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And Fight Away All Of Your Fears

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Melody POV!!!
'Stop flattering yourself. You look like a pile of shit.' Says the voice. I look at myself in the mirror and hate what I see.
"Shut up." I whisper to the voice.
'I'm not going to go away Melody.' The voice says. My eyes well up as I know this is the truth. It will never go away. I need to do something. I walk out of my room and into the bathroom. I lock the door behind me and soak a black towel in water. I get my razor and place the blade at the inside of my arm.
'See that's how pathetic you are that you have to result to self-harm. Remember the time that you said you'd never stoop that low?' The voice says. I do infact remember saying that but that was before my family where taken away from me. Nothing matters anymore. I take the blade across my skin and the blood immediately spills over.
'Go deeper. You know you want to.' The voice taunts. I do as it says and cut my skin again.
'Deeper still' it says.
"I can't." I whisper.
'Shit bag.' It says.
"Don't you think I fucking know that." I reply cleaning the razor and wiping the blood away from my now aching arm. I unlock the bathroom door and make sure no ones near. I run to my room and put a zipper on to cover up my arms. I then go and take the towel to the washing machine. God my arm hurts.
I go back to my room and fall onto the bed. I bury my face in the sheets. Why was life so hard. Don't get me wrong things have been better lately and I thank Gerard and Frank for that but I still have times like these. The voices don't help. I hear them all the time and sometimes its too hard to ignore them. I hear a knock at my door. "Come in." I say not lifting my head. I hear the door open and close. The bed moves down as the person sit on it and I feel a hand on my back. I lift my head to see Dougie. Thank god. I climb onto his lap and he wraps his arms around me. He's the only one that I can really talk too. I can tell him things that I could never ever tell Carrie.
"What's wrong honey." He asks in a soft voice. I look up at him and tears spill over.
"The voices..." Is all I can say. He gives me a knowing look. He has been through everything I've been through and everything I am going to go through. He ended up here the same way it did. There was a car accident and he was the only survivor etc etc.
"What are they saying?" He asks.
"That I'm worthless and..." I don't finish because I don't want to tell him about the cutting.
"And?" He asks. I shake my head and bury my face into his chest. I clutch at his t-shirt as sobs rake my body.
"You didn't..." He says finally realising what I've done. I go silent. He takes hold of my arm but I snatch it away. "Mel please..." He pleads. I look up at him and see the worry in his eyes. I hold my arm out to him and he begins to roll up my sleeve. When he sees the cuts he gasps.
"I'm sorry..." I say.
"Shh its ok baby." He says wrapping his arms round me again and rocking us back and forth.

A/N: Hope you liked this chapter even though its quite depressing. Also we'll be going to Dougies POV and finding out something secret about him
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