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Some Other Time

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"Are you sure you're okay now?" River asks for the 10th time in half an hour.
"Yes. I don't know what came over me. Maybe lack of sleep or something. I dunno." I reply sitting infront of the mirror and plaiting my hair. River is sitting on the bed.
"So are you gonna come to bed or what?" He asks. I sigh and undo the plait.
"You know I won't be able to sleep." I say turning to face him.
"Yeah but at least come and sit. Maybe you might get an hour or two." He says. I sigh again and get up. He pulls the duvet back and I crawl into bed. He scoots in beside me and covers us. "You've been acting funny since you fell.". He says turning off the bedside lamp.
"Can you just leave it now." I say looking him right in the eye.
"Okay sweetie." He says tucking a hair behind my ear. This- I have decided- will be my last night of happiness. I will allow myself to love River for one last night...because I will never have a night with him again. Gerard and Frank...well I'll think of something. Right now though this moment is all that matters.
I move closer to him and place a hand on the back of his neck. He puts his arm around me. I reach up and brush his lips with mine. My eyes flutter shut and I push my lips to his. His arm tightens around my back bringing me closer. I lick his bottom lip and he parts them for me. I slip my tongue in and the kiss becomes deeper. If this is gonna be my last night of being happy then I should take it a step further...right? Fuck it. I move my hands under the t-shirt Mikey gave him and feel his chest. My hand runs over the smooth muscles on his chest. He moans and rolls over so that I am on top of him. I pull away and begin to kiss and bite his neck. He moans again and puts his hands on my waist.
I continue working on his neck and slowly move my hands down his body to where his sweats start. He moans again.
"Mel..." He says but I silence him by smashing my lips against his.

Gerard POV!!!!

We reach the airport. Its about 1:00am. I can't wait to go to Italy its going to be amazing. Frank and I step out of the car and head into the building. The place is almost empty. We check in etc. And then sit and wait for our plane.
Frank leans on me and puts his head on my shoulder. I take his hand and lace our fingers together. He sighs in content.
"Tired Mr Way?" I say. He smiles.
"Yeah. Just a little." He replies.
Our flight is called and we get up and board the plane. (A/N this is a special airport lol its open 24/7 cause I don't know how shit like that works). Soon the plane is lifting off the ground and making its was to Italy.
"I love you Gee." Frank says closing his eyes and leaning on me.
"Love you too baby." I reply and close my eyes.

River POV!!!!!

I kiss Melodys neck and she moans a little. This is wrong. I shouldn't be doing this. Its disrespectful to Rhiannon and Mikey...but Melody is so perfect. She moves her hand further down my body. Her fingers pull at my trousers.
"Mel. We can't." I say as she kisses my neck. She just hums in response and she reaches for her t-shirt. She begins to tug it up when I grab her hands to stop her. She pulls back so that she is sitting on me. "Not now. Maybe in a year or two. Plus we are in Mikeys house. I don't think that would go down well when Gerard said he can trust us." I say. Her face drops.
"Oh okay." She says getting off me and sitting silently on the bed.
A single tear slides down her face and glistens in the moonlight coming from the window. I sit up and kiss her on the lips. I pull back and put a hand on her face.
"I do want you. So bad. But if we did...tonight I mean. And I broke your heart. I would never forgive myself...just give it time. Cause I know you're not ready yet." I say. She smiles. "Some other time. When we both know we're ready."
"Yeah some other time." She says with a hint of devastation in her voice.
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