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Frank POV!!!!

I push Gerard onto the bed and straddle him. I slide my hands under his t-shirt. To be honest there was no point in us changing before leaving the party. The clothes are coming off anyway.
I lift his shirt over his head and begin to kiss his chest and neck. He moans loudly not caring who might be around to hear. Soon we are both naked and hard.
"Do you want me baby?" Gerard says in a husky voice.
"Yeah..." I say as he kisses and bites my neck.
"Where do you want me?" He asks.
"Inside me...." I reply closing my eyes. I feel him reach over and get the lube that was sitting on the bedside table. His hand reaches under me and his fingers spread the cold gel into my hole. He fingers me for a few minutes until he knows I'm ready for him. He positions himself above me and I wrap my legs around his waist. He slowly pushes himself inside me and I gasp. That never fails to surprise me. He pushes in and out of me and soon I'm oblivious to the world around me.


Melody POV!!!!!

I sit patiently in Mikeys living room waiting for the familiar car to pull up outside. Gerard and Frank got home last night, they are coming to pick me up today. I am happy I guess but knowing I only have a few more happy days left with them devistates me. I Friday will be my last happy day with them. Today is Monday so I have five days of being worry free. It's the summer holidays too so I wont loose time with them due to school. I havent spoken to River since Gerard and Franks wedding night... that was two weeks ago. He must be wondering whats up with me.
There has been a few times where all I wanted to do was pick up the phone and just tell him everything. But thats not going to help anyone. I sigh. William -the cat- nudges his body against my legs. I reach down and lift him onto my lap. He purs as I pet him.
"Its a good life being a cat isnt it?" I say to him. He looks at me for a second and closes his eyes. I chuckle and continue to pet him.
"Shouldn't be long now." Mikey says walking into the room. I smile. " hope you enjoyed staying with us." he says sitting next to me.
"Yeah I love it here." I reply. He reaches over and pets the cat.
"Honestly that cat is like the actual William. Eats, sleeps, farts." He laughs. I do to.
"Ha Bilvy isnt that bad. He has a great voice. The Academy Is... was my favourite band as a kid. My sister loved them too. Sisky was her favourite, William was mine." I say smiling at the memory of my sister and I sitting in my bedroom singing at the top of our lungs to About a Girl.
"Sisky is great. Good laugh. We dont see him often though." Mikey says. We hear the front door open and voices echo into the room.
"Looky who's here!" Rhiannon says walking into the room with a very happy looking Frank and Gerard.
"I can't believe you still insist on taking care of the garden with that in the way!" Frank says pointing to Rhiannons bump. She laughs and takes off the gardening gloves she is wearing.
"Got nothing better to do. I get bored now that I'm not at work." she says sitting on the other sofa.
"MEL!" Gerard says excitedly.
"GERARD!" I say enthusiastically. I get up and hug him. He kisses the top of my head. "How was your honeymoon?" I ask as we pull away and I hug Frank.
"It was great. The food is amazing and the sights are beautiful. We need to take you someday!" Gerard says.
"Here!" Frank says taking something out of the bag he has in his hand and handing it to Rhiannon.
"Aww it is beautiful." she says holding up the necklace. It is gold and has a little spike type thing on the end. Italian horn necklace I believe they are called.
"And Mikey." Frank says handing him a t-shirt.
"Awww thanks guys you didnt have to." he says taking his t-shirt off and putting the one from Italy on. It is white with the word Italy on the left with an Italian flag under it.
"We wanted too." Gerard says putting his hand around Franks waist. Mikey takes the neck;ace from Rhi and puts it on her. She smiles and reaches up to peck him on the lips.
"Well we better get going. We'll see you later!" Gerard says. I hug Mikey and Rhi good-bye and we all get into the car to go home.

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