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Say I Love You When You're Not Listening...

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Everyone has now left and Gerard and I are getting my stuff from the car while Frank makes dinner. I let Gerard walk infront of me and follow him upstairs with a box in my arms. We walk to the first floor.
"That's Frank and I's room and that's the small guest room." He says nodding his head to certain doors. "And your room is up here." He says walking up stairs and opening the door at the top. We both step inside and I take in the purple walls. There is a big double bed. A cupboard. A desk. A TV and a huge Panic! At The Disco poster above the bed. I smile and put the box I'm holding on the bed. Gerard puts the suitcase on the floor and the box he's holding on the bed.
"I'll let you get settled and I'll shout you when dinner's ready." He says smiling. I smile back and he leaves the room closing the door behind him. Most of my stuff has already been sorted and put away. I guess one of the guys done that. Now that I'm alone I feel weird. When you're in a care home the word silence doesn't exist so its weird to not hear anything. I sigh and begin to unpack the last of my things.
River POV!!!
Its 3:00am and I haven't slept a wink. I wonder how Melody is doing. Does she feel lonely? I'm glad I gave her my necklace. At least she'll know I'm always here for her. I sigh and get out of bed. I pull on a pair of jeans, my shoes and a hoodie. I quietly leave my room and sneak downstairs and out of the back door. I head to the tree house at the back of the garden. No one goes here anymore apart from me and Melody.
What if one day we do end up together. Maybe one day we might marry. I'd make our wedding night one to remember. What if we have kids. She'd be a wonderful mother. She'd give me the most beautiful children anyone has ever seen. I sigh and push the thoughts to the back of my mind. No point in wishing on something that will never happen.
I rest my head on the wall of the tree house. Its cold up here but I'm kind of used to it since I come up here often at this time in the morning. I sometimes fall asleep here too. That's why there are some blankets and a pillow in the corner. I get up and go over to the blankets. I wrap them round me and lie my head on the pillow. I close my eyes and don't really expect sleep to take me but surprisingly it does.

Melody POV!!!
I lie in bed and sigh. I haven't slept at all and its like 3:30am. I didn't think I'd miss everyone so much. Well I say everyone I guess what I really mean is River.
'He's not missing you.' The voice says. I roll my eyes and play with the necklace River gave me. It has a little heart on it but its on a mens chain. The chain his mother had, broke during the accident and luckily he managed to find the heart and he got it put onto this chain.
'I don't see the point in you even being here. They don't love you.' The voice says.
"Shut up. I'm not in the mood." I say quietly. I wonder if River is still awake. I doubt it he's probably not missing me at all. I sigh and close my eyes hoping to sleep soon.

River POV!!!
"River hold me" Melody asks. We are in the tree house and she is upset. I go over to her and take her in my arms. I kiss her tears away and hold her close. She kisses me and I gladly kiss back. She starts to unbutton my shirt and takes it off. I push her down so that she is lying on the floor. She moans as I kiss her roughly. I take of her t-shirt and undo her bra.
"I want you River." She says pulling away breathlessly. I take her jeans off and do the same with my own.
"You sure?" I ask. She nods and closes her eyes. I take her underwear off and slowly put myself inside her. she moans and the feeling is immense.

I wake up in a sweat. It was only a dream. I god damn amazing dream. I sigh and get up. My body aches from the hard wood floor. Its still dark so I guess I only slept for a little while. I climb down from the tree house and head inside. Once in my room I take my shoes etc off and get into bed. It takes a while for me to heat up. I soon fall back asleep.
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