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I'm Not Okay

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The car drives off until I can only faintly see the "just married" sign on the back. Frank and Gerard have just left for their honeymoon in Italy. Everyone is leaving now to go home.
"Come on kids." Mikey says. Me and River walk slowly to his car. Rhiannon is already in the passenger seat. Both are sober. Rhiannon because she's pregnant and Mikey because he had to drive. River is staying at Mikeys because we thought it would be a little late for him to go back to the care home.
We pull up to Mikeys house and slowly walk inside. The place is pitch black and all I can see is two eyes staring at me. SHIT ITS HIM!
I scream.
"Melody are you okay." Mikey asks turning on the like. I look to where I saw the eyes to see Tyrone standing there.
"The uh cat scared me." I say sighing in relief. I look around. "Where's Bilvy. I saw him at the wedding." I ask.
"He went home. Surprised he managed. He was pissed." Mikey laughs.
"Right. Mel with me. River with Mikey." Rhiannon says. I follow her up the stairs. I lift my dress so I don't step on it. We enter the bedroom and she gets me sweats and a t-shirt to wear to bed. I get changed in the bathroom and give my dress to Rhiannon to keep safe.
"I don't want any of you sleeping on the couch so you can both sleep on the bed. Now Gerard told me I can trust you both to behave." Mikey says is a parental voice. River and I are in the guest bedroom. I nod. He smiles and walks out closing the door behind him. I sigh and take my hair tie out. My hair falls over my shoulders in big loose curls and the rose I forgot I had in falls to the floor. We both reach down to pick it up but he gets it first. I look up and our eyes meet. I blush and stand back up.
"You okay?" He asks standing up slowly and not breaking eye contact with me.
"Yeah...just tired." I say. He doesn't look convinced and hands me back the rose. I smile weakly and put it on the little bedside table. I sit on the bed and bury my face in my hands. What am I gonna do? I can't let anything happen to the only family I've got. I couldn't live with that. Knowing its my fault they got hurt.
"Mel honey." I feel Rivers hand on my back and the bed goes down a little as he sits beside me. I look up. "Shh don't cry." He says wiping the tears from my face I didn't know were there. He takes me into his arms and begins to rock me back and forth.
"You're okay baby. Shhh. You're okay." He tries to sooth me. Little does he know I'm not o-fucking-kay.
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