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A Promise I Cant Keep

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“JUST GO!” she shouts. I look at her and feel tears form in my eyes.

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Melody POV!!!

Two weeks. I have two weeks of living a “normal” life. After that I will always be afraid. Two weeks until I turn 16. I’m staring at the white ceiling of my bedroom. Gerard and Frank are downstairs watching the TV. I hear the door bell ring and faint footsteps as someone goes to answer it. I haven’t spoken to Mikey or Rhiannon since Frank and Gerard came back. I hear voices but I don’t bother to try and make out what they are saying.
I completely shut off the world around me until I’m oblivious to everything. I wonder what death would be like. If it’s just a bunch of nothing or if it’s beautiful. Everything is okay. My family will be there. We will be happy again. Death must be beautiful because there you can have everything you ever wanted. A knock at the door tears me away from the bliss in my head. I sit up on the bed.
“Come in.” I say. The door opens and Gerard steps into the room followed by River. I stand up defensively.
“I leave you two alone.” Gerard says stepping out of the room and closing the door behind him.

River POV!!!

I stand and look at the girl infront of me. She looks a wreck. Her hair falls messily around her pale face. She looks thinner. Her eyes are possessed with dark circles.
“I called you…” I say. “But you didn’t pick up…I’ve been worried.”
“There is really no need.” She says her face going hard.
“Are you okay?” I ask taking a step closer to her. She picks up a hair tie from her bedside table and a brush.
“Yeah I’m fine. You know apart from the nightmares and the loss of appetite and the constant voices that will never shut the fuck up. I’m just peachy.” She says her voice dripping with sarcasm. She brushes out her hair and ties it up. She puts the brush back on the table and stands up straight.
“This isn’t just about your family isn’t it?” I say.
“No shit Sherlock.” She says.
“What has gotten into you?” I say. From the corner of my eye I see her pull down her hoodie sleeve. Shit. She hasn’t. She promised she wouldn’t. I walk up to her and take a hold of her arm. She winces. Shit. I roll up her sleeve carefully. Three new scars mark her skin. I look up at her. “You promised.” I say.
“That was a promise I couldn’t keep.” She says pulling her hand away and covering the scars again.
“Why?” I ask.
“I wish I could tell you but I cant okay and I don’t want to talk about it either.” She says.
“Please.” I say in a pleading voice.
“No River…just please go. Forget about me. Move on with your life. I’m not healthy and I’m not taking you down with me.” She says.
“Bu-” I try.
“JUST GO!” she shouts. I look at her and feel tears form in my eyes.
“Okay…” I say quietly and turn to the door. Before I close the door behind me I see her sit on the bed and hang her head in her hands.

Melody POV!!!

I sit on the bed waiting for tears that never come. River left about 10minutes ago. I get up and get dressed into the first clothes I can find. I go downstairs and go straight outside without saying anything to Frank or Gerard. I don’t know where I’m going. Just anywhere my feet will take me.
Soon I find myself in the local park. I walk around for a while. I pass a group of kids drinking.
“Come join us.” They say drunkily as I walk by. I think for a while.
“okay.” I say and I sit with them.
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