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As Days Fade, And Nights Grow. And We Go Cold

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Gerard POV!!!

I take a long drag from my cigarette. This is my first one today. I'm proud. Melody looked beautiful dancing with River. River is a nice boy. I know he wouldn't break her heart.
I watch her as her eyes go distant and her body begins to sway. She starts to fall to the ground. I hold my cigarette in my mouth and run to catch her but River gets her first.
"Melody!" He says in a worried tone as he catches her. He slowly lowers her to the ground.
"Are you okay?" I say kneeling down beside her and putting a hand to her head. She doesn't have a temperature. She blinks furiously and her eyes focus on me.
"Wha- yeah. Yeah I'm fine. I'm just fine." She says.

Melody POV!!!

One minute I was standing beside River and the next I was sitting on the floor with Gerard's hand on my head.
"Maybe its the lack of sleep." River says his eyes and voice full of concern.
"We need to do something about that." Gerard replies. His cigarette is held between his lips and it bobs up and down as he speaks. I try to stand up but another wave of dizziness washes over me and I sit back down.
'Want to know more.' The voice says not really as a question. I don't reply. 'One day after you turn 16 I will find you and take you away. And if there is anyone with you at the time I will take them too. I will take you to my hideout and I will turn you into one of us.' He says.
'You mean I will end up like you?' I ask.
'Yes.' He replies. My breathing gets rapid and I bring me knees up to my chest. I can hear his sick laugh in my head.
"Seriously Mel I'm getting scared." River says. I look at him and then Gerard. What if I'm with one of them when he comes. I can't let that happen. Being turned into one a fate worse than death. I don't want anyone to see that happen too me.
I try to calm my breathing down and I slowly stand up. Gerard and River hold out there hands to catch me if I fall. I smile as best as I can to reassure them and they drop their hands. Gerards cigarette is almost finished. He takes one last drag and throws it to the ground.
"So we gonna party or what?" I say my voice slightly quivering at the end. They laugh and we walk inside. I will do my best to be happy tonight. But I will somehow have to distance myself from the only people I have called family in a long time. It will be like the accident all over again. Except I won't be the survivor.

A/N: So Melody is gonna get captured. By who though. I guess you'll just have to keep on reding to find out!!
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