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I hear you've been bleeding

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A/N this is now the new character POV. Her name is Melody Rose Smith and she lives in a care home.
Melody POV!!!

I wake up to that familiar groggy feeling between my legs. I get out of bed and sure enough my white sheets now look like the flag of Japan. I sigh and get a sanitary towel. I go to the bathroom and do what I need to do then I get my dirty sheets and take them to the laundry room.
"Hey Mel." I turn to see Carrie holding her sheets in her arms.
"You too?" I ask taking them from her.
"Yeah it sucks ass. Can you get me a painkiller from the kitchen cause I cant reach the cupboard." she says.
"Sure." I reply. we both walk to the kitchen and I get a paracetamol. Carrie gets a can of coke from the fridge and sits at the kitchen table. I hand her the pill and she swallows it with the drink. I begin to make coffee when Dougie walks into the kitchen.
"You guys are up early." he says sitting at the table.
"You want a coffee?" I ask
"Yeah thanks" he replies "There's a couple coming today."
"Really." Carrie said taking a sip from her can.
"Yeah. They are a gay couple Frank and... Gerard I think their names are."
"Cool." Carrie says. I get two mugs and make the coffee. I carry the mugs to the table and sit down.
"So what are you guys doing today then." asks Dougie.
"Nothing." Carrie says.
"I'm going to get my hair done. You can come with me if you want." I say to Carrie.
"Sure." she replies.


So now my hair is bright red and short. I love it! I've been wanting to dye it for ages and finally Tina let me. Tina is the head of the home. She is amaze-balls. You can't get a better care worker than her. Mind you she can have her moments when I want to kill her.
Right now Carrie and I are walking in the mall. We're heading to a cafe when we see some people from school.
"oh hey Melody. I love your hair." a girl says sarcastically.
"leave it Mel." Carrie says sensing my anger.
"Carrie why didn't you get your hair done then you could both look like fags." the girl continued. I try. My best to keep calm but I can't.
"I thought by now you would have realised by now that I'm not going to take any shit from you." I say walking up to her. She laughs. "I thought the fact that I almost broke your nose and I got expelled from school might have knocked it into your head."
"oh did mummy and daddy send you to bed. Oh wait I forgot they're dead." she says. That was the final straw. I flew for her and we both fell to he ground but before I get the chance to hit her I am pulled away. I turn to see a pretty angry security guard.
He takes me outside and Carrie follows. I am absolutely raging. He let's me go and goes back into the mall.
"Carrie go home." I say gritting my teeth.
"you come too" she says.
"I can't. I will end up hurting someone you know how I get." I say.
"Kay." she replies walking away. I begin to walk to but I dont know my destination.
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