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Melody POV!!!
I wake up to River softly snoring. He has his arm around me. I look at my clock and see its 10:30am. Gerard and Frank are picking me up at 12. I sigh and sit up.
"No sleep..." River says keeping his eyes closed and pulling me back down. I giggle and face him. He opens his sleepy eyes and smiles.
"I have to get ready." I say trying to get away (oh that rhymes).
"Hmmm" he replies closing his eyes and tightening his grip. I can only think of one way to get away from him. I press my lips to his and he kisses back. He slides his tongue into my mouth and we kiss for what seems like forever. I slowly manage to pry his hands away from me but just puts them back and smiles into the kiss. I groan from pleasure and annoyance. He pulls away and laughs.
"I'm not that stupid." He says sitting up.
"I didn't think you were but it was worth a try." I reply. He begins to tickle me and I squirm trying to get away.
"No! Stop! I fucking hate you!" I say in between laughter.
"Quiet down you two!" Tina says. River stops tickling me and we both look to see her in the doorway. "Wow its been ages since I saw you like that." She says walking out of the room. We laugh and get up.
"I better let you get ready. But before you go make sure you come see me." River says heading for the door.
"Of course." I reply. He smiles and walks out of the room.

Gerard POV!!! (Yay some actual ferardness)

The hot water of the shower sprays my body as I wash myself. Frank has had his shower and he's now making sure Melodys room is perfect. I turn off the water and step out. I dry myself and get my clothes on. I go into the bedroom and quickly dry my hair with the hair dryer.
"GEE!!" I hear Frank shout. I get up and walk to the stairs that now lead to the attic which is now Melodys bedroom.
"What is it sugar?" I ask. I see him holding a Panic! At The Disco poster.
"I can't reach." He says. I laugh and step on the bed so I'm a little higher up. He hands me the poster and I stick it to the now dark purple wall.
"Perfect!" Frank says clapping his hands.
"Yup." I say getting off the bed and fixing the duvet. We leave the room and head downstairs. The living room is full of balloons and Rhiannon made a banner saying 'welcome home Melody!'
My phone rings. I take it out of my pocket and see its Mikey calling.
"Hey Mikes!" I say.
"Hey we're on our way to get William and then we are coming to yours." He says.
"Cool. Well we'll be off to get Melody soon so I'll leave the spare key under the door mat." I say.
"Sweet. Well I'll see you soon!" He says. I put the phone down and continue to get ready.

Melody POV!!!
So I've got everything. Now I'm just waiting. Frank and Gerard should be here any minute. God I'm nervous. I hear a car horn outside and practically jump from were I'm sitting. I sprint downstairs and wait at the front door. Gerard and Frank walk in minutes later.
"Hey!" I say. The guys laugh at my enthusiasm.
"You ready?" Tina asks coming into the hall.
"Oh wait I promised Ri-Dougie I'd go see him before I left." I say. I mentally slap myself for almost saying his real name. I run back upstairs and knock on Rivers door.
"Come in." He says. I open the door and close it behind me.
"Hey." I say.
"Hey" he replies getting up from his bed. He walks to me and puts his hands on my waist. Our eyes meet and he smiles.
"I'm gonna miss you..." He says sighing and tucking a hair behind my ear.
"I'm coming back every Saturday to visit so I'll still see you." I say.
"I know..." He replies. Our foreheads touch and I close my eyes.
"Promise me something." He says.
"What?" I reply my breathing becoming rough. I can feel his breath on my face and his arms around me make me feel so secure and safe.
"When you ever feel like you're worthless or you feel like you can't go on think of me. I'll always be here for you. And if you ever find yourself in trouble you can come to me and I'll help you..." He says.
"I will." I reply.
"One more thing. If anyone and I mean anyone breaks your heart I'll be the one to kick their sorry little ass." He finishes. I nod. My eyes are beginning to water. I didn't think this would be so hard. "I've got something for you." He says pulling away. He reaches up to his neck and takes off his gold necklace. He hands it to me. I gasp.
"But this was your mothers..." I say. "I can't keep this." I try to hand it back to him but he refuses to take it.
"Its yours now." He says. I sigh and know he won't back down. "Turn around." He takes the necklace and I do as he asked. He puts the necklace around my neck. Once he's done he places soft kisses on my neck. I close my eyes and tilt my head to the side so he has more room.
I turn to face him and kiss him. Our tongues touch and I wrap my arms around his neck. He holds me close.
"Mel..." He whispers pulling away. "They'll be wondering what's taking you so long."
"I know." I sigh hugging him closer and burying my face in his neck.
"Come on I'll walk you." He says. He takes my hand and we head downstairs. Gerard and Frank are talking to Carrie who no doubt is rambling about a whole load of nothing. That's why I love her. She looks at our joined hands. This doesn't surprise her as we used to do it a lot.
"You ready?" Gerard asks.
"Ready as I'll ever be." I reply. I hug River again and then hugs Carrie and Tina. Frank and Gerard take my suit case and the last of my boxes. All my other stuff is already at the house. We all walk outside and I say goodbye to everyone again.

We have just pulled up to Frank and Gerards house. I've been here before but I haven't been inside. We all get out of the car.
"We'll get your stuff later. Come on in." Gerard says. We all walk to the front door and Frank opens it. We all go inside and I follow Frank to what I presume to be the living room. There are people in the room. A blond guy and girl. A guy with the most amazing afro I've ever seen and a dark haired girl. I look around to see balloons and a banner saying 'welcome home Melody'. They did all this for me. I keep the tears that are forming under control and smile like an idiot.
"Welcome!" Says the blond girl. "I'm Rhiannon, this is Mikey, this is Ray and this is Autumn." She says pointing to everyone as she says their names.
"Hi!" I say.
"Rhiannon is pregnant. Remember we told you?" Frank says. I nod. They also told me Mikey is Gerards brother and Ray and Autumn are together.
"Hey who wants juice?" A guy walks into the room holding a tray of juice. I recognise that face... NO WAY! It can't be...
" that...William B-Beckett?" I whisper. Gerard looks down and smiles.
"Sure is." He whispers back. I almost fall backward. I'm in the same room as William Beckett. FjytuikjnbhfrtyuiknBvgfyjnb
"Go say hi." Gerard says. I look at him like he's a mad man.
"Are you kidding! I can't. I'd probably pass out or something." I reply. Gerard just laughs.

Mikey POV!!!
Oh my god. I'm trying so hard not to laugh at Melodys face. When William came in it was priceless. I take a juice from the tray and William places it on the little glass table. I see Gerard and Melody whispering to each other. Melody looks at Gerard like he's crazy and says something I can't hear and Gerard just laughs.
"Hey why don't you go say hi." I say to William. He smiles and heads over to Melody.

Melody POV!!!

I look up to see William walking to me. Oh shit. Oh shit. Does my hair look ok? Fuck. I try my best to keep calm and so far I'm doing pretty damn well.
"Hey I'm William." He says. He's really tall compared to me so I have to look up to see his face.
"I know who you are...I'm Melody." I reply smiling.
"I also know who you are." He replies smiling. Oh god that smile makes me go weak in the knees. I feel Gerard put a soft hand on my back. I hope he was the only one who noticed.
"Everyone sit down." Gerard says. "We've got cake." Oh cake, moving house and William Beckett all in one day. Wow.
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