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Chapter Twenty Three - The Past Part I

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"This'll probably come to a surprise, but his name was Jeremy Bryar. Bryar was his father's last name."

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A/N I know, I suck. I've not updated in a fucking long time AGAIN -_- My apologies, folks. Anyways, this is quite a long chapter. I think it's one of the longest in the story, actually... meh, I don't know hehe ^_^ but yeah, it's quite a long chapter so hopefully that'll kind of make up for not posting anything for a few weeks. Please review, I love knowing what you all think and sorry if there's any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Twenty Three - The Past Part I

"So? How are you gonna try and worm yourself out of this one?" Lo said, glaring at Cyanide with fierce eyes.
"How do we know that Lypse, Pen, Steph and Ella aren't in on this, too? They could've been brainwashed, there might not even be any Killjoys at Better Living. This could all be an act." Kobra said, considering all of the possibilities.
"First of all, you really think that if we had been brainwashed that we would've just come here on our own? I think that we would've come here with fuck loads of Dracs. And second, it's Devi and Princess! How hard is that for everyone to remember?"
"What's you're real name and why are you really here?"
"My name's Ellouise Parkley and I used to be Korse's assistant, but when he died, I became Dr. Isoda's instead. When BL/ind was taken down, I forced to stay with Dr. Isoda until she got the company back on it's feet. She threatened to kill me, but when I said I didn't care if she killed me, she threatened to kill my son."
"So you really do have a kid?"
She nodded. "He's called Jeremy, remember me saying, Poison?"
"So he's Jeremy Parkley?"
"So then what's his name?"
"This'll probably come to a surprise, but his name was Jeremy Bryar. Bryar was his father's last name."
Their eyes widened.
"Bryar as in Bob Bryar?"
"Yeah. I know he was mentioned before, but I couldn't say anything about it."
"Because I know that I'd have to explain all of this to you."
"Just start from the beginning, start at the point when you joined BL/ind."
She nodded. "Okay. My whole life, my dad supported Better Living. He raised me to believe that what they were doing was right, but my mom always told me the opposite and I believed my mom. When my mom died, or rather when my dad killed her, I was eighteen and I my father made me work for Better Living . . ."

"Dad, please, I don't want to work here!" She complained, brushing a strand of her shoulder-legnth hair out of the way.
"Ellouise, what Better Living's doing is good, you know that! I don't understand why you don't want to be apart of this incredible company. You have been offered a big role in the company, too, Ellouise."
She sighed. "Dad, please. I want to be a teacher one day, I don't want to work here for the rest of my fucking life!"
He slapped her across the face. "Do not use that kind of foul language, Ellouise. You're acting like one of those discusting Killjoys and no child of mine is going to be a Killjoy or even act like one of those foul people. Besides, the job you have been offered involves teaching, that way you will be able to do both things. Korse and Dr. Isoda wish to explain the position to you themselves, so I will not spoil it for you."
She rolled her eyes and sighed heavily.
They walked to the office where she was going to meet Korse and Dr. Isoda.
"Hello, Miss Parkley, it is very nice to finally meet you." Dr. Isoda said with a fake smile plastered on her face.
Ellouise returned the fake smile to Dr. Isoda.
"You, too. It's nice to meet you."
Korse shook her hand and smiled at the young woman standing in front of him.
"You must me Ellouise Parkley, I am Korse, leader of this company."
Ellouise wanted nothing more than to scream 'Fuck you' in his face and punch him, but she resisted the urge and she just continued to smile.
"I am very much aware of who you are, Korse. I am just one of your many amdirers." Her father had told her to suck up to him, so that's exactly what she did.
"The position we are offering you is very important, Miss Parkley. As you know, we now have some learning areas for children in our center and we understand that you are very intrested in teaching, so we would like you to teach some of the younger children here. I know that the job doesn't sound very challenging, but one of the children in that class will be the future ruler of our company and we think that it is very important that they start learning as soon as possible. You will be teaching them the bassics like Mathematics and Literature, but we would also like you to teach them about our company and what we do."
They want me to teach little kids that what Better Living's doing is right?! She screamed in her head.
"We have been searching for a long time to find the right person for the job, but so far we have found no one. Your father told me about your abilities and I looked at your profile, you have done som very impressive work, Miss Parkley. We would be honored to have you teach the children. Would you like to do the position we are offering you or do we need to keep searching for the right person?" Korse asked.
She thought about it for a couple of seconds.
"Of course she will, teaching is all she's ever dreamed of doing." Her father spoke for her.
"Thankyou, Mr. Parkley, we are sure that what you are telling us is nothing but the truth, but we would like to hear it from your daughter."
"My apologise, Dr. Isoda."
"It is okay, Mr Parkley. So, do you agree with what your father said, Miss Parkely?"
She looked at her father and without thinking she said, "O-okay. I will." She mentally bitch slapped herself for saying that.
Dr. Isoda smiled the same fake smile she'd given her before.
"Then welcome to Better Living Industries, Miss Parkley. We will need you to sign a couple of forms for us first."
She nodded and they handed her the forms and a pen.
Each time she wrote her name on the paper, she felt as if she were selling her soul. All she felt was sadness and anger. They might've asked her to join the company, but she knew that she didn't have a choice in this. If she said no, then her father would've pretty much disowned her and she knew someone who had been offered a job at the Better Living center, because they said no to their offer, it went down on her record that she'd refused to have a job there, so no one gave her a good paying job because of that. It was a lose lose situation for her. No matter what she chose, she wouldn't be happy.

"So that's where it all kind of started?" Ghoul asked.
Cyanide nodded. "Yeah, it was."
"What happened after that?" Jet asked her.
"I tought kids their for about a year when I was premoted. They thought that I had potential to more than a teacher, so they premoted me, but it didn't have anything to do with teaching. I became one of Korse's many assistances, it was my job to try and get information out of Killjoys who we'd captured. One of them was called System Faliure."
"System Faliure was Bob's Killjoy name." Kobra realized.
She smiled. "Yeah, it was. Then was when I met Bob. Because I worked for Better Living and because he was a Killjoy, we fucking hated eachother at the time, or rather he hated me. They'd only just managed to strap him down when I walked into the room to meet him and try and get some information out of him . . ."

"GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!" Dr. Parkley heard someone scream as she walked down the halls, where she was about to meet one of the most wanted Killjoys on BL/inds list of wanted Killjoys.
Dr. Parkley could already tell that it was going to be hard to talk to this particular Killjoy, never mind try and get any useful, or maybe even intresting, infromation out of him.
A part of her was scared to go inside she'd seen what some Killjoys were capable of doing, and quite frankly some of them scared the living shit out of her. Most of them just sat there, not saying anything, some screamed and had even broken some of her bones and a couple had even tried to kill her. She hated the job she was given. She didn't understand how she could go from being a teacher to getting information out of Killjoys, she didn't see the conection between the two jobs.
She walked into the room and saw a blonde Killjoy with a lip piercing and a beard. Unlike the rest of the Killjoys she'd seen bofore, she was wearing quite dark clothes. Most of the Killjoys she saw wore bright colors, but the man infront of her wasn't. He was wearing an outfit that consisted of a dark red shirt, a black leather jacket and black jeans that were ripped at the knees. She couldn't tell if they were dilliberately there or if they weren't since there were other tiny holes on his jeans in random places.
When they finally managed to strap him down onto a chair, he stared at her with nothing but pure hate and anger in his eyes. It was the first time that she'd ever been scared by a single look that a Killjoy had given her.
"What the fuck to you want?" He said, not taring his gaze away from Ellouise.
"I-I'm here to t-talk to you." She tried to pull herself together. If she wanted to be able to talk to this Killjoy, then couldn't show any signs of fear to him. She had to look confident, calm and maybe even a little relaxed, depending on how the Killjoy acted towards her.
"I'm not tell you anything." He said through clentched teeth.
"I'm Dr. Parkley, what's your name? You can give me your Killjoy name, or even your real name, if you prefer."
"I think we both know that you already know what my name is."
"Could you remind me?"
"I'd only be wasting my breath on something that isn't even worth the fucking dirt I scrape off of my boots." He growled.
"You can leave us now, Draculoids, thank you for your services."
The Draculoids walked out of the room and System Faluire continued to glare at Ellouise. System stared at her for several minutes while Ellouise glanced at System every now and then.
"So you're not saying anything?" System asked.
She shook her head. "There's no point. It's not like you're going to tell me anything anyway."
He was a little shocked at how she was acting, he expected her to ask him questions every three seconds.
"You looked surprised, I thought that a Killjoy like you'd be happy about something like this."
"I'm just shocked. You're really not asking me anything like where I came from?"
She shook her head. "Nope. I'm not."
He looked at her with an uneasy stare. "This is one of your little tricks, isn't it? Make them think that you're not trying to get informatio out of them and then when they think that you're not gonna hurt them, you sneakily ask them questions, right?"
Ellouise'd be lying if she wasn't surprised at how intelligent he was, the things she was saying could easily be a trick, but it wasn't. He was still weary and he didn't trust this woman one bit.
"You're smart, but no. This isn't a trick."
He laughed. "Yeah right."
"Fine, we'll just sit here in silence then. I really don't mind, System Faliure."
"So you do know my Killjoy name."
"What did you fucking expect?"
He was a little surprised that she swore, he knew that everyone at Better Living talked more formally and he knew for a fact that they didn't use that kind of language.
"What?" She asked when he looked shocked again.
"You just said fuck."
System blinked while Ellouise sighed in frustration.

"For the first few times that I saw him, that was what it was like. We got frustrated with eachother, Bob would constantly accused me of trying to get information out of him and we fought all the time. After about three months of that, we started to become friends. After four months, I started to have feelings for him."
"Did he feel the same way?" Jet asked, wondering what'd happened to his friend after they'd parted ways all those years ago.
"No. He still thought that it was all just an act, but he seemed to think that as long as he didn't give away any information, then it was okay to be pretend to be friends. He still thought that I was trying to get information out of him, though, and I didn't blame him one bit. I remember thinking that I would've felt the same way if I went through everything that Bob did."
"When did he start feeling the same way towards you?"
"It was a while, but that'll come later. The day that he realized that I wasn't just pretending to be friends with him was a good day. Dr. Isoda told me that I'd made good progress with Bob and that she thought that he was ready."
"Ready for what?" Poison said.
"To become a Better Living worker."

After Dr. Isoda had finished explaining that they intended for System to become a Better Living worker, Ellouise left her office and started walking quickly back to her home in Battery City.
The second she got there, she angrily got kicked her black heels off and she started crying.
System was a good person. Why was this happening to him? He didn't deserve the same fate as Ellouise, not that anyone deserved the same fate as her, but System was the last person who she wanted to end up like her.
Ellouise wasn't on the Better Living pills like everyone thought she was, her mother never took them and at a young age her mother had told her not to take the pills. Instead of taking the Better Living pills, they always took sugar pills that looked like Better Living ones instead so that no one would ask questions if they ever asked about them.
Ellouise always kept a small container of them in her pocket. The sugar pills were in the same packaging as the normal Better Living pills, but they obviously weren't the same drug as what everyone else was taking.
What if she told System and gave some of the sugar pills to him so that he didn't have to have any BL/ind shit? He could still be System and have real feelings, but he'd still have to work at Better Living. Was that better than having to be on the pills or was it worse knowing that you were helping a company that pretty much killed people? She didn't know, but she decided to tell Bob about what she did.
She grabbed another container of the sugar pills and she went down to System's cell so she could run the idea past him.
System was confused when he saw Dr. Parkley. Neither of them knew their real names yet. To Bob, Ellouise was just Dr. Parkley and to Ellouise, Bob was just System.
She explained everything to him about what Better Living had planned for him, the sugar pills and she offered for him to take some of the sugar pills instead of having to take the real pills.
System thought about it for a second. Did he want to end up like everyone else around here? No, he didn't. Did he want to have his own feelings instead of having almost none at all? Of course he did.
"Okay what?"
"I'll take the sugar pills. I don't want to no feelings at all. While I'm on the pills, I'll come up with a plan so I can get back to Dr. Death and the guys." The last part slipped out of System's lips before he realized that he was telling a Better Living worker about his plan.
He looked at her for a second.
"You're not going to tell them about the plan I have, right?"
The question hurt her a little since she thought that they were friends.
"Of course I'm not. System, I like you. I wouldn't do that to someone who I care about. If you want to leave, then I'm not stopping you. If anything, I'm encouraging you. I hate working here and I hate being a slave to this fucking company. There's no way I could stop you from being free, I want you to be free."
"You're really not telling them?"
She shook her head. "No, I'm not."
"Robert Bryar." He said to her.
Ellouise was confused. "What?"
"Remember when we first met you asked me my name? Well, that's it. Robert Bryar, but I prefered being called Bob."
She smiled a small smile at him and blushed a little bit at him.
"Anytime. What about you? You got a name?"
She smiled again. "Of course I do."
"Then what is it?"
"Ellouise Parkley. My mom called me Elli for short when I was a kid."
"That's a beautiful name."
They both smiled at eachother, knowing that they were both real friends, that she wasn't going to tell anyone about his plan to escape. They were really friends now.

They all stared at her for a second or two when Lo realized that it was almost three in the moring.
"As much as I want to get to the end of this story and trust Cyanide again, it's almost three in the morning and I feel like a fuckin' zombie right now because I'm that tired."
"Well, what should we do about Cyanide?"
They all thought about it for a second.
"I say let her stay for now, but over the night, someone'll have to watch over her incase she tries to get out. I don't really know her, but it's clear that you all care about her, so for now let her stay." Attack suggested.
"It makes sense." Cherri agreed.
"Who should watch her?"
They were all quiet for a second.
"I'll do it." Poison said.
"You sure?" Kobra asked his older brother.
"Yeah, I'm sure. It's not like I've been sleeping lately." The main reason he wasn't sleeping was because of the footage he watched while his wife was being tortured. Whenever he went to sleep, he'd see her screaming in pain while she was covered in her own blood. Then there was his daughter, she had a habbit of crying and screaming whenever he managed to get three seconds of sleep.
Everyone went to bed, but Poison stayed with Cyanide on the couch where she had to sleep.
They didn't say anything, but what was there to say? Neither of them could think of anything to say to the other one.
When Bandit started crying, he just looked at the door of his bedroom then at Cyanide.
"It's okay, you can go and get her. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, Poison, trust me."
He felt like he could trust her, so he picked up his daughter from her crib and began to rock her back and forth while he gently hummed The Kids From Yesterday.
Cyanide looked at Poison holding his daughter, it seemed like two seconds ago since she was holding her son and looking at him like Poison was looking at his daughter. She smiled sadly.
"What is it?"
She shook her head. "Nothing. It just seems like three seconds since I was like that with Jeremy."
"It's weird thinking that Bob has a kid. What was Jeremy like?"
She smiled. "He was perfect, he mainly looked like Bob, they had the same nose and lips, but he had my eyes. Bob always said that he loved the fact that Jeremy had my eyes."
"Lexia said the same thing about me and Bandit."
They smiled sadly at eachother.
"Can you tell me more?"
"More about what?"
"About what happened with you and Bob. After you became friends, what happened?" He asked her.
"Well, he pretended to work with me for a while, but he never really did anything, he just pretended to write notes down whenever I was talking to a Killjoy that we'd captured. I was okay with it, I didn't want Bob to be trapped in here or do anything that he didn't want to, so far a while, things stayed like that. After while, the feelings that I had for Bob started to get stronger and it wasn't long before I realized that I was in love with him, but it took him a while to realize how I felt about him . . ."

Ellouise looked at Bob, he reviewed the notes he'd written earlier in the day and she smiled at him.
Bob looked up ar her and smiled.
He smiled. "C'mon, there had to be a reason you were staring at me for like what . . . three minutes."
"I was staring?" She said, playing dumb.
He smiled. "We both know you were staring, Elli. What was it?"
"Bob, really, it's nothing, can you just let it go?"
"C'mon, tell me!" He said with a smile.
They both smiled at eachother for a second, Bob had his hand resting on Ellouise's shoulder, that was when she realized that their lips were only a couple inches a part. She looked at his lips for a breif second, but she looked into his eyes again. They both had serious expressions on their faces and for a split second, Elli thought that he was about to kiss her.
"Why were you staring?" He cracked a smile, breaking the moment that they'd shared.
She smiled back at him, but tears quickly filled her eyes. She quickly looked away from him so that he didn't see them. But Bob saw the tears, why was she crying? He didn't know, but he was determind to find out.
"Hey, Elli, are you crying?"
"No." She lied.
"Elli, I'm pretty sure you're crying, what's wrong?"
"Bob, I said I'm not crying." She sniffed.
"Elli, I can hear you fucking crying. You can tell me what's wrong, we're friends, remember?" That was the thing. They were friends. They were nothing more than friends, but she wanted so badly to be more than that. She'd wanted it for what seemed like a lifetime now.
"Bob, please, just let it go, okay?"
"No. You're clearly upset, I want to know why."
Maybe I should tell him, he'll find out eventually, she thought to herself.
Elli turned around and looked at him. Elli put both of her hands on Bob's cheeks and she pressed his lips to hers.
Bob was shocked. Elli has feelings for me? That doesn't make sense, why would Elli like me? He asked him self.
He didn't know why Elli was kissing him, or why she had feelings for him in the first place, but he didn't really care. He closed his eyes and he melted into the kiss.
Bob pulled Elli closer to him and Elli wrapped her arms around Bob's neck, pulling herself up so that she was level with him.
Bob pinned her against the wall and they carried on making-out. Elli sneakily slid her tongue into his mouth and he happily accepted it. Elli wrapped her legs around his waist, without disconnecting their liplock.
They carried on making-out until Elli had to pull away to breathe.
She was breathless from the passionate kiss that they'd shared.
"Bob, that's the problem . . . we're only friends . . . and that's it, I want to be . . . more." She said inbetween deep breaths.
"Ells, you like me that way?"
"No, I just made out with you for the fuck of it, of course I fucking like you, Bob." She said, finding it a little easier to breathe.
"What do you want to do?"
"What do you mean?"
"Do you really want to be more than friends? You're not gonna change your mind about this?"
"Bob, I've liked you for a fucking long time, I'm not changing my mind about this, okay?"
"You're sure?"
"One hundred percent positive."
He kissed her again, but this time the kiss wasn't as heated, it was soft and sweet, Elli couldn't help but smile.

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