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I'd Wipe Away All Of Your Tears

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Gerard POV!!!

"And finally what accommodation do you have for the child?" Tina asks.
"We have a small bedroom but its too small for a teen to be staying in so the other day we started getting our attic renovated into a bedroom." I say smiling.
"Well that all sounds good. And you'll be able to foster a child soon. But you have to get to know them first so a few days out say every Saturday until the child is comfortable and we'll take it from there." She replies smiling back. "Well if you follow me you can meet the kids."
"Uh actually. We thought since we seemed to get off to a good start with Melody we could maybe take her out someday. Of course its up to you." I say taking Franks hand. Tina smiles.
"Well we better go ask her then." She says.

Melody POV!!!

I'm sitting in my bedroom with Carrie. We have my music on shuffle and Fall Out Boy is playing and we are playing cards.
"I got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match what a catch. What a catch." I sing the song finishing. I share the cards out between us when I hear a familiar voice coming from my stereo.
"You are the only face I'd ever know..." William Beckett sings Lilys favourite song. I freeze and listen.
"Shit." Carrie says getting up to turn it off. The room goes silent and I can feel tears sting my eyes but I manage to keep them back.
"C'mere." Carrie says holding out her arms. I get up and hug her. I bury my face in her neck and breathe deeply. There is a knock on the door.
"Come in." I say looking up and letting go of Carrie. Tina walks in with Gerard and Frank behind her.
"Gerard and Frank would like to ask you something." She says. I look at the men waiting for one of them to talk.
"We'd like to take you out tomorrow if you'd like. Obviously after school." Gerard says.
"I was expelled from school. And yeah I would like that." I say. Gerard smiles.
"We'll pick you up at 12 then." He replies. I nod and Tina smiles.


Right now I'm getting ready to go out with Frank and Gerard. I straighten my shirt and look at myself in the mirror. I don't look half bad. I hear a car horn outside and look out my window to see that familiar silver volvo parked. I pick up my leather jacket and bolt downstairs not even bothering to say bye to Tina.
"Hey!" Gerard says as I climb into the back.
"Hey." I reply.
"Oh by the way I didn't get to say yesterday but your hair is awesome. I had mine the same before this." He says pointing to his ginger hair.
"I tried to tell him not to do it but he wouldn't listen." Frank says nodding his head. I laugh and buckle my seatbelt.
"I like it." I say. Frank face palms himself.
"Ha. See I knew it looked good." Gerard says punching Frank playfully on the arm. Frank scuds him on the back of the head and they laugh.
Gerard starts the car and we drive away from the home.
"So where are we going?" I ask.
"Well how about the cinema first and then anywhere you want after that." Frank replies. I smile and nod.

Frank POV!!!

We just finished watching the film. We let Melody pick it and thank god she has good taste in movies and as far as I can tell she has great music taste too.
"I like Panic at the disco." She says.
"We love them. Our favourite song is Nine in the afternoon." I say. We get to the car and go inside.
"So where too now?" Gerard asks.
"Um...can we go get ice cream?" Melody asks.
"I like your thinking." Gerard replies and starts the car. We drive for about half an hour when I look in the mirror and see melody wipe a tear from her eye.
"Hey what's wrong?" I say half turning in my seat.
"Oh nothing." She sniffs.
"I don't believe you." I reply. She sighs.
"That cafe there." She says pointing to a red and white shop. "Queens Cafe. My parents used to take me and Lily there every Saturday."
"Mel if you don't mind me asking what happened to your parents?" Gerard asks.
"Gerard!" I say elbowing him for asking such a personal question.
"No Frank its ok. Well my sister and my parents died in a car crash a year ago. I was the only one who lived. My parents died there and Lily died days later in my arms..." She says. I see the sadness in her eyes as she speaks.
"I died once..." Gerard says casually.
"How?" She replies sniffling. Gerard begins to tell her about last year and all those memories start flooding back.
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