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Everything We Had Is No Longer There...

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Gerard POV!!

We are on our way to the care home but its only 3:00pm and we're almost there.
"Frankie you wanna sit in the park for a little while. We're far too early." I say keeping my eyes on the road.
"Sure if you want." He replies. Its another five minutes before I pull up at the park. We get out and walk hand in hand through the gates. Children surround us screaming and running. We walk for about ten minutes in a comfortable silence. We end up at a part of the park that has no one around. Its quiet apart from the birds tweeting and the wind blowing. that crying I hear?
"Can you hear that Frankie?" I say stopping. He listens for a second.
"Yeah." He says trying to figure out were its coming from. I see movement in the bushes. I tap Frank on the shoulder and point to where I saw it. He nods and we begin to walk over.

Melody POV!!!

Why can't I stop crying. I swear to god I could have killed her there and then. Stupid security guy. I put my hand in my pocket and pull out the little picture of my family. Me, Mum, Dad and Lily are all in it. I miss that. I remember back to the day it all happened. We where driving back from a camping holiday. The sun was shining and we where all so happy. Fall Out Boy was playing on the radio and Lily and I where singing along.
"Sugar we're going down down..." We sang. Next thing I remember is mum screaming and the car screeching. Then everything went black.
I woke up in the hospital several days later. I wasn't seriously injured only a broken arm and a few cuts and bruises. When they told me that...that my parents had died I felt empty. I didn't know what to do with myself but Lily was still here and I had to stay strong for her. I went to her bedside everyday. She was awake but she got weaker and weaker. She was in constant pain. Eventually the angels took her. She died in my arms. I sang to her as she took her last few breaths.
"Everything we had. Everything we had. Everything we had. Is no longer there..." Her favourite The Academy Is... song. She smiled as she left the world. Now she is happily marching in the Black Parade.
"March on little one..." I whisper to the photo stroking her with my thumb.
"Are you ok sugar?" I look up to see two men. The one that talked has short ginger hair and the other man is short and has longish black hair. They are holding hands. I wipe my eyes and put the photo back in my pocket.
"Yeah I'm fine." I reply.
"Hmm...didn't seem like that to me. I'm Gerard and this is Frank." The ginger one says holding out his hand to help me up. I take it and pull myself up.
"I'm um Melody..." I reply wiping away the tears that won't stop falling.
"I know we're strangers but do you need to talk?" Frank says. I laugh a little.
"Don't worry I meet strangers at least once a week." I reply running a hand through my hair. Gerard raises an eyebrow. Oh he's gorgeous.
"What do you mean?" Gerard asks.
"I live in a care home. We have people come in all the time looking for cute little kids. They get snatched up in a blink of an eye whereas us teens can be waiting for months." I say. "Infact we have a couple coming in today Gerard and Frank.... Wait...oh." This really is a small world.
"Uh yeah that's us." Frank says laughing. I smile and wipe away the still falling tears.
"Oh for crying out loud." I say beginning to get frustrated at the fact I'm so weak.
"Hey its ok to cry." Gerard says placing his hand on my shoulder. "Do you want us to give you a ride home?"
"If you don't mind that would be nice." I say sniffling. We head out of the bushes and get a funny look from a couple walking by. Well I did just walk out of a bush with two guys.

Frank POV!!!

We arrive at the care home a few minutes early. We all get out of the car and go inside.
"Mel where the hell have you been?" A woman says walking to us. "And what have you been told about getting lifts from strangers."
"They're not strangers. They're the couple coming for a visit I just ironically bumped into them and they brought me here so stop jumping to conclusions." Melody says sternly. The woman gives us an apologetic look.
"Ok. You better go see Carrie she's really worried about you." The woman says to Melody. Melody nods and heads down the hall the woman ushers us in to the office and gestures for us to sit down.
"I'm Tina. And I'm just going to ask you a few questions." She says sitting down.
Twenty minutes later and those FEW questions are still being asked...
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