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Chapter Twenty Four - The Past Part II

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" I'll go with you to the Better Living head quarters and I'll help in anyway that I can. We'll get them back, Poison."

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A/N Again, sorry about the lack of updates, but I've had three mock GCSE exams and I have an official GCSE in a few weeks along with another mock GCSE so it's been hard to find time to write :/ But anyways, hi ;) so this chapter is still about Cyanide and her past, in the next few chapters things'll start gettin' more exciting and more shit'll start happening! Please review and sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Twenty Four - The Past Part II

"We hid our relationship for a while from Better Living, and we were pretty good at it. About a year later he preposed, but I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how we could get married without BL/ind finding out about it. If they found out, then they'd ask questions and we'd probably be killed for keeping such secrets from Better Livng, but Bob knew a priest who wasn't on the pills and he was more than happy to marry us in secret."
"So, you and Bob got got married, right?"
She nodded and smiled. "Yeah, we did. Before we got married, I found my best friend that I'd known since I was six years old. She was called Janey Freylyn and I managed to replace the BL/ind pills with the sugar pills and I explained to her what I'd done and how Better Living was trying to control everyone. She was my maid of honor at our wedding."

Elli was walking down the halls of Better Living, when her fiancé pulled her into her office, taking her surprise.
"Holy fuck, Bob you scared the shit out of-" He cut her off with a kiss.
They both smiled in the kiss.
"We're getting married tomorrow." Bob said, while their foreheads were pressed together.
She smiled. "Why yes we are, Mr. Bryar. And I can't fucking wait."
"Ditto. You got everything ready?"
She nodded. "Yeah. Do you?"
"Yup. Everything."
She locked the door.
"I'm really fucking nervous."
"Why would you be nervous?"
"What if they find out? Everything's been amazing so far, everything's gone according to plan. I'm terrified that something bad'll happen soon. Nothing's ever been this perfect for me before, Bob, and I'm fucking terrified. I'm trying not to freak out but . . . fuck, never mind. I'm just babbling."
"Elli, I promise you, everything's gonna be fine. We'll run away soon and none of this bad shit that you think's gonna happen'll even happen. I promise, Elli."
He wrapped his arms around her and smiled.
"I love you, Ells."
"Love you, too, Bob."
He kissed her softly on the lips.

The next day, Elli was getting ready for her wedding.
The dress that she was wearing was absolutely beautiful, she loved it. The dress was a short wedding dress, that fell to her knees, it was mainly made of lace, but there was also silk with a lace shall. (A/N Here's a visual -,r:31,s:26) She wasn't wearing a veil, she didn't think it suited her, so she had her long hair curled for her wedding day.
Janey handed her a boque of flowers, smiling at her best friend.
"You nervous?"
She nodded. "Yeah, a little."
"Thankyou, Ellouise. If it weren't for you, I'd still be on the BL/ind pills and I'd still be controlled by the pills. Thanks, Elli."
She hugged her best friend and smiled.
Janey pulled away and smiled.
"Let's go get you married, Ells."
Elli rolled her eyes and smiled.
Elli walked down the isle to see her soon-to-be husband. She smiled at him a huge grin and she joined him at the end of the alter.

"Everything was perfect. I was finally happy, but about month and a half later, I was feeling weird. I was eating all the time, I kept throwing up, I had strange cravings and I realized that I was late. I talked to Janey about it, she was a doctor at the Better Living headquarters, and she did an ultra sound on my stomach and told me that I was five weeks pregnant. I freaked the fuck out. I had no way of hiding the fact that I was pregnant from Better Living, I thought that they'd find out about everything and that me and Bob would be killed . . ."

"Janey, I can't, I can't be pregnant. Please tell me that there's been a mistake, I just . . . I can't be pregnant!" Elli freaked out.
"Ells, look at me." Janey said. "Bob loves you, you love Bob, right? Why shouldn't you want a baby? It's the perfect thing for you and Bob, I-"
"That's not it, if the circumstances were different, I'm sure that I'd be overwelmed with happiness, but you're forgetting that I work for Better Living. They'll clearly be able to tell that I'm pregnant after a while, you know that women who aren't married don't have babies, they'll find out that me and Bob married in secret, they'll kill us, Janey!"
"Calm down, Elli. Stress isn't good for you or the baby, especially while you're in the first trimester. Just sit down and take deap breaths, okay?"
She did what Janey told her to, but she didn't calm down. How could she? She'd just found out that she was going to be a mother and she knew that because of that, her and Bob would probably be killed.

[/Later that day, Elli was back at home, about to tell her husband that she was having his baby.

"Bob, I need to talk to you."
Bob took one look at his wife and realized that she'd been crying.
"Elli, what the fuck happened to you?"
She broke down again. "We're gonna die Bob, we're both gonna die."
"Elli, tell me what's wrong? Why do you think we're gonna die?"
"I think that we're gonna die, I know that we're gonna die Bob."
"Why? Why are we gonna die?"
She sniffed. "I'm pregnant." She didn't see the point in not telling him straight away, he'd know sooner or later.
"Elli, what are you talking about? That's great news!"
"You're happy about this?" She was shocked.
"Why wouldn't I be? We're gonna be perants, Elli."
"Better Living'll find out! They'll know that we got married in secret, they'll ask questions, they'll find out that we're not on the Better Living pills, Bob."
"Then we just won't tell them that you're pregnant, simple."
She shook her head. "I think you're forgetting the fact that my stomach's gonna be sticking out for nine fucking months."
"We'll find a way to hide it, okay? Elli, it'll be okay, just look forward to the fact that we're having a baby together."
He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead.
"I love you, Elli."
"Love, you, too, Bob." She still thought that they were gonna die, but she couldn't help but feel a little glad that Bob wasn't freaking out like she was. She just wanted to be with him and she knew that if Better Living found out about her and Bob, then it'd be over.

"We kept it a secret through out the whole pregnancy, when my stomach got bigger, the clothes I wore got bigger and baggier. Janey did regular check ups on me to make sure that everything was okay with the baby, but when I went into labour, we were in a lot of trouble . . ."

"I saw Mr. McGlaver today." Elli's father said while they were on the phone. Mr. McGlaver, or Peter McGlaver as Elli knew him, was a man who'd made it clear that he was intresed in Elli.
"That is nice." Her father was desperate for Elli and Peter to get married. Peter was a very wealthy man and he had a good job at the Better Living headquarters, he was one of Batter City's most eligible bacholers.
"Yes it is. He was asking about you. You are aware that he has feelings for you, are you not, Ellouise?"
"I am very aware, father."
"Why don't you marry him, Ellouise?" Arranged marriages where very common in Batter City, marriage wasn't about love anymore. People got married so that they could have children that would one day help Batter City in one way or another.
"Because I am not interested in getting married or having any children at the moment. For now, I would just like to concentrate on helping Better Living industries." She thought it was kind of funny that she was saying that since she'd been married for about ten months and she was almost nine months pregnant.
"Well, I hope that you do not mind, but I gave Mr. McGlaver your home adress and your phone number incase he ever wanted to contact you. He mentioned about seeing you in a day or so and I wanted to come with him because I haven't seen you in a while."
She was instantly furious with her father, but she couldn't let it show. She had to act like she was on the pills, and if she was on the pills, then she knew that she wouldn't mind.
"That is fine, father. When will you be coming to visit me?"
"I am not sure, I told Mr. McGlaver to tell me when he found a date that was convinient for him."
She saw Bob walk in to the living room, so she pretended that she had to leave to do some work for Better Living.
"Father, I must leave. I have to do some work for Better Living."
"Okay. Farewell, Ellouise."
She hung up and walked over to Bob.
"How's my beautiful wife and baby doing?" He asked her while his hands were on the sides of her pregnant stomach.
She sighed. "We're in trouble."
"My dad gave this adress to someone, who he wants me to marry, and he could come here any day and see me and our huge bluge."
"Did he say when?"
"About a day or so."
He shrugged. "I won't let them find out. I promise."
He kissed her and they both smiled.

"Did that McGlaver dude walk in on you in labour or something?"
"It was a little more complicated than that."

Elli's father and Peter McGlaver were at her house. He father had told her that he was coming over, so she was wearing baggy clothes that hid her body pretty well.
"So, what is it that you do for Better Living, exactly, Ellouise?"
"I talk to Killjoys that we've recently captured to try and to get as much information out of them as I can."
"Ah yes, I remember now." Peter said, nodding.
"So, you are aware that my daughter is not yet married, Mr. McGlaver?"
"Father, that subject is not rellivant to our conversation." What she really wanted to say was, 'Will you just shut the fuck up with the marriage thing already?!'
Peter laughed a little. "Yes, I am very much aware of that fact, and please, call me Peter, Mr. McGlaver is my father."
Elli felt a strong pain in her stomach, but she couldn't show any sign that she was in pain because of her father and Peter.
"Exuse me." She said, calmly.
She walked up to the bath room with a hand on her stomach, the second she locked the door behind her, she felt something trickle down her leg.

"Your water broke?"
Cyanide nodded. "The second I knew my water broke, I called Bob. He wanted me to either get them out or get my self out of there, but I couldn't. I couldn't leave without them noticing and I couldn't get them to leave since they'd only been there for fifteen minutes."
"What did you do?"
"I did the only thing I could. I pretended to be okay for a while, but after about an hour, an hour and a half at the most, I couldn't take it anymore. The contractions were starting and I just couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't pretend that I was okay, I couldn't just mask the pain, so I called Bob again and I told him to come home and bring Janey. I couldn't just go to a hospital for obvious reasons, so I knew that Janey would have to come home so that she could deliver the baby."
"What about your dad and Peter?"

When Bob and Janey pretty much ran through the door, Elli sighed in relief while her father and Peter just looked shocked and confused.
"Ellouise, who is this?"
She didn't answer her father, her attention was just focused on Bob and Janey.
"How long have the contractions been accouring?"
"Every couple of minutes."
"Contractions, what is she talking about? On second thought forget it, I am calling Better Living."
Bob pulled out his gun before he could call anyone.
"Put that fucking phone down if you wanna live."
Peter froze and for a moment he almost resembled a statue.
"Are you Killjoys?" Peter guessed.
"Not quite, but thanks for the compliment."
"Relax, Peter, this boy will not shoot us."
"Oh really?"
Bob shot both Peter and Elli's father in their knees so that they couldn't run anywhere.
"Next time, it'll be your fucking brains that I smear across the walls, you got it, assholes?"
Peter nodded, his face reflecting the amount of pain that he was in.
"What about you? Do you agree?" He pointed the gun at her father.
Her father didn't say anything, he just nodded frantically.
"Janey . . . fuck, I don't know what to do, I'm so fucking scared right now." "Ellouise!" Her father barked when he heard his only child swear.
"I'll have to gag them, won't I?" Bob said, looking at his wife and Janey.
"Do what you think's best, you're the ex-Killjoy, soon to be Killjoy, after all."
Bob smiled a little. He gagged the two men and he tied their hands behind their backs, as long as they were kept an eye on, there was no way that they could escape or contact Better Living to tell them about what was going on it Bob and Elli's home.

Elli smiled a little. "I had to give birth in our bedroom. At the time I was really fucking pissed about it, but when I look back on it now, it's just funny. Janey stole a hospital bed from the Better Living centre. She told them that there was an emergency in someone's home and her answer seemed to be acceptable, so she was given permission."
"It's still really weird to think that Bob's a dad. Last time I saw him we were still . . . well, pretty much kids."
She smiled a little. "He was good to me while I was in labour. He tried to encourage me, but I just ended up snapping at him and telling him to shut the fuck up. To be honest, I wasn't really in labour for that long, about five or six hours. The fact that I didn't have any neighbors was good, they couldn't hear the screaming and cursing. I'll just skip the shit that I said to Bob while I was having Jeremy, but when he was born . . . it made Better Living and everything they'd done worth it to me. I knew that if Better Living never happened, I probably wouldn't have met Bob. I wouldn't have fallen for him, we wouldn't have had Jeremy."

As Elli held her son for the first time, she just felt utterly and completely amazed.
"Bob . . ." She didn't finish, she didn't know what to say.
"I know." He said while they were staring at their new born son.
"He's so small, he's beautiful, Bob."
He smiled. "I know he his, he's just like his mom."
He kissed Elli's forehead.
She laughed a little. "You must really love me to kiss me while I'm like this, I must look and smell like shit right now."
He smiled and looked at his wife. "You're not either of those things. You're so fuckin' beautiful, Elli. I love you."
"I love you, Bob. One day, you, me and him'll run away. We'll be together and we'll become Killjoys. I know we will, Bob. I know we will."
She kissed him briefly before their son started squiming in her arms.
"Looks like he wants some attion." She smiled at their son. "Jeremy."
"I wanna call him Jeremy. That's what my grandfather, my mom's dad, was called. He was a really good guy, Bob. He was more of a father figure to me than my dad ever was. Plus, he looks like a Jeremy."
Bob looked at him. "He does."
"Jeremy Bryar it is."

By the time Cyanide had finished telling Poison about the time her son was born, her eyes were filled with tears.
"Hey, are you okay?"
She quickly wipped them away and smiled, but it was clearly fake, it might aswell have been plastic.
"Fine. I'm fine, Poison, really. It's just hard talking about them. I've never told anyone else about this before, it's just weird and I'm not used to it." She took a deap breath before continuing. "Anyway, we didn't know what to do with my father and Peter. We knew that we couldn't let them tell Better Living anything, but we also knew that if we let them go, then they obviously would. We tried to think of anything, but the only option we had was to kill them. Bob knew how much I hated my father, he knew that I didn't care if he lived or died, so he suggested that we killed them and I agreed.
"I knew that it'd all fit perfectly. If my dad dissapeared, then Better Living would let me have sometime to mourn his death and I wouldn't have to work, that would give me time to recover from giving birth to Jeremy. The only problem was Peter. He was extremely well known in Battery City, they'd be searching for the people who were responsible to his death until they found them."
"So what happened?"
"I decided to talk to my dad and Peter. We had a cellar and we kept them in there for a while, so I went down. I still had a bump because when I when I saw them, I'd only given birth three days ago, so it was obvious that I'd just had a baby. My dad went absolutely crazy, he started screaming telling me how much I was like my mother, but I just told him how glad I was that I was like her and not him. I told him that I was gonna raise Jeremy to fight against Better Living, that what they were doing wasn't right. Unlike my dad, Peter didn't say anything. The only time he asked me anything was when he asked me if I was gonna kill him and my father. I didn't see the point in lying to them, so I told them the truth. Bob killed them the next day."
"What happened after that?"
"We didn't know what to do with the bodies, we only knew that no one could find them, so we burned them. Janey disposed of the bones and we just scattered the ashes in a local pond at night. No one ever found the bones, but it was all over the media that Peter dissapeared. In the end, they gave up and they just said that Killjoys must've captured him. They even went looking in the Zones, but they found nothing. They just accepted the fact that Peter was gone. Things became a little normal after that. Luckily, mine and Bob's shifts at work were completely different, so when one of us was at work, the other would be looking after Jeremy.
"We still wanted to run away to the Zones, but we thought that it was best that we waited to run away since neither of us wanted to raise a family in the desert. We agreed to wait until Jeremy was old enough to understand what Better Living was, so for a few years, we lived in Battery City. When Jeremy was two, we tried our best to explain what Better Living was and what they did. Even though he was only two, he seemed to understand. He knew that what they were doing was bad and that we needed to get away from it, so we decided that it was time to leave."
"Wait, didn't you say that he was two when he was taken away from you?"
She nodded sadly. "Yeah, he was. He was such an amazing kid, you know. He was really smart, me and Bob didn't know where he got that from." She smiled a little. "Anyway, we had our bags packed and we where finally gonna run away. I remember when Bob was driving in the car, Jeremy was in the back, sleeping, Bob had a small smile on his face and I'd never felt happier. We were finally escaping and I couldn't wait." The tears returned in her eyes as she recalled her last moments she'd spent with her husband and child. "Bob didn't realize that he'd missed a red light. Another car collided with ours. . ."

"Elli?" Bob asked his wife while they were driving to the gates of Battery City.
"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?"
She smiled. "Yeah, I think you did. But do you know what?"
"I've never been happier, Bob. I just can't believe that you, me and Jeremy are finally getting out."
"I know what you mean, I feel like I'm fucking dreaming."
Bob accidentally missed a red light, neither of them chose to acknowledge it, but when they collided with another car, they wished that they had acknowledged it.
"BOB! LOOK OUT!" Elli screamed.
After that, everything was black. Elli passed out as did her husband and two year old son.

"When I woke up, they told me that they had found out everything. They found out that Jeremy was mine and Bob's son, they found the preist that married us and they knew that we got married, they found out that the last place my father and Peter were seen was my home... they peiced it all together like it was just a fucking a puzzle. I thought that they were gonna kill me and Bob, in a way, I wished that they had so that Bob wouldn't be controlled by that fucking chip in the back of his neck. They ran countless of experiments on Bob until they decided that they wanted that fucking chip to control him, I've not seen him since and I don't think that I'll ever see him again.
"Before they took Jeremy away, he ran to my hospital room and he begged me not to let them take him away. He was crying and screaming, I wrapped my arms around him and I told him that I loved him so much, I told him that he was the best thing that I ever did. It wasn't long before they came to take him away from me again. They litterally snatched him out of my arms. He was kicking and screaming, they were dragging him down the halls and all I could here was him shouting mom as they dragged him. I've never seen him again." She was crying hysterically.
Poison put down his daughter and wrapped his arms around Cyanide. He knew that there was no way that she was lying about this. There was no way someone could lie about something like this and act this way without it actually happening to them.
"You're telling the truth, I know you are."
She sniffed. "Of course I am."
"Cyanide, I'm sorry."
"For what?"
"I'm sorry that we doubted you. It was-"
"Poison, don't be sorry for that. I know how it looked, I know how it still looks now, but I couldn't hurt any of you. I fucking hate Better Living for what they did to my family and I hate what they're doing to your family. What me and Bob had was almost perfect and what you and Acid had was perfect before Better Living came back. They're doing to you, Acid and Bandit what they did to me, Bob and Jeremy. They've already torn apart our little family, I don't want them to tear apart yours. You're all a family here. I don't want you all to suffer, if you'll let me, I want to help. I'll be able to locate Acid. I'll be able to help if you let me. I-"
"Cyanide, if you want to, you can help. I know that it's a long shot, but if you want, while we're at the Better Living head quarters, you can try and find Bob and Jeremy. You can bring them back here, I know that there's barely any room, but we'll make room. I want Bob back, too. It's been years since I've seen him and I've missed him. We all have. You know, Frank and Bob were really close, everyone'd be more than happy to have you, Bob and Jeremy here."
"That's sweet. I'll go with you, Poison. I'll go with you to the Better Living head quarters and I'll help in anyway that I can. We'll get them back, Poison."
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