sighs. She is only wearing a zipper and she is shivering like crazy. I unzip my jacket and hand it too her. She smiles and takes it from me without arguing. Once she has it on she sighs.

Melody POV!!!

The warmth of Rivers leather jacket surrounds me and I smile. I can smell his cologne. I fold my arms across my chest and take a deep breath. The fragrance fills my nose and I sigh in content.
I don't see why he cares about me so much. He can have any girl he wants but he wants me. I inwardly smile. No boy has ever really wanted me. He treats me like I'm gold. When we kiss its like... Well words can't describe it. You only know what it feels like when you've felt it...if that makes sense.
"What you thinking so hard about?" River asks. I look at him.
"Huh... Oh nothing interesting." I reply.
"Everything about you is interesting." He says. I feel myself blush and look away from him.
"Why do you care so much?" I ask. He thinks before he answers.
"I'm your friend and that's what friends do." He says smiling.

River POV!!!

Fuck why didn't I just tell her the truth. One minute I'm acting like I love her to pieces- which I do- and next I'm acting like I only love her as a friend. Ugh so fucking hard!
The school is in view and memories start to come flooding back. I push them away. I don't want to think of what used to be.
"There's the school." I say pointing to the building a little in the distance. She just hums in response. The sky is dark and its definitely going to rain.
We eventually reach the school and just stand looking at it. Its nothing interesting. Just a school. I sigh.
"So will you remember the way?" I ask facing Melody. She nods and puts her hands in the jacket pockets. A drop of rain falls onto my nose and I look up to the sky.
"Fuck!" I say using my zipper to cover my head. Melody just looks up at the sky and let's the now really heavy rain soak her. "Earth to Mel! Are you aware its raining?"
"I'm very aware. I just can't be fucked trying to stay dry... Come on let's just be kids for a little while." She says smiling. I take the zipper off my head and let the rain drench me. "There's the River I remember." I smile and she runs to a puddle and kicks the water up. She squeals in delight. I go to the puddle and kick the water towards her. She jumps back and laughs.
"Catch me fire truck!" I say referring to the name I called her earlier. She begins to sprint to me and I run away.
"Come here! You know I'm very surprised a little guy like you can run that fast." She says. I stop and turn on my heel to look at her.
"What do you mean by that?" I say raising an eyebrow and slowly taking a step toward her. She steps back.
"Well you're not very strong. I could quite easily beat you up." She teases.
"Oh let's see about that then!" I say running to her. She turns and sprints away. The rain splashes beneath our feet and surrounds us. I speed up my pace to catch her. She laughs and tries to dodge me but I get a hold of her and pull her towards me.
"Got'cha" I say holding her close. Our laughter dies down and we fall silent. Melody turns round so that she is facing me. I keep my hands on her waist and look into her eyes. Her wet hair is stuck to her face and rain drops gather in her eyelashes. I move her hair from her face and kiss her slowly.

Gerard POV!!!

Melody and Dougie have been away for about an hour and a half. Its storming outside and I'm beginning to get real worried.
"Maybe they just stood in some shelter until the rain dies down." Frank says looking out the window. "Oh! There they are... God they're soaked." I run upstairs and get towels. Just as I reach the bottom step the front door opens and the kids step in.
"Did you have a good swim?" I ask handing them both a towel. Dougie laughs.
"You're a funny guy Gerard." Melody replies smiling.
"I'll go see if I've got anything that'll fit you Dougie." Frank says.
"Call me River. That's my real name..." Dougie says...or should I say River.
"Oh well I'll go see if I've got any clothes that'll fit River." Frank says smiling. He runs upstairs and I watch his little ass shake as he takes the steps two at a time. I smile.
"Right take your shoes off and Mel you go get dry. I bought you some more hair dye its on your bed." I say. Melody nods, takes her shoes off and runs upstairs. River takes his shoes off. I pick the shoes up and sit each of them on the radiator. I hear footsteps coming downstairs. I turn to see Frank with a pile of clothes in his arms.
"Here you go. You can have a shower if you like. The bathroom's on the left." He says.
"Thanks." River replies and runs upstairs.
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