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All I Want For Christmas Is You

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Frank POV!!!

I wake up to the dark room. I can hear Gerards soft snores. The clock says its 10:00am. Wait... Its Christmas day... ITS CHRISTMAS DAY! I sit up and violently shake Gerard.
"GEEEEE ITS CHRISTMAS!!!" I yell. He groans and pulls me by the waist so that I'm lying beside him.
"Sleeeeep." He says not opening his eyes. I try to get free from him but he doesn't budge.
"No fair!!!" I say giving up. He laughs and pulls me closer.
"Five minutes ok." He says kissing my neck. I close my eyes as he kisses me. He moves my head so he can kiss my lips. I pull away and look lovingly into his eyes. He presses his nose against mine and nuzzles it. I smile and hug him closer.
"Come on then we better get ready to go to Mikes." Gerard says rolling over onto his back and sitting up. He rubs the sleep from his eyes and stretches. I get up and go into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and wait for it to heat up. I step in and let the water drench me. I hear the bathroom door open and I peek out from the shower curtain.
"Sorry just came in to see if I had any hair dye left." Gerard says looking in the cupboard.
"Are you going to dye it again?" I ask. He shuts the cupboard door and looks at me.
"No I was just seeing if I needed more." He said.
"Well good luck in trying to buy more cause the stores will be closed for the holidays." I say.
"Oh yeah..." He says biting his lip.
" know there's room for one more person in this shower..." I say shyly smiling.
"You sure?" He says raising his eyebrow.
"Yes. Its not like we haven't seen each others bits and pieces before." I say. He smiles and begins to take off his clothes. He steps into the tub and puts his head under the water. His hair sticks to his face and he screws his eyes shut.

Gerard POV!!!

I put my head under the water and screw my eyes shut. The warmth feels good. I sigh and open my eyes. Frank is so beautiful inside and out. I take his hands and run my thumb along his fingers were the word "Halloween" is written. Each letter has a finger. I hate needles so I wouldn't even dream of getting a tattoo. I can't believe this wonderful man is mine. Frank moves forward and hugs me. I can feel myself getting hard and I can feel his too.
The water beats down on our heads as we softly kiss. I place a hand on his manhood and begin stroking it. He moans and makes the kiss deeper. I lightly push him so that he is against the wall. I pull away and begin to kiss his neck. He tilts his head to give me more room. I begin to kiss down his body. I kneel down as best I can and begin to tease him. I lightly lick him.
"Gee no teasing." He says touching himself. I slap his hand away and take him in my mouth.
"Mmm. That's better." He says closing his eyes. I begin to move faster and he tugs lightly at my hair.
"Ooh oh oh!" He says releasing into my mouth. I swallow it and move back up to kiss him. He can probably taste himself. "Your turn." He says seductively. He moves down and takes me in his mouth. I groan and tilt my head back. Its not long when I begin to feel that warm feeling in my stomach.
"Oh Frankie baby!" I say letting myself go. I pant heavily as he stands back up and kisses me and I can taste myself. I pull away.
"We better wash." I say handing him a bar of soap. He laughs and gives me a peck on the lips before beginning to wash himself.

"Open mine!" Autumn says handing me a gift wrapped in red paper. I take it from her and open it. Inside is a hat that has little ears on top and it comes down so you can put your hands in it.
"Sweet!" I say putting it on. "Thanks Autumn." I say hugging her.
"I knew you'd like it.
"Here's the last one." Says Frank handing a present to me. I open it to reveal and envelope. I open it and read.

"Dear Gerard
I know how much you love singing and how much you want to record your own song. So for Christmas you are going to go record your own little album in a proper studio. Hope you like this baby.

Love you so much Frank xoxo"

I look up to see everyone looking at me. That is when I realise I'm crying a little. I wipe my tears away and hug Frank.
"Thank you!" I say.
"Your welcome baby" he replies.
"We should tell them now." I whisper into his ear. He nods. I stand up and pull him up with me. Our fingers link together.
"Guys we have something to tell you." I say. Everyones eyes focus on us both and I take a deep breath. I can feel Frank is uncomfortable and I squeeze his hand in encouragement. "Frank and I are engaged. I proposed last night. I was going to do it today but I couldn't wait and I love him so much and I just want to spend the rest of my life with him." I say without taking a breath.
"That's awesome bro. Just calm down though or I'm worried you might pass out." Mikey says hugging us both. Everyone in the room congratulates us.


We are all sitting round the dining table. Rhiannon has just brought our her turkey and a vegetarian option for Frank. Mikey raises his glass.
"This has been one hell of a year. Its had its ups. Its had its downs. Its had its great moments and its had its tragedies. But I don't regret any of it. Cause if it didn't happen the way it did we wouldn't all be sitting round this table right now. Frank- my future brother in law- if things didn't happen the way they did I wouldn't be able to see my brother so happy and I can't thank you enough for that. Ray I would never have been able to touch your amazing hair and we never would have met Autumn. Autumn you're just awesome and we can't get enough of you. Rhiannon... Well I wouldn't be the happiest man alive right now. And Gerard after everything I'm glad to say that we are still going strong. I couldn't imagine life without my big brother. So a toast to 2011, one awesome year and hopefully next year will be even better!" He says. we all raise our glasses.
"To 2011" we chorus. Yeah a great year indeed.

A/N: Hope you liked the smut and the speech. I have to admit I got a little carried away with the speech but hey ho.
This story will get more dramatic I promise it just has a slow start.
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