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And You Still Have All Of Me

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Melody POV!!!
I hesitate as we kiss but soon get used to it. I tangle my fingers into his long soft hair. He pulls me by the waist closer to him so that our bodies are now touching. I pull away.
"River..." I whisper. I keep my eyes closed and press our foreheads together. Our rough breathing is all that can be heard.
"I'm sorry..." He says. I open my eyes. He gets up and walks out of the room without looking back at me. What the fuck just happened?

I put some books into a box and look around. I've not got much left to pack. I hear the door open and see Carrie walk in. Her face screws up in confusion.
"You redecorating?" She asks walking further into the room.
"Uh I guess you could say that..." I reply rubbing the back of my neck nervously.
"What is it?" She asks obviously knowing I have something else to say. I hate how she can read me like a book it gets annoying sometimes. I sigh and sit on my bed I pat the space next to me for her to sit down. She sits and I turn to face her.
"Carrie. I Frank and Gerard are fostering me." I say. She smiles and then it disappears.
"You promised you'd be hear for my 15th birthday." She cries.
"I will. I will. I promise!" I reply. She sits silently for a while.
"When do you go?" She asks.
"Monday." I reply.
"Wow... That's soon..." She says. Her smile slowly returns and she wraps her arms round me. I sigh at the fact she took the news well.
"If you want I can come every weekend and visit you. So we'll still see each other all the time." I say smelling her sweet perfume.
"Yeah that would be nice." She replies. I pull away from the hug and look at her. She still has her school uniform on and her hair is slightly wind blown.
"You better go get changed." I say. She nods and leaves the room, taking her school bag with her. She closes the door behind her and a sigh. I place the box with books in it on the floor and throw myself on the bed.
I haven't stopped thinking about the kiss River and I shared earlier. It made me feel like I did before the accident. Care free and happy. I sigh again and try to push the thought to the back of my mind.

(Sunday night just so you know)
Dougie POV!!!

Ever since our kiss Melody and I have been distant with each other. I don't want it to be like that before she leaves. I look at my clock and see its 10:00pm. Hopefully she'll still be awake. I could always go see her in the morning but I feel the need to see her now.
The other day I was looking through some of my photos and I found one of Melody and I last summer. I got another copy made so I could give it to her. I get up and go into my photography box were the picture is the first one there. I pick it up and head to her room. I knock a few times. "Come in." I hear her say. I open the door and step in. She is sitting on the window ledge. She has a little lamp on that provides the light to the room.
"Oh hey River." She says my name a little quieter as if someone might hear her say it.
"Hey..." I say. There's a long silence.
"Well are you gonna just stand there or are you gonna come in?" She says.
"Oh" I say walking into the room and closing the door behind me. I walk to her and take a seat beside her. She brings her legs to her chest and rests her chin on her knees. This gives me more room to sit.
"I uh found this the other day and made you a copy." I say handing her the photo. She takes it and smiles.
"Remember that day we both went into the sea?" She says referring to the day the photo was taken.
"Yeah and we tried to get as far away as possible but we just ended up really cold and wet." I say.
"Oh and Carrie fell in the mud." She says. We both laugh at the memories.
"Good times. We should start doing things like that again." I say. She smiles. She gets up and turns off the little light and then sits down again.
"Yeah I'd like that." She says once she's sitting in the same position as before. I contemplate on asking her why she turned the light off but the moonlight makes her look even more beautiful. Not that she isn't already beautiful.
"They've been talking to me again." She says after a long silence. She's looking outside at the trees blowing in the wind. I know she means the voices are talking to her again.
"What were they saying?" I ask bringing my knees up and sitting the same way she is.
"That I don't deserve Gerard and Frank and..." She says but doesn't finish.
"And?" I say giving her an encouraging smile. She sighs and moves her bangs from her face.
"That I don't deserve Gerard, Frank" She says. I laugh a little.
"Of course you deserve us. You're the most deserving person I've ever met." I say.
"Yeah. I don't believe that but thanks." She says sighing again.
"Shouldn't you be sleeping anyway. I mean big day tomorrow." I say changing the subject.
"I can't sleep." She says.
"Do you want me to sit with you? Like we used to." I ask. Months back when the both of us where going through a hard time we used to sit with each other until we fell asleep.
"Yeah that would be nice." She says. We get up and go to the bed. She gets under the covers first and I join her. Its only a single bed so she lies on her side and rests her head on my chest. I wrap my arm around her.
"I'll miss this." She says.
"Yeah me too." I reply rubbing her arm. "River?" She says.
"Yeah." I reply.
"Could you do something before I leave?" She asks. I look at her but she isn't looking at me.
"Sure. What is it?" I ask.
"...kiss me again..." She says. Well I didn't see that one coming. I lean down so that we are mere centimetres away from each other. I can feel her breathing on my face as our eyes meet. I brush her lips and a soft moan escapes her mouth. I kiss her and she tangles her fingers into my hair. God I'm gonna really miss this. Our tongues touch and electricity floods through me. Every worry I've ever had is forgotten. Right now is the only thing that matters.
I love Melody and she doesn't realise how beautiful she is. It breaks my heart to see her beat herself up everyday. As much as I love her I want her to be happy so if she ever finds someone else I will always be there for her. I will be there like a brother. Maybe like a lover one day. But no point in thinking of the future when this moment is so perfect. I smile into the kiss as I think of what I'm actually doing right now. Its so perfect.
She pulls away and smiles. She strokes the back of my neck and I swear if I was a cat I'd probably be purring. She puts her head back on my chest and takes my hand in hers.

We have been talking about a whole load of nothing for the past hour. She is ever so slowly falling asleep. She cutely yawns and her eyes slip close. I smile at the perfection of this moment. I love watching her sleep. I always have.
I brush her short red hair from her face. I like the red it suits her pale skin. Her lips are a thin line as she sleeps and her eyes move a little. Her breathing is slow and peaceful. I hope whoever she decides to be with treats her like she's gold. If anyone breaks her heart I will rip their throat out.
I can feel myself getting sleepy. I could go to my own room now but I'm so happy now and I probably won't be able to sleep if I get up. I look at Melody again and smile. I stroke her face with the back of my hand.
"I love you Melody Rose Smith. More than you'll ever know." I whisper. I close my eyes and slowly drift into the land of dreams...

A/N: Me hopey you likey! I'm very lazy and cant be bothered putting the characters in the little thingy and stuff. so yeah. peace.
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