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I Held Your Hand Through All Of These Years...

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Dougie POV!!!

I rock Melody and I back and forth. I didn't think she'd take it this far so soon. I thought I had longer to keep her away from it.
"Why?" I ask. She looks up at me with tear filled eyes. I wipe the tears away with my thumb.
"I couldn't think of anything else.". She says. I sigh and hug her closer. I remember the first time I hurt myself. It was only a few weeks after the...accident.
"Can I tell you something? Its something I've never told anyone. The only other person that knows is Tina." I say. She nods her head and wipes her eyes. "My real name isn't Dougie... Its River Maison..." I say. Her eyes go wide.
"...why did you change it?" She asks sitting up properly. I re-adjust my arms around her.
"Because after the accident I wanted nothing to do with what I was. So I changed everything. My personality. My name. And even how I looked." I say.
"So what did you used to look like... River." She says. The way she says my real name sends pleasant shivers down my spine.
"I have a picture." I say.
"Can I see it?" She asks.
"Sure. Wait here." I reply. She climbs off me and I get up to go to my room. I search under my bed for the blue box that contains my past. I find it and then search through it for the picture. I make sure not to take notice of anything else in the box as it might bring back too many bad memories. I find the picture and return the box to its former place. I walk back through to Mels room. She is now wiping the smudged mascara and eyeliner from her eyes.
"Here." I say walking up to her and giving her it. She looks at the picture of me. I had light brown hair, it was short and I had no piercings. Now though my hair is black, longish and I have one ear pierced. Kinda emo but that wasn't intended. She studies the picture for a long time.
"Wow. That's... Really different." She says looking at me and then back at the picture then at me again. "Did it help. You know changing everything you where?" She asks handing me the picture back.
"To be honest not really. So don't go trying it for yourself." I say.
"River... Why do you care so much about me?" She asks looking at herself in the mirror and probably not liking what she sees. I know the answer to this. I've known it for god knows how long. Why wouldn't I care about her.
"Because I lo-" I am cut off by a knock on the door. Melodys head snaps round and she quickly rolls down her sleeve.
"Come in." She says her voice a little shaky. Tina, Frank and Gerard walk in. The guys smile at me and I smile back.
"Oh hey Doug." Tina says. I smile at her and put the picture in my pocket without anyone noticing. "Melody. Frank and Gerard have something to ask you." Mel smiles as if to tell the guys to talk.
"Mel we were wondering if you would like to move in with us. We want to foster you." Frank says. Melodys eyes light up and her frown from earlier is replaced with a huge smile. She runs to Frank and hugs him then she hugs Gerard.
"Of course!" She says. She's leaving...

Melody POV!!!
Oh my god. They want to foster me. I can't believe it. This day started so shit and now its turned amazing.
"You can move in as soon as you're ready." Tina says.
"How about on Monday?" I ask. Dougie... I mean River looks kinda sad. I'll ask him why later.
"But that's only a few days away." Tina says.
"Exactly!" I say. Gerard laughs and ruffles my hair.
"Of course you can move in Monday sugar." He says. I smile again.
"Well we better get off and get your room ready." Says Frank. I say my goodbyes and then its just me and River in the room again. He still looks sad and distant.
"River... What's wrong?" I ask placing a hand on his shoulder. He looks at me and smiles.
"Nothing. I was day dreaming. I guess you feel better now?" He says.
"Yeah... Hey could you help me start taking my posters down." I say. We both look round my room to see all of my poster covering every inch of my walls. He laughs and takes one off the wall that's nearest him.

An hour later and River takes the last poster down. God my room looks so bare now and there is boxes full of posters now sitting on my bed.
"Finally." River says sitting on the bed and lying back. I do the same next to him. I turn onto my side so I am facing him.
"Why were you so sad earlier?" I ask. He raises an eyebrow.
"When?" He ask rolling onto his side too.
"When Gee and Frank were in." I say. He sighs and moves my hair from my face. It might be short but it gets in the way all the fucking time.
"I'll miss you." He replies. I blush. He'll miss me. Our eyes meet and I can't seem to look away. The emerald green twinkles. Next thing I know we are moving closer to each other and our lips touch...

A/N: Hope you like Dougies POV or should I say River. Reviews would be loverly!
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