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Just a little note

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A/N: So i've been thinking, not many people commented on this story when it was on mibba and not many people are reviewing it etc. on this either. I was just wondering weither its worthwhile continuing to write it. I know its a bit slow to begin with but honestly the plot does get better in the next chapter. Serious shit is gonna happen.
I would like to know if you guys think I should keep on writing it and finish it or I should just give up and leave it as it is. I'm getting kinda down that no one seems to be telling me weither they think its good or not. Those of you who have reviewed have been so lovely and I hope you are still reading. But please let me know if you think i should continue.
Anyway I will update tonight and tomorrow and if you guys want me to I'll update everyday until this is finished so please let me know.

RedNight! xoxo
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