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So Hold On Tight And Don't Look Back

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Frank POV!!!

I sit nervously on the couch waiting for Gee to come home. Should be any minute now. Was that the door? I hear shuffling and keys jingling. I get up and go to see Gerard taking his shoes off.
"Hey. Once your ready can you come in here. I need to talk to you." I say.
"Uh...sure." He says standing up and heading upstairs. I bet he thinks I'm gonna say something bad. I go back into the living room and sit on the couch. I play with the hem of my t-shirt.
"How was your day?" Gerard asks coming into the room and sitting next to me. I look up and smile.
"Boring without you." I reply pecking him on the lips. He smiles.
"So what did you want to talk about?" He asks. I sigh and sit up straight.
"Well Mikey called and Rhi's pregnant..." I say.
"Oh my god! That's awesome. We're going to be uncles...there was something else you wanted to say wasn't there?" He says. I nod and continue.
"Well I was thinking... I want to have kids Gee and obviously we can't have any without a woman carrying our baby for us. I don't like the idea of that. So I was wondering if you wanted to maybe. Well if one day maybe- I mean you don't have to- but one day we could adopt." I say struggling to get to the point. He smiles showing his little teeth and brings me into a hug.
"Of course we can Frankie. I want the same. We don't have to wait either we can do it right away." He says.
"Really!" I say surprised.
"Sure we can start right now!" He says letting go and getting his laptop from the chair across the room. He sits beside me again and opens it. He presses the button and the screen comes to life.
"Oh I forgot to ask. How was your day?" I ask.
"Great. But its even better now." He says grinning.

"So that's four o'clock Friday. Great see you then." Gerard says hanging up. "Ok so we've to be at the care home for four and we will go through some legal stuff."
"And what about the whole situation with our parents?" I ask laying my head on the back of the couch.
"They say that should be fine because we are wanting a teen but if it where a younger child it would be a different story." He says. I sigh in relief I thought that the whole parent thing would prevent us from adopting.
"Let's get off to bed." Gerard says getting up and holding his hand out. I take it and get up. He leads me upstairs and into the bedroom. I get changed into my jogging bottoms as does Gee. None of us put a t-shirt on and we climb into bed. Gee puts his arm round me and holds my hand. He strokes my hand with his thumb and I eventually fall asleep.
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