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Baby, Baby, Baby Ooh

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Mikey POV!!!

Rhiannon is once again throwing up and I'm so worried.
"You're going to the doctor today" I say moving the hair from her face. She groans and throws up again.
"M-Mikey I don't need to go. I'm fine." She says in protest. She spits into the toilet and stands up.
"Yes you do." I say getting a cloth and wetting it. She sits on the edge of the bath. I wipe her mouth.
"I'm fine. I probably ju-" she says but stops as a thought comes to her head.
"What's wr-" I say
"Shh" she cuts me off. She uses her fingers and mouths while she counts.
"Mikey...I'm late." She says. I instantly know what she means and I get up.
"I'll go get a test." I say leaving the bathroom.


How much longer. She's been in there for what seems like hours. I pace nervously up and down the bedroom. I hear the door click and look to she Rhi with the test in her hand. She holds it out for me. I take it and see the little plus sign. I smile and throw the test on the bed.
"I'm gonna be a daddy!" I says lifting her and spinning her around. She laughs in delight.
"What about the wedding. I won't fit in my dress." She says her smile disappearing.
"We can move it to another date." I say.
"I suppose that's all we can do." Her smile returning.

Frank POV!!!

Gerard is at work illustrating comics. I miss him when he is away. I go through to the kitchen to make some coffee. I see his phone on the table. He must have forgotten to take it. I turn on the kettle and get a mug. Once the water is boiled I make the coffee and sit at the table. Gerards phone rings, I look at the caller ID to see its Mikey.
"He Mikes its Frank. Gee is at work he left his phone." I say
"Oh that's fine. I have to tell you something." He says.
"What?" I say beginning to worry.
"Rhi's pregnant! We have to move the wedding to another date." He says excitedly. I almost drop my coffee mug.
"Oh my god! That's great congrats!"
"I know right! I'm going to be a dad!"
"Have you been to the doctor yet?"
"No. We'll go tomorrow."
"Good good! Well I'll talk to you later. Bye."
"Bye!" He says hanging up. I put the phone down on the table and sip my coffee. I'm going to be an uncle. Gerard and I will obviously never have kids. I want to be a dad. I want to be so much better than my dad ever was. I guess we could have a woman carry our child but I don't like the thought of it. How about adoption? I think that would be good. Maybe a teenager, I would like a younger child but a teenager I can relate to more. I'll need to ask Gee...
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